Before we get started I feel it is necessary for me to state that I absolutely am not an insurance agent.

To provide more context, I don’t even handle the insurance decisions within my own nuclear family, I leave that to my wife. Having said all of that I will say I am at the very least a man of average intelligence and presumably I am capable of understanding some of the subtlety and nuance to be found in the world of insurance. With that in mind, what I would like to do with this post is to attempt to acquire a fundamental understanding of a relatively obscure insurance policy that I have never heard of before and bring you along for the ride. While I hope this will be a somewhat shared educational experience for anybody that reads along, I can state unequivocally that you can save yourself time and frustration by simply asking a proper, qualified insurance agent. If you happen to be looking for an insurance agent, BriteBee is the simplest and most painless way to go. Now that we have established that you all should just ask an insurance agent that you can easily connect with here on BriteBee instead of trusting my rudimentary understanding of insurance policies, we can move forward on this journey.

Today’s Topic: Casualty Insurance

I chose this particular topic because it came up once in a meeting my wife and I attended. Neither one of us understood exactly what it was. According to my wife I, however, gave the impression that I understood fully. This lead to her being disappointed in me when we discussed it later and to both of us having a good laugh.

What I already knew about Casualty Insurance:

  • I knew the meaning of the word Casualty. This was a good starting point for me.
  • I also knew the meaning of the word insurance. Also a good base line.
  • Using my two small pieces of knowledge I was able to come to the brilliant conclusion that casualty insurance made sure that you were insured in the event of a casualty. (Essentially I rearranged the name and was like, “Yeah totally makes sense. It’s casualty insurance.”)
  • Additional note: I used to do this same trick with vocabulary words in school. Using the word to define itself might fly if you are a bored middle school kid, but it doesn’t work for discussing insurance with your wife.

As you can see (and has been previously stated) I was strictly in “fake it ‘til you make it” mode.

What I learned about Casualty Insurance:

(Disclosure: What follows are my takeaways after spending a few hours on the internet attempting to research independently. It was difficult. Just save the time and ask a real insurance agent. BriteBee can help you find the right agent for you.)

  • It’s a broad term that covers against a great number of things.
  • Casualty Insurance encompasses several subcategories of insurance such as: workers compensation insurance, liability insurance, aviation insurance (didn’t know that was a thing), and much more that I don’t want to try to list or break down here.
  • If you own a business, it is strongly recommended that you have casualty insurance. After doing the research, this is the thing I am most confident in saying I understand.

That’s it. There are only three things that I am confident in putting on the page as things I mostly understand. The biggest takeaway for me and the thing I am most confident in saying is that I ABSOLUTELY WAS NOT MADE TO UNDERSTAND INSURANCE. My brain just doesn’t work that way. Reading through all of it made me feel like I had been using and teaching a different version of the English language than the language used by insurance experts.

What does it all mean?

  • You shouldn’t try to do this alone. I am fairly confident in saying I am competent intellectually, that’s not an overstatement or some sort of boast. Having said that, this process has utterly humbled me. After writing this piece, I have newfound respect for the depth of knowledge that insurance agents possess.
  • You don’t have to do any of this alone. This is wonderful news for any of you that are out there and thinking, “Oh no, insurance broke this dude’s brain and I’m next!” Truly, I can say that insurance agents are a very special blessing to the rest of the world. This is their life. They live and breathe this stuff every single day and they would love nothing more than to answer your questions and set you up with the policies and coverages that you need.
  • BriteBee can make the process even easier for you. I know that if I were reading this, I might be suddenly beginning to worry that I was about to be given a phone number to call and contact an insurance agent. That’s not going to happen here. Let BriteBee do the work for you. You can get quotes from several different agents without getting off of your phone or laptop. It’s simple and painless –  and best of all free.

I hope that somebody will learn from this piece – not because I transferred some great knowledge of insurance to all of you who have read this (I most assuredly did not bestow any revelatory information upon you.) I do hope that you have learned from my struggle for knowledge and understanding. You all can avoid sharing my fate. Trust me, you can save those two hours of your life by using BriteBee to find a qualified insurance agent for all of your insurance needs. Think of all the activities you can do with those two hours?!? Think of how great your brain will feel because you didn’t try to stuff a bunch of random insurance information into it?!? Maybe you can’t be the hero when it comes to searching for insurance, but with BriteBee, you’ll feel like the hero every time you search.


I’m Tate Kelley. I live and teach here in Oklahoma. My wife, Emily and I have a son that is almost 3 years old. I love reading and writing.”