It’s common for landlords or apartment complexes to require renters insurance for their tenants. The coverage ensures the value of your belongings if anything were to happen to them during a flood, fire, or other accident. Some people gripe about having to pay an extra few dollars a month to cover their couch, laptop, or wall art, but the expense of renters insurance is worth the assurance that if an accident occurs, your belongings will be covered.

In most cases, the search for renters insurance is relatively easy. You go online and find quotes through the big brand websites. You compare prices on your own. Then you make a decision to purchase the policy with the cheapest rate. But what if your policy doesn’t cover your belongings after an accident? Do you actually understand how the policy you purchased covers you?

The BriteBee platform does more than bridge the gap between trustworthy insurance agents and the consumer; it offers a channel of communication you won’t find dialing a call center. The agents on BriteBee are trusted, reputable, and vetted to serve you. They use their experience and knowledge to answer your questions, address your concerns, and find you the best renters insurance policy. You don’t have to wonder if your policy covers you, even after you read it yourself.

Q: What Is Renters Insurance?

Renter’s insurance can cover a lot of things including your personal property, liability, loss of use and more. Just because you don’t own your home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be covered for times of loss. You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to protection and BriteBee is here to help you search!

Q: Do I Need Renter’s Insurance Even If I Don’t Have A Lot Of Stuff?

Personal property coverage is just one of the many benefits of a renter’s insurance policy. Another important coverage to consider under a renter’s policy is Liability. This coverage could protect you in the event that you’re sued for property damage or bodily injury.

For instance, Mr. Bee rented a “honeycomb” for his family of bees. He left a candle out and the “honeycomb” caught on fire. The landlord sued Mr. Bee for negligence. The courts found him guilty. Without liability coverage under his renters policy, he would have been personally responsible for the money settled in the suit.

Having some coverage is better than none, but BriteBee recommends discussing all of your options with a qualified agent of your choice.

By the way, when Mr. Bee had to move out because of the fire, his renters insurance helped coverage the cost for rent too! Now that will get you buzzing.

Q: Is Renter’s Insurance Just For Renting An Apartment?

Actually, renter’s insurance can be purchased for all sorts of homes including apartments, condos, or houses – If you’re renting some form of home, there’s usually a way to insure it. Search BriteBee for a quote to find how your needs might bee served!

Q: Renters Insurance Is Expensive, Right?

Actually, renters insurance is typically inexpensive and well worth the piece of mind. An average monthly policy costs about as much as one jar of honey per month!

Q: Am I Required To Have Renters Insurance?

That depends on your landlord and your personal renter’s contract. Sometimes a landlord will want you to cover your own personal property or liability coverage. Make sure to understand your contract and what the landlord requires you to cover.  If you’re feeling uneasy, use BriteBee to find an agent you trust to review your renter’s contract and policy options!

Q: Are All Dogs Covered Under Renter’s Insurance?

Not all dogs are covered by all companies! Make sure that your policy covers your dogs breed. Don’t get stung by fine print!

Q: Can Bundling Insurance Save Me Money?

Do bees make honey? Yes, bundling is a great way to save. A BriteBee agent can help navigate all your options, including bundle savings!

Here’s how BriteBee works

When you sign up on the BriteBee platform, you control your online renters insurance search experience. No longer do you need to scour the internet for the best rate, offering your personal information to less than trustworthy websites, or wait for a random phone call to confirm your suspicions — it cost too much for the coverage offered.

BriteBee offers a simple platform to give you the control to search, share, compare, and communicate with agents at your convenience. We do store your information, but we do not sell or share it with anyone. That’s for you to do with the agents you choose to work with through the platform.

BriteBee’s easy three-step process

While on the platform, you’ll be able to choose the type of insurance you’re looking to purchase, search for agents who offer quotes, and request individual quotes from vetted, trustworthy agents. In essence, you control how you share, compare, and communicate with agents.

Control what you share

You have 100 percent control of the information you share on BriteBee’s platform. You decide when and how your information gets shared, which means you don’t have to deal with spam emails and pushy phone calls anymore.

Control how you compare

Once you have a number of quotes to choose from, you decide how you will choose the appropriate quote. You don’t answer to anyone, and you don’t have to dodge phone calls or block email addresses. Take your time and choose the best policy for your family.

Control when you communicate

BriteBee created its platform to give the consumer all the control. You get to choose when you’re ready and how you want to communicate with any given insurance agent. You’re no longer forced to interview dozens of agents over the phone. You decide when you’re ready to discuss purchasing a policy.

BriteBee’s platform takes the sting out of renters insurance

Convenience and price are at the forefront of every online shopper’s mind. But how much is the cheapest rate really worth when compared to time and sanity? At BriteBee, we understand if you feel like a victim while searching for renters insurance online. We’ve been stung by the industry, too. It’s one of the reasons we created our platform — to help insurance shoppers take control of their online insurance search experience.