We get it — everyone needs insurance BUT no one likes shopping for it.
In fact, this article from Money tells us that only 64% of millennials pay for auto insurance compared the 84% of older generations and only 10% of millennials have homeowners insurance as opposed to 75% of those 65 and older.

What happened? How did the insurance industry find itself glued to the stigma of the dreaded emotion HASSLE? From an agent standpoint, they want to write policies quickly just as much as the consumer wants to be DONE with their search. If both parties want the process done quickly, where is the miscommunication?

Perhaps it’s not the agent who is at fault, but rather the process.

Introducing BriteBee: a revolutionary, new, online insurance search platform that is refreshing the process for both the consumer and the agent. We desire to restore, strengthen, and bridge the gap between people and insurance professionals through a consumer-trusted platform.

That’s right — we just used “insurance” and “trusted platform” in the same sentence. Why is this so important? For insurance consumers, it can be extremely difficult to come to terms with finding insurance online for several reasons. First, consumers are weary of trusting insurance agents they can’t meet face-to-face — completely understandable. Second, it can be really difficult to know if you are getting the appropriate insurance coverage for your home or vehicle with all of the options available. Lastly, and probably the most common reason, is that lead generation sites have led to frustration and confusion, resulting in feelings of harassment for consumers.

What do we mean when we say lead generation sites? Whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably already been victim to a lead generation site when it comes to insurance searching. Have you ever submitted your information online to an insurance website promising multiple quotes within minutes? If you answered “Yes”, did that decision result in unwanted phone calls and emails from people you did not request to be contacted by? These lead generation sites take your personal information and share it with agents in your area for a fixed fee, meaning whether you wanted to be contacted by them or not, it’s bound to happen. Yikes.

The solution: BriteBee. BriteBee allows agents to build and improve their online reputation and visibility, promote new and lasting customer relationships, and provide more value and accuracy when quoting online. We know what you are thinking… What’s the catch?

The truth is — there is no catch! The best part, as mentioned previously, is that the platform is consumer-trusted. By “trusted” we mean that consumers stay in complete control of their information at all times. This means no chance of unwanted phone calls or emails. As a BriteBee Consumer, you will communicate with the insurance professional HOW you want WHEN you want. That’s our promise to you.

The platform is free for consumers, so even if you create a profile and hate it, you’ve lost nothing and you’ll never hear from us again. However, if our hunch is accurate, you’ll love BriteBee and it will revolutionize the way you search for insurance agents forever.

Free yourself from lead generation sites, harassing phone calls, and spam emails! The control is in your hands now and forever. Let’s enjoy the search together.