1. Admire How Customers Can Choose Their Insurance Agents

    I think it’s so admirable of you guys to change the way consumers can find insurance information, choosing your agent is the best way to get to get started they are the most important resource in finding coverage. also it makes it better for the consumer so they don’t have to send in their info and risk having all the emails and spam phone calls - it really shows how trustworthy you guys are w…Read More

    Rebecca C.
  2. Open and Transparent Insurance Lead Provider

    I believe you have been open and transparent in the process of helping agents. The added source of leads is a benefit to my agency. I consider it a silent lead source because of the work BriteBee does helping with a digital footprint, on my behalf. Primarily I receive a request for a quote due to the work your team has done.…Read More

    K. Tilghman
  3. Appreciate the Marketing Support for Insurance Agents

    The marketing pieces your created to support my agency are great! I just got my first quote request and that was exciting. The call today really helped me hear thoughts from agents in other states which will help me best utilize the service you offer.…Read More

    Sheri W.
  4. Insurance Agent Focused Approach

    I love the agent focused approach and I think the BriteBee concept is great. My only worry is being able to get this wonderful idea out to the general public. You're doing a great job and keep it up!…Read More

    Michael S.
  5. Team is Passionate about Insurance

    An awesome group set up by someone who is passionate about what they do.…Read More

    A. Freeman
  6. This Insurance Startup is on FIRE

    This startup is on fire to help transform the insurance search experience. Their customer service is top notch.…Read More

    Erika L.
  7. Insurance Time and Money Saver

    Brilliant! Such a time saver & $$ saver too! So simple & easy, I love that I only have to enter my information once and I can get quotes from multiple agents.…Read More

    Terri M.
  8. Excellent Customer Service; Team Committed to Easy Insurance

    BriteBee is so easy to use and what I like most is that the company is truly committed to making things better for customers and insurance agents. They are overall just excellent at customer service…Read More

    Greg H.
  9. Saved Money on Insurance from an Agency I Wouldn’t Have Known About

    I saved almost $1,700 on my combined auto and home policies through an agency I would have never known about if it wasn't for BriteBee! It was an absolute win for me and a VERY easy process.…Read More

    S. Loft
  10. Dedicated Team Focused on Insurance Agent AND Consumer

    The team at BriteBee is dedicated to making securing insurance coverage as easy as possible for both the consumer AND the agent!…Read More

  11. Great Lead Provider for Insurance Agents

    BriteBee is a great lead provider! They attract quality prospects that give complete and accurate information, their site is very user-friendly, and the customer service is outstanding. I highly recommend them.…Read More

    Nancy V.
  12. Several Insurance Quotes from Several Insurance Agents

    I love BriteBee! I can compare quotes from several different agents to see what’s best for me. The website is also super easy to navigate, which is nice.…Read More

  13. Total Time Saver for Insurance Shopping

    Wow!! What an amazing company!! This was a total time saver!!! I didn’t need to spend my whole day calling agent after agent to find the best rate! I would highly recommend BriteBee!!…Read More

    J. Clawson
  14. Enter Info Once for Multiple Insurance Quotes

    What a time saver!!! I didn't have to spend my day calling multiple agents and possibly waiting on return calls just to get a quote! I only had to enter my info one time and it gave as many agents as I chose all the info needed!…Read More

    Jamie F.
  15. Safe and Secure Insurance Shopping

    Extremely helpful experience. They directed me to exactly who I needed. It was quick, simple, and I didn't feel I was going to get my identity stolen just to get some basic information.…Read More

    J. Allen
  16. Quality Leads for Insurance Agents

    I signed up with BriteBee to generate more leads for my agency. The leads I have received are quality leads that match my target market. The experience has been first class. The BriteBee team is fully engaged to providing consumers with a no hassle way to get insurance quotes. They ask for feedback on how the process flows for me as an agent and has taken my suggestions and implemented them at the…Read More

    Keith T.
  17. Clear and Easy to Understand

    Today was my first experience using BriteBee. I enjoyed the process because the steps on the website were clear and easy for me to understand. I liked the fact that I was in charge of finding agents to help me in my pursuit of finding the most affordable insurance. It was also very positive that I only had to put in my information once instead of multiple times for different agents. Overall I was …Read More

    Meagan H.