It’s a Thursday, and you’re searching for insurance quotes during lunch. You find a few websites that offer multiple quotes in minutes. All you have to do is enter some personal information, explain the type of insurance you need, and when you would be available to talk on the phone. You check your watch and notice you only have about ten minutes left before you need to be back at your desk, so you enter your info and hit submit.

Later that day, you’re driving home from work and your phone rings. It’s from a 1-800 number. You don’t answer it because you’re driving, and you don’t know who it is. A few minutes after your phone stops ringing, it pings with a new voicemail notification.

Once you get home, you listen to the voicemail while sitting in your car. An insurance agent says hello and shares that they can get you a great rate on the insurance you’ve requested a quote on. You decide not to call that agent back.

Throughout the next 72 hours, you receive more than 70 phone calls from all different agents with various agencies, cities, and expertise wanting to discuss the online quote request you submitted a few days prior online. You think to yourself:

  • “How did all of these people get my phone number?”
  • “I don’t remember requesting a quote from that company.”
  • “Is this a real-person or a recording? How do I get them to stop calling?”

If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and annoyed at this process, we understand. We’ve experienced it, too. After a little while, it starts to “sting” and before you know it, you are jaded to searching for insurance for good. If this is you, we have great news: BriteBee wants to change this discouraging (and what feels like harassing) experience for insurance consumers – which is why we developed our online insurance search platform, BriteBee, to refresh the process of finding and comparing auto and home insurance quotes forever.

A word to the wise: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Submitting your information online for an insurance quote shouldn’t result in having to block callers or turn your phone off. In this post, we’ll be sharing how online insurance shoppers can avoid getting dozens of phone calls and spam emails from insurance companies they don’t want to talk to.

How To Prevent 70 Insurance Agents From Calling You

At BriteBee, we understand if you feel like a victim when it comes to shopping for insurance online. You submit one form and the flood gates open with calls, emails, and direct mail you never asked for. Unfortunately, when you checked the privacy policy box and clicked “submit” on the form, you did agree to be inundated with various forms of contact. There are, however, a few ways to avoid the countless messages, emails, and letters.

Don’t get a quote online

This is the most direct and easiest way to avoid getting a lot of phone calls from agents that may or may not be able to help you. It’s not your fault that the online insurance system doesn’t address the customer satisfaction gap between “submit” and “policy purchased.” However, if you don’t use online quote forms, you will greatly decrease your chances of getting randomly contacted by an insurance agent.

Use a big company site, not a third party site

If you’re all about convenience, consider using the big insurance company sites to get online quotes. They tend to keep their potential insurance customers to themselves and only relay your quote form submission to their agents, which means a lot less attempts at contacting you.

Tip: To compare agents across difference carriers, use BriteBee, a consumer-trusted third party site that never sells or share your phone number with various insurance agents.

Find a local insurance agent near you

It may take more time than you wanted to spend on getting insurance, but once you make contact with an agent, they tend to keep you to themselves. You’re a potential client, and unless they’ve got a team of their own, you will be working directly with them moving forward.

What If You Could Get Online Insurance Quotes Without All The Spam?

We’re glad you asked! BriteBee is a trusted, secure platform that gives control back to the consumer. Our mission is to connect trustworth agents with insurance consumers in need without all the harassing phone calls, spam emails, and ineffective direct mail.

The consumer will have 100% control of their information while comparing rates and communicating directly with agents openly and transparently. Our three step process of sharing, comparing, and communicating through one platform will refresh the online insurance search experience for insurance shoppers everywhere.

BriteBee: Make Your Online Insurance Search Sting-Free

If you’re looking for insurance online, let us help! We make it easy to receive an online quote without all the spam. Your information is safe while you share, compare, and communicate with agents about policies, quotes, and more. The control is in your hands when you use BriteBee. Sign up today!