Calling all Insurance Agents! If you haven’t already signed up for BriteBee for its unique approach and super affordable price, you’ll want to join for the chance to meet this fun-loving, bearded-man who just so happens to be the face of agent success at BriteBee!

When it comes to selling, there is no one more personable, enthusiastic, or determined than Ryan Eller. Ryan joined BriteBee with one purpose: to provide top-notch assistance and customer service to BriteBee agents in order to help them succeed.

Although he comes most recently from the Real Estate industry, Ryan’s experience in the U.S. Coast Guard — as well as the food and HR industries — has trained him to work for the good of others. BriteBee’s CEO, Keagan Henson, already knew the servant leadership Ryan possessed from their previous working experience at Chick-Fil-A, so when Ryan approached Keagan about being involved in the startup, the decision was a no-brainer. A perfect fit!

Ryan is originally from Mustang, Oklahoma — a town away from the BriteBee headquarters. Here are two things you should know about Ryan: he loves to talk, and he loves to laugh. Ryan’s personality is infectious, and he radiates a special kind of joy that influences everyone around him. Ryan loves sports and occasionally disappears on Friday afternoons for a quick round of golf. With faith as his foundation and family by his side, Ryan knows full well that anything is possible, including refreshing the online insurance search experience. That’s why he joined the BriteBee team!

At BriteBee, Ryan is considered the jokester. He specializes in customer service and sales. Ryan’s positivity and drive make him the perfect face for agent success. He believes BriteBee will change the way that consumers shop online for insurance forever and looks forward to being part of that revolution. He’s ecstatic to change the lives of everyone BriteBee serves. BriteBee is excited to launch Summer of 2018.