It’s no secret that most people are bargain shoppers. We all want to get the best deal possible for a service or product. When it comes to insurance, though, it’s important to include more than the insurance rate to your online search decisions. You want to consider the coverage, the agent or company you’re purchasing from, and the reputation of the company.

In this post, we’ll discuss why you need to worry more about getting adequate insurance coverage than saving a few dollars. The right insurance coverage could mean the difference between weathering a storm or being consumed by it.

The Insurance Truth That Stings

It’s important to know the difference between a great deal and adequate coverage. Most large, brand-name insurance companies offer a base plan for car, home, and life insurance coverage to attract the bargain shoppers. When you find these deals, they’re likely to be the least expensive option that meets the minimum legal requirement for insurance. These policies do not offer the coverage you may need.

Base policies typically only offer the bare minimum of legal liability. For example, car insurance has a base of six types of basic coverage types. Home insurance can include coverage like dwelling protection, ancillary structure protection, personal property protection, and more. Depending on where you live, the mandates for what constitutes basic coverage can be different.

Shop Insurance Online For Price and Adequate Coverage

We understand that your life is hectic and that you may not have time to spend on getting a better policy, but take the time to find a good plan now. It will save you heartache (and wallet pain) after you are rear-ended and your insurance won’t cover the cost of repairs.

When you shop for insurance and use rates as the only indicator of a good policy, you risk paying for the difference of your policy and the damage later. A policy that saves you money now may not be of much use when you have a flooded home, a totalled car, or an untimely death in the family. The money you save now won’t be worth it when you have to pay the difference to cover the majority of the event your insurance doesn’t cover.

The BriteBee Difference Doesn’t Sting

At BriteBee, we’re on a mission to take the sting out of online insurance shopping. We noticed a huge gap between trustworthy agents and consumers in need of insurance policies. For the insurance shopper, it can feel daunting and frustrating to have to deal with dozens of phone calls, emails, and direct mail letters to purchase one insurance policy. With BriteBee, you can shop and compare insurance quotes with local insurance agents without unwanted marketing phone calls or spam emails.

Our solution to this process is a platform that puts the control back into the shopper’s hands. You will be able to share, compare, and communicate at your convenience. We make it easy to get an online quote, communicate with the agent of your choice, and purchase a policy with adequate coverage. Captive insurance agents, independent insurance agents – we’ve got them all on! Sign up today!