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"As an insurance agent myself and business owner, I kept hearing things like 'the insurance agent will be gone in the next ten years because of technology.' Well of course that scared me to death. I wasn't going to let that happen."

- Keagan Henson, CEO and Co-Founder of BriteBee


Keagan Henson

CEO | Founder | Dreamer

  • 10+ years of Service and Insurance Industry Experience
  • Successful Agency Owner and Entrepreneur
  • Specializes in Consumer Experience and Retention

Kelly Thomas

CTO | Founder | Builder

  • 35 years of experience in worldwide networking and strategic planning
  • Extensive experience with high volume service / sales platforms
  • Professional in customer interfaces, data flow and redundant systems

Katherine Parker

Marketing + Creative | Sales Outreach

  • Successful Manager of $2.4 Million Marketing Budget in the Automotive Industry
  • Specializes in Digital Advertising/SEO
  • Coordinator of Fundraising Events for Nonprofits


Frank Sentner

Advisor | InsurTech Guru

  • Providing technology solutions
    to the insurance industry for 
    over 42 years

Erika Lucas

Advisor | "Whatever it Takes"

  • Experienced in private
    investment, growth modeling
    and economic development

Chris Lucas

Advisor | "The Strategist"

  • Skilled in bringing new concepts to market, leadership development and taking the road less traveled

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