1. My Kid’s Car Seat is Made of Cheese

    Turns out, the $180+ bucks I spent on my kid's car seat was for a big block of cheese. Or spinach, or ground beef, or anything else with an expiration date because that's apparently what a car seat has; an expiration date. I found this out for myself after I dismantled the 95-million-point harness o…Read More

  2. How “BriteBee” Came to “Bee” (Yes, we went there…)

    “BriteBee? What an unusual name! Where did the name come from?” We get this question a lot! Yes, the name is unusual — and no doubt memorable — but what does a bee have to do with insurance? After a sit down Q+A with BriteBee CEO, Keagan Henson, we are finally putting your questions to rest!…Read More

  3. The Media Says the Insurance Agent is Going Away. We say Otherwise.

    We get it — everyone needs insurance BUT no one likes shopping for it. In fact, this article from Money tells us that only 64% of millennials pay for auto insurance compared the 84% of older generations and only 10% of millennials have homeowners insurance as opposed to 75% of those 65 and older. …Read More