BriteBee is proud to announce its partnership with Rocket Referrals, a software company aimed at increasing Insurance Agency profits via better client communication and transparency.

Automation meets personalization at Rocket Referrals with software developed for insurance agencies to get their clients to stay longer, buy more, and refer their friends. Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, Rocket Referrals helps agents look inward to grow their business by improving transparency into their client base and automating personalized communication aimed at strengthening relationships and driving referrals.

BriteBee co-founders, Kelly Thomas and Keagan Henson, with Rocket Referrals co-founders, Carl Maerz and Torey Maerz, and Charm.

At BriteBee, we promise our agents the opportunity to build and improve their online reputation, promote new and lasting client relationships, and provide more value and accuracy when quoting online. When considering companies who could help us achieve these goals and provide a unique advantage to our agents, our team knew Rocket Referrals was a perfect fit. After discussions between our founders, it was established that BriteBee and Rocket Referrals had the same goal for insurance agents: to provide easy-to-use tools that help them better compete in today’s market.

Maintaining meaningful relationships with clients is more important today than ever before. With multi-billion-dollar companies entering the industry and well-funded startups toting artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, and streamlined sales and claims handling — it’s time for local agencies to make the most of their unique competitive advantage of developing meaningful relationships with their client base. Rocket Referrals helps agents achieve this by offering an automated strategy founded on gathering client feedback and improving communication. This leads to clients that stay longer, buy more, and refer their friends.

Rocket Referrals collects useful feedback which allows for tailored communication to drive testimonials, online reviews, and word-of-mouth referrals. They also uncover an agency’s unhappy clients, allowing the agency to address any issues and aid in retention.

Rocket Referrals offers a free trial for BriteBee agents. Our integration with their API allows agents to truly get the most out of the BriteBee subscription. For current pricing and details please visit