If you’ve financed your new home, your lender will most likely require that you get homeowners insurance. This is normal. But when was the last time you actually searched for home insurance online? In most cases, you’ll pursue the convenience of the internet to fill out a number of home insurance quotes online. Then you’ll start getting phone calls. Emails will flood your inbox. And before you know it, you’ll have dozens of agents trying to sell you a policy that may or may not cover you adequately.

Take a step back. What if you could get a home insurance quote online without all the phone calls and emails? What if you could choose which agent sends you a quote based on their reputation, rate, and experience? At BriteBee, we noticed a gap between the trustworthy insurance agent and the consumer, so we created a platform that gives you control over your online insurance search experience.

Q: What Is Home Insurance?

Home insurance is a type of property insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual’s home and their assets (things inside the home). Home insurance also provides liability coverage against accidents that happen in the home and on the property.

Q: All Homeowner’s Insurance Policies Are The Same, Right?

Watch out! Don’t get stung by a swarm of assumptions!

Home insurance and coverage vary per company and policy. You’ve got options! A qualified insurance agent can help you to understand your options and find your BEST fit. 

Q: I’ve Got All The Insurance I Need. Do I Really Need More Home Insurance Coverage?

Great question! There is no reason to be over-insured, but we would encourage you to consider all your options and “opt out” rather than continuing on uninformed. Many times people will miss out on great opportunities because insurance can get too messy and overwhelming. BriteBee is here to help!

Q: Do I Really Need An Insurance Agent To Help With My Home Insurance Needs?

Yes, you really do need an insurance agent to help with your home insurance needs. Having an insurance agency with real-life people dedicated to your unique, personal needs is crucial.

You may feel like you don’t have time to build a relationship while you’re just looking for quotes, but you DEFINITELY won’t have time when your looking at your busted Hive and you’re wondering if you’re covered for “bear damage”.

Invest some time searching on BriteBee and communicating with the agents of your choice. Taking the time to find agents you trust can help take the sting out of a future crisis.

Q: What Company Should I Choose For My Homeowners Insurance?

That is why BriteBee is here! We know that searching for insurance is daunting and can seem unbearable when you only look at insurance once or twice a year. We will help you compare your options for companies, agents, and quotes all in a few moments. We’re offering the power to make some BRITE decisions!

Q: Why Did My Home Insurance Costs Go Up? I’ve Never Even Filed A Claim!

Though premium increases are a “buzz kill”, they aren’t without reason. Insurance companies are a business just like your local coffee shop; when costs go up for the business, prices usually have to go up too. Those cost could be anything from losses, to operational expenses, to future projections that must be planned for.

On the BRITE side, BriteBee gives you the power to safely search and compare when changes like this occur!

Q: Why Does My Previous Home Insurance Claims History Matter?

Agents can only give the most accurate quotes when they have the most complete picture of your home insurance history. When your claims history isn’t so “beeeeutiful”, it’s important to be upfront about it.  BEEing transparent will help you find the right solution much quicker, without having to worry about redoing incomplete quotes.

Q: Does My Homeowners Policy Just Need To Cover The Purchase Price Of My House?

If you were only concerned about the Actual Cash Value of your home in the event of a loss then that could work, but many people would prefer a Replacement Cost Policy. Take a moment to chat with a qualified agent and understand which insurance options fit you. It’s important to know how your insurance coverage will serve you in a time of loss.

Q: Shouldn’t I Just Go With The Cheapest Insurance For My Home?

The bees are always about saving some flying time, but when it comes to quality sometimes you have to fly a little further out and invest in the BETTER pollen. Quality home insurance coverage doesn’t always have to cost more, but it’s important to compare to make sure you don’t sacrifice too much quality for cost. BriteBee gives you the power to find the BEST fit!

Q: Shopping for Home Insurance Is Time Consuming And Frustrating!

It certainly can be! Sometimes it can even be a risky experience when you provide your information to online insurance sites. Luckily, there is a safe haven for people searching for good old home insurance. You’ve come to the BRITE place!

BriteBee is watching out for your time, money, shared personal information, and overall experience.

Q: Do I HAVE To Have Homeowners Insurance?

That all depends on how you obtained the home. If you have a mortgage on the home then there is a big chance that homeowner’s insurance would be required throughout the life of the loan.

Without a mortgage homeowner’s insurance may not be required, but the RISK could be great. A BriteBee agent can help you evaluate your risk to figure out what’s right for you!

Q: Is Flood Covered Under My Home Insurance Policy?

Flood coverage is very different than a pipe bursting inside your home. Flooding is actually not covered under a home insurance policy and will need separate coverage. Have a discussion on BriteBee about your potential risk!

How BriteBee works

You’re the one searching for a home insurance quote online, so why should you have to deal with more than what you asked for? On BriteBee’s platform, you have complete control of your insurance search experience. We never sell or share your information with anyone. You can choose which type of insurance you need, request quotes from agents near you, and communicate at your convenience without the pushy phone calls and intimidating emails. You control your online insurance search experience from start to finish.

BriteBee’s three-step process

As an insurance customer, you’re probably looking for a quick way to compare rates, reputation, and coverage. There are thousands of websites that promise this information and more. However, how they use your information to get you quote opportunities is one of the reasons we created BriteBee, a trustworthy, easy-to-use online insurance search platform for customers and agents. We offer the consumer a three-step process to streamline home insurance quotes to save you time and money.

Share your information

In most cases, you will need to share some information to get a quote for your home insurance, but it’s on your terms with BriteBee. You can search BriteBee’s platform for an agent who offers home insurance that you like, not one that cold calls you.

Compare your quotes

Once you get quotes from a few agents, you can take your time and compare the rates, the coverage offered, and the agents who sent them. There’s no pressure to call anyone back or dodge emails. You’re in control.

Communicate with your agent

You decide when communication starts with an insurance agent. Once you’ve decided which home insurance quote is best for your family, you can use BriteBee’s platform to securely discuss any questions or concerns with your agent of choice.

Don’t get stung with home insurance quotes online

The current online insurance search experience tends to leave people annoyed, frustrated, and anxious. Who will call next? Will you get your policy in time? How do you choose which agent to work with? All of these questions, and others can make you feel like a victim.

At BriteBee, we understand what it feels like to get stung by the online insurance search experience. We’ve been stung, too. It’s one of the reasons we created the BriteBee platform. If you’re ready to find a home insurance quote without the harassing phone calls or overbearing emails, sign up today!