“I saved almost $1,700 on my combined auto and home policies through an agency I would have never known about if it wasn’t for BriteBee! It was an absolute win for me and a VERY easy process.”

                                                             – S. Loft, Happy Customer

BriteBee is an online solution built for insurance shoppers looking to cover one or multiple assets, such as home insurance, auto insurance, and renter’s insurance.

The All-Too-Common Issue with Online Insurance

Have you ever entered your personal information on an insurance website promising you multiple quotes within minutes? If so, you understand the confusion and frustration that thousands of people experience each day. There is a stigma associated with shopping for insurance online; it’s called HASSLE.

Why is this? How did insurance shopping become such a burden? The “sting” most insurance shoppers are experiencing is due to online lead generation sites that sell your personal information to countless Insurance Agents as a “lead.” In turn, these agents pay expensive costs per lead, meaning they are anxious to get a return on their investment. This is why you are getting bombarded with calls and emails from people you didn’t ask to speak with – and it’s a serious issue.

The BriteBee Difference

We NEVER share your phone number or email. We NEVER sell your personal information. EVER. Period.The End.

BriteBee’s simple and transparent 3-step solution to searching online for insurance makes it easier than ever to get a home, auto, or renters insurance quote. Our platform was designed to be consumer-centric, giving top priority to your user experience.


Create a free consumer profile to enter all of your information ONCE and once only. This information is highly secure – meaning no one will have access to your information until you share your COMB (as in HoneyCOMB) code with them. Updating your profile at the beginning makes sharing your information with whomever you choose as easy as a click. Your profile stays with you for as long as you have an account so you will never have to waste time repeating information to insurance agents.


Browse through the BriteBee Agent Directory to find which Insurance Agents you want to receive insurance quotes from. Each consumer is allowed up to FIVE active quotes at any given time. As quotes are rejected, new requests may be sent to agents (up to FIVE). In the directory, you will be able to filter agents based on proximity to you, reviews, BriteBee rating, carrier, etc. Each agent will have a profile in the BriteBee Agent Directory, giving you the opportunity to learn more about the Agent before making a connection.


You’ve chosen which agents you want to work with. Now, you get to choose how you want to communicate with them. BriteBee’s COMB code system allows you to share your information easily with agents online, in person, or over the phone. Sharing your COMB code DOES NOT share your phone number and email. Upon sharing your COMB code, chosen Insurance Agents will have all of the required information needed to provide you with a fair and accurate insurance quote. Communicate through the BriteBee platform via our secure messaging platform. If you want to meet the agent in person, you can do that, too!

Bee Delighted

Use BriteBee as a lifetime resource! We’ll send you renewal reminders each year when your policy is about to expire. In the meantime, we won’t spam you – just routine notifications and updates regarding the platform!