At BriteBee, we do more than serve insurance consumers and trustworthy insurance agents. With every online quote, we donate time and money to LoveWorks Leadership, a non-profit organization focused on fostering positive leadership and servanthood in middle school aged children. Our partnership with LoveWorks stretches beyond charity. We’re deeply committed to these kids in Norman, which is only about a 45 minute drive from the BriteBee headquarters in Yukon. We believe that your insurance search is our service to the community.

In this post, we’ll be sharing more on how LoveWorks works and what the buzz is all about in Norman.

Never Too Young To Be A Leader!

LoveWorks Leadership is committed to helping middle school students discover their own innate potential and achieve their dreams. Founder Clark Mitchell started the organization in 2011 and has focused on the following mission:

Build and cultivate community partnerships relevant to our students

Train and equip mentor leaders who will have an impact on the lives of our youth

Develop leaders and inspire young entrepreneurs who will make a positive impact in our community and beyond

Measure the behavioral, social, and academic progress in our students for higher-learning and career readiness

LoveWorks’ Approach To Leadership

LoveWorks has a cyclical approach to leadership. Their system involves discovering potential, shaping personal stories, affirming ideas, and pursuing action. The cycle continues once the action is complete, and the children continue living into their potential every single day.

Discover Potential

The discovery of personal potential is vital to positive influence and action in the community. At LoveWorks, we affirm that middle-aged school children have the ability to lead.

Shape Stories

We foster personal stories in children through mentorship and personal connection, positively affirming their ability to be a voice in their own life and to those in the community.

Affirm Ideas

We help shape the childrens’ identities, so they have a deep understanding of self and can act from their essence as human beings.

Pursue Action

As we encourage children, we show them that when they understand themselves, they can take action to pursue their dreams, achieve their goals, and start living into their potential at a young age.

Introducing Founder Clark Mitchell

Clark’s vision for LoveWorks originated from his passion to positively impact and influence students in Norman, Oklahoma. He discovered in his research that middle school aged students are at the highest risk of academic and behavioral challenges. Clark believes that each and every student has the opportunity to discover their potential, create personal stories, affirm ideas, and take action towards their future. In all of this, Clark wants to create a wave of hope with each generation of kids.

BriteBee: Here To Make A Difference In Our Communities

You can do more than get quotes online for insurance. You can make a difference in the lives of children through LoveWorks. Each time you submit a request for a quote, BriteBee donates time or money to LoveWorks in Norman. We believe leadership and servanthood is a great way to positively impact loved ones and the community. If you’re ready to get a quote, sign up today!