1. My Kid’s Car Seat is Made of Cheese

    Turns out, the $180+ bucks I spent on my kid's car seat was for a big block of cheese. Or spinach, or ground beef, or anything else with an expiration date because that's apparently what a car seat has; an expiration date. I found this out for myself after I dismantled the 95-million-point harness o…Read More

  2. 3 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Road Trip

    There is something highly American about a cross-country road trip. The cinematic image of journeying past forests, mountains, deserts, and plains is ingrained in the minds of Americans, and with Summer coming up, many Americans will be jumping in a car and driving for miles to destinations of fun, …Read More

  3. How My Dad’s Advice Saved My Life… More Than Once…

    “You have to pump the brakes.” I watched as my dad mimed compressing and decompressing an imaginary brake pedal. “You don’t want to just come to a screeching halt. You have to ease into it.” Poor, Dad. I probably rolled my eyes at him at the time, but what I didn’t want to admit when I w…Read More