BriteBee is excited to announce Right Now Media at Work as a key partner. Through Right Now Media at Work, BriteBee hopes to provide additional value to agents on the BriteBee platform, within and outside of their work lives.

At BriteBee, we know everything in our business and in our lives is a gift. At the end of the day, relationships are everything and all that matters is how you treat people and how you impact the lives of others. It’s part of our calling as leaders and followers of Christ. So, when our BriteBee team found a like-minded organization focused on encouraging others daily and in all aspects of life, our team recognized the value that Right Now Media @ Work could provide to BriteBee insurance agents.

Here’s the situation: There’s only so much you can offer during work hours and life doesn’t stop when work ends. Every day, people face any number of struggles from marital and parenting stress to financial burdens and personal addiction, all of which influence their work. Better life at home fuels better performance on the job and that’s where RightNow Media @ Work can help.

With its vast library of faith-based content, BriteBee agents can care for their team’s relational, mental, and spiritual health by utilizing BriteBee’s complimentary agent subscription. Through Right Now Media at Work, BriteBee’s agents can watch inspiring leadership content from experts like Patrick Lencioni, John Maxwell, and Dave Ramsey. But that’s not all.

In addition to the wide range of workplace content, BriteBee agents will receive unlimited access to thousands of videos on important topics like finances, recovery, marriage, parenting, and stress as well as kid-appropriate content including more than 2,000 episodes from favorites like VeggieTales and Owlegories. And thanks to RightNow Media at Work’s digital platform, BriteBee agents can utilize these video resources on their favorite devices no matter where life takes them, from the conference room to the living room.

RightNow Media at Work is designed to be a resource for business men and women to thrive in the midst of life’s most pressing issues. Like health insurance or wellness programs, this service is an added benefit for your team. Every business needs motivated, loyal, and distraction-free employees. With RightNow Media at Work, leadership growth, team chemistry, and a positive home life are only a click away with BriteBee.