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A Better Way to Search for Insurance

The BriteBee Difference: We Never Sell your Email or Phone Number!

BriteBee makes it easy to receive an online quote when and how you want it. Our solution allows you to keep your information safe while you share, compare, and communicate with Insurance Professionals. Free yourself from lead generation sites, harassing phone calls, and spam emails! The control is in your hands now and forever. Let's enjoy the search together.

Our Simple + Transparent


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BriteBee only asks you to submit your information once and save to your secure and private profile. Now, request several quotes at any time from our trusted and qualified agents. You have the control!


BriteBee's process is radical and refreshing: Compare all quotes, agents, and experiences in one place. Choose who you want to work with and request quotes from up to FIVE agents at once!


BriteBee makes it easy to communicate how and when you want to on the platform. Your information is anonymous until you share your COMB code. The agents you choose can communicate with you on your time, with no unwanted calls or emails. It's sweet!

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