Have you checked out the BriteBee social media platforms? Chances are if you’ve liked usfollowed us, or connected with us on social media, our Creative Marketing Director, Katherine Parker, was probably behind the scenes!

Katherine joined the BriteBee team in January of 2017 to lead BriteBee’s marketing and advertising efforts. Her infectious spirit and enthusiastic laugh are often heard through the office walls — except for Ryan who shares an office with her (poor Ryan). Keagan and Katherine have known each other their entire lives, so when Keagan was looking for someone to lead BriteBee creatively, he knew Katherine’s drive, determination, and heart for others would be a catalyst for BriteBee’s success. Katherine’s background in advertising in the automotive industry gave her invaluable insight into lead generation and customer service, a unique perspective that she now contributes to the world of insurance.

Katherine is a small-town, Texas girl who was raised by entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry. From a young age, Katherine knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. Little did she know that her opportunity would come at age 25 with a friendly text that said “How would you feel about discussing a new business opportunity?” As the only girl on the team, she calls herself the “Team Mom” and is working to incorporate new workplace traditions like Popcorn Wednesday. Her spirit animal is a cross between a sloth and a panda, and — although sleeping is a close second — her favorite thing to do is laugh, joke, and have a good time.

At BriteBee, she is considered the giggly, creative one on the team, and specializes in advertising and graphic design. Katherine loves to win and believes fun in the workplace makes everyone feel more connected. She believes BriteBee will be a refreshing addition to the online insurance world and looks forward to impacted others lives by spreading the good news of BriteBee’s mission to people everyone. BriteBee is excited to launch in the Summer of 2018.