BriteBee is excited to announce its partnership with StitchCrew and the Thunder Launchpad, an Oklahoma City Startup Accelerator and partner of the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Team.

Have you ever dreamed of owning a business? Becoming an entrepreneur? Taking an idea from nothing and turning it into something amazing? If so, your biggest question is most likely “Where do I begin?” For one special group of people in Oklahoma City, helping startup founders take their first steps into the business world is what it’s all about. This group of mentors has a passion for solving problems within traditional systems and embracing technology to transform industries and ideas. It’s called StitchCrew.

About StitchCrew

StitchCrew was born out of a strong belief that the most pressing challenges faced today will not be solved through policy or traditional mindset, but by disruptive technologies, bold entrepreneurs and open collaboration. StitchCrew is comprised of entrepreneurs at heart and technology enthusiasts. Their team believes in moonshot thinking, exponential technology and sharing economies, and their energy comes from working with like-minded people. StitchCrew is committed to sharing their experience, expertise and relations to fuel startups and organizations whose products, services and customer experience are (or would like to be) driven by innovation and inclusive capitalism.

In partnership with the Oklahoma City Thunder, StitchCrew runs a startup accelerator program to help founders conceive, design and scale ventures. Founders going through the program benefit from free workspace, mentorship, and access to StitchCrew’s vast network. Once ideas are off the ground, and founders are out of the garage and ready to be venture backed, StitchCrew introduces their startups to the investment community.

About the Thunder Launchpad

As a part of the club’s 10th season, the Oklahoma City Thunder established the Thunder Launchpad powered by MidFirst Bank, a synergetic workspace, in partnership with StitchCrew to foster growth and bolster innovation in the state of Oklahoma. It houses the accelerator program, which seeks to cultivate, promote and encourage entrepreneurs and the startup community in Oklahoma. The Launchpad also hosts events and programs curated to enhance tech education, mentorship and networking.

BriteBee and StitchCrew’s relationship came about when StitchCrew and the Oklahoma City Thunder formed the Thunder Launchpad, a startup accelerator in  Oklahoma City. The timing was perfect when BriteBee found StitchCrew, as they were in the early stages of seeking startups to foster tech innovation in OKC. After a lengthy application and selection process, BriteBee was named one of the startups chosen for the founding batch of the Thunder Launchpad.