1. 11 Common Insurance Misconceptions Debunked

    At BriteBee, we understand how overwhelming it can feel to search for insurance quotes online. There are hundreds of companies, even more agents, and less time to take care of it. What’s more, you have to get insurance for your car; in most cases, you will need it for your home; life insurance is …Read More

  2. What’s The Difference Between Full Coverage And Liability?

    It may be law to insure your vehicle, but is it mandatory to have more than liability insurance? In a large majority of cases, liability insurance satisfies your obligation to follow the law BUT does it actually cover you in the event of an accident? When it comes to auto insurance, you want a polic…Read More

  3. How Kids in Caps & Gowns Can Help Us Save on Auto Insurance

    I'll be honest, and please don't think I'm a total party pooper for saying this; I get kinda annoyed with kids in graduation caps and gowns. If a child/kid/teen is not receiving either a high school or college/university level diploma, it bugs me to see he or she in a cap and gown. Okay, I can dig a…Read More