If you’ve been searching online for insurance quotes lately, you’ve most likely come across insurance bundling. It’s nothing new, but over the last five years bundling insurance has saved a lot of people money annually––in the hundreds of dollars. You’ve probably heard big name insurance companies using customer testimonials to share how they saved hundreds, or how bundling could reduce premiums. No matter the benefit, bundling insurance may be the best option when you decide to shop for insurance quotes online, whether it be auto, home, motorcycle, or otherwise.

In this post, we’ll be sharing when you should bundle your insurance and when you shouldn’t. Furthermore, it’s best to have an insurance agent in your corner with you making this decision to get the best deal possible. You may be wondering how you’re supposed to find a great agent without dealing with all the cold calls, emails, and more. Well, that’s why BriteBee developed a trusted platform so you can find an agent, request a quote, and purchase a policy all hassle free. Continue reading to learn more!

Why You Should Bundle Your Insurance

Do you have multiple insurance policies? You’re not the only one. Bundling policies may be the best insurance coverage option for you. However, you’ll want to know when it’s the best time to combine policies into one. Here are three reasons to bundle:

  • Convenience – If you want to go to one website or contact one agent to manage your policies, bundling is a great option. You can keep all your information, login, password, and more all in one place without the hassle of juggling multiple contacts or policies.
  • Immediate Savings – When you bundle, you’ll very likely find savings in one area or another like monthly payment, premium, or otherwise. Combining your home, auto, or life could net you huge savings. In most cases, the bigger the bundle the bigger the savings.
  • Long-term Savings – Let’s say you bundle your insurance and you’re paying about the same monthly with about the same premium. But what if combining the policies makes it easier later in the event that a tornado rips through your neighborhood, damaging your home and crashing a tree on top of your car? A bundle policy can save you money in this instance if you’re able to file one claim and pay out one deductible.

Why You Shouldn’t Bundle Your Insurance

Yes, you read that correctly. In some cases, it’s best to not bundle our insurance policies. What if you can save money and time when you bundle anyway? Consider the three reasons not to bundle your insurance below:

  • Reduced Coverage – If you need the coverage you have, do not bundle your insurance for a better deal and less coverage. Signing a contract to save money but reduce your coverage will most likely cost you more later if an unfortunate event occurs like a storm that floods your home and damages your car. Although you saved monthly on the bundle, you could be paying more out of pocket since the new policy reduced your coverage.
  • Better Policy – You want to shop around and find the best policy for your needs possible. Whether you’re shopping on your own or hiring the assistance of an agent, you don’t want to bundle simply because of brand loyalty or pricing. If you can find a better policy elsewhere, but it keeps you from bundling, get the better policy.
  • Needs Change – As life progresses, needs evolve. Your teenager finally passed their driver’s test, and they’re ready to drive a car. You’ll need auto insurance. You’ve finally sent your kids off to college, and there’s an empty nest at home. What if you want to sell the house and move somewhere and buy a different home? You’ll need home insurance. Whatever life throws at you or however you choose to live, you’ll need insurance policies to evolve with you. This can be a cause to stay away from bundling.

BriteBee Takes The Sting Out Of Online Insurance Quotes

The BriteBee platform offers a way for insurance shoppers to get quotes directly from agents without all the cold calls, emails, and direct mail. The consumer actually gets to choose which agent they want information from, the type of insurance quote, and when they want to discuss purchasing the policy. That’s right! You have control of your online insurance shopping experience. Sign up with BriteBee today!