Behind the scenes of any great company, there are masterminds at work. Everyday, hours upon hours are spent in deep thought and collaboration about how to bring more customers in and make the experience second to none. At BriteBee, Avery Moodie, Success Manager – AKA the “thinker” – is no stranger to hard work and problem solving.

Avery is defined by a love of learning how things work and a passion for communicating value, which makes him a perfect fit for BriteBee. After graduating with a Bachelors in Communications at age 19, he has built a career out of finding new ways to share world-shaking messages. In 2016, Avery accepted a position as Unity Baptist Church’s worship leader. Over the past few years, he has expanded his role to include art directing, social media managing, and online ministry. All of this, aimed at communicating in a clear and engaging way.

In 2017, Avery joined with a collective of bright young minds known as Praxis. Through Praxis’ professional bootcamp projects, he has continued to refine his abilities to create and communicate value, with a focus on the world of startups. Praxis led Avery to discover BriteBee, where he started helping create content and quickly climbed the ladder to greater responsibilities.

Now, as the BriteBee Success Manager, Avery’s daily focus revolves around agent outreach and on-boarding, as well as follow up with BriteBee subscribers. However, his contributions span a variety of capacities, all trying to show the value of a refreshing insurance purchasing experience.

Avery lives and works in Perry, GA with his wife Maggie.