When you land on a website, what catches your attention? Is it the intriguing photographs and pretty colors? Is it the wireframes and data processing? One of these can’t run without the other, and if you’ve ever shopped or searched online, you probably care more about how the website functions than how it looks. Right?

When starting a new company, it’s the “behind the scenes” that matters most — especially in the online world. With billions of websites serving millions of purposes, it is now more important than ever for your website’s user experience and functionality to be top-notch. Each company has that one person — or team — dedicated to making sure that happens. In the case of BriteBee, Kelly Thomas is the brains behind all things “technical.”

Let’s rewind: Kelly’s relationship with Keagan goes back almost 15 years. In the beginning, Keagan was actually classmates with Kelly’s daughter, Jennifer. However, Keagan and Kelly began working more closely together through the church they both attended. As time went on, Kelly became a mentor for Keagan. Keagan would “dream” with Kelly — sharing all of his thoughts and latest ideas about entrepreneurship — and one day, an idea stuck. That idea later became BriteBee, the online insurance search platform they are now collaborating to build.

In addition to co-founding BriteBee with CEO Keagan Henson, Kelly also actively serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the company. Kelly brings over 35 years of experience to BriteBee’s leadership team and specializes in high traffic platforms, data flow, and redundant systems. This knowledge allows him to create easy-to-use applications while maintaining a safe and secure online environment — something that will bring even more peace of mind to BriteBee agents and consumers as they use the platform.

Though his experience places him above many, his stewardship and diligence surpass all skill sets. Kelly is dedicated to making BriteBee a world-class experience and expects nothing less than excellence from himself and the team.

At BriteBee, Kelly is considered the wise one on the team, and helps keep everyone realistic and logical — a very important addition to any team. Kelly is extremely intelligent, helpful, and above all, a servant leader. He believes BriteBee is a new, exciting tool that will bring value to the online insurance world and encourages both agents and consumers to take action in experiencing the application. BriteBee is excited to launch Summer of 2018.