KEAGAN Henson, CEO of BriteBee, strives to be the definition of a servant leader. Keagan is a family man who understands that the most important things in life need protecting — that is why he fell into the insurance world! As a family man, Keagan is most proud of the family support system that surrounds him and his wife, Madison, and would be most excited if his two young boys would become his business partners one day. Time will only tell, but it’s looking promising.

As an entrepreneur, Keagan is grateful for the opportunity to have grown multiple businesses and understands what it takes to serve customers and how to make a positive impact on the world around him.

Based off of his favorite biblical scripture, Matthew 5:13–16, Keagan is ambitious to be a light to others in the world. Although he is at his best after a good night of sleep, Keagan also is most content when he is serving others in ways that will improve their life, impact them, and their families.

Here’s a secret about Keagan Henson — he is on a mission to change the world. Just as a lighthouse is shining bright when everything around it is dark, Keagan sees serving people as an opportunity to be the light that touches their lives in an amazing way.

What is Keagan’s motivation? Keagan has seen the change-of-heart when people are treated with genuine love and care, which tends to prompt a change in the lives of others.

In BriteBee, he is considered the dreamer on the team and specializes in customer retention and experience. Keagan believes the heart and sincerity of a high performing team are crucial to a strong and trusted brand. He believes BriteBee is like a marriage, it takes work every day and great humility to overcome even the smallest challenges. BriteBee is excited to launch in the Summer of 2018.