You’re late to dinner. Your friends have been waiting on you for thirty minutes, but you have a great reason: you just left a local insurance agent’s office. This agent got you a great deal on a policy that will actually cover you, unlike the last policy you had from one of the big-name companies you see advertising on television all the time.

As you enter the restaurant, you look past the hostess and search for your friends. The extrovert raises her hand, and the others turn to see you approaching the table. When you sit down, the prodding begins. “What took you so long?” “Why were you late?” “Great, now we can order.”

Instead of offering witty retorts, you calmly say, “I’m insured!” Your friends give you a curious glance. They honestly aren’t really sure why you would say something like that. They were expecting something entirely different – but you explain yourself. “I found a local insurance agent, and they are WONDERFUL!”

Throughout the night you answer questions as they come up about this new insurance agent. You explain all you did was search for “insurance agent near me” and found them. One of your friends finally admits that he’s been looking for car insurance for the last week or so, and he hasn’t made a decision yet. He then asks, “Does your agent do car insurance?” You nod with confidence as you realize you just influenced a sale.

The Reality Of Online Reviews

The reviews you see online for insurance agents are the same as conversations between friends, families, acquaintances, and even strangers. Your willingness to share a positive experience with someone else is valuable. It’s a vote of confidence.

Online reviews work the same way. On sites like Google, Yelp, BBB, Top Rated Local, and others, reviews are a way to add context to an insurance agent’s reputation, track record, and expertise. Those who share reviews help those who are looking for insurance to make informed decisions. Online reviews are the word-of-mouth for the internet and even better because they can reach more people.

Three Ways Online Reviews Help Your Insurance Agent


When you leave online reviews for your insurance agent, it does two things:

  • It creates a positive feedback loop for search engines. But who wants to talk about all the technical mumbo-jumbo? Essentially, it signals to the internet that this insurance agent is a great person to offer to other potential customers.
  • They help others searching for insurance find the highly rated, popular insurance agent in the area instead of one that either isn’t online or has a less than desirable review rating.

Both of these outcomes increase or decrease the visibility of the insurance agent online.


Have you ever heard the phrase, “your reputation precedes you?” Online reviews do just that for insurance agents. When you leave positive reviews, it helps others searching for an agent become acquainted before they make the call or visit them in their office. It’s always important to leave a high rating if you had a positive experience and to write a note with the rating. This helps add context and gives other shoppers an idea of who the agent is, how they function, and why they may want to work with them.


You may not run your own business, but influence is important when it comes to building a healthy clientele. Your beloved insurance agent needs your help in spreading the word about their great service and your satisfaction as a customer.

When you leave online reviews, you help others discover and choose your favorite insurance agent. From a business standpoint, an insurance agent with many positive reviews will generally find more business than one with few or no reviews online. Your review matters!

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