If you were to walk into a room and ask the question “Who likes shopping for insurance?” you would probably hear nothing but the sound of crickets chirping. Ironically, however, insurance is one of the facts and musts of life, which is why the insurance industry is so vast and large. EVERYONE needs it – and regardless of if they enjoy the search process or not – it must be done. Whether you get

your insurance policy through a local insurance agent or a large insurance company, the most important factor in your decision should be trust. So how can you, the insurance shopper, know who you should and should not trust in your insurance search?

If you’ve shopped online for insurance, you probably know about the online companies that ask for very little information and promise multiple quotes in just minutes. To any online shopper, this should wave red flags all over your brain. It can be tempting to enter your personal information once and wait for the calls and emails to roll in with price quotes on your insurance of choice – BUT did you read the fine print?

What really happens to your information after you hit submit on a site promising multiple quotes in little-to-no time? In this post, BriteBee will explain the surprising truth about the current state of the online insurance search experience and how our solution will change the process for good.

The Current Online Insurance Search Experience

If you’ve searched online for insurance, you’ve probably already experienced the somewhat frustrating process. You find a few websites that offer multiple quotes in little to no time and submit your personal information to begin receiving home and auto insurance quotes. Then, you become bombarded with harassing phone calls, spam emails, and cumbersome direct mail that floods your everyday life. You now have to filter through the information and contacts to find the best option for you and your family.

Did you know that within the current online insurance search process, sites that promise multiple quotes are likely selling your personal information to insurance agents as leads? Once you hit submit on one of these forms, you relinquish all control over your search for insurance online. Not only does this jeopardize your own security, but it also reduces the chance that you will actually get the quote you need from an agent you trust. In fact, according to Insurance Leads Guide, 78% of insurance “leads” convert with the first agent to make contact with them. This means that even if you THINK you are done with your search, there is a high chance that other agents with your contact information will continue to pursue you.

Yikes! Better just change your phone number right now.

A Better Way To Search Online for Insurance

What if you could get insurance quotes online without the hassle? Imagine: an online insurance search process where you have complete control of the experience from start to finish and can skip the hassle of entering the same information over and over. That’s a platform we want to try!

At BriteBee, we’re on a mission to revolutionize the online insurance search experience. Our solution to the insurance industry involves giving consumers 100 percent control over their information, communication, and purchases. We never sell your phone number or email – meaning you can skip the annoying phone calls and emails and continue your search in peace.

BriteBee offers a refreshing, new way to get quotes, find an agent, and secure a policy. Our promise to you is that YOU, the customer, are always in control, and we do everything we can to protect your time when it comes to shopping for insurance online. No longer do you need to gamble with your personal information to get a few quotes from insurance companies. We offer a three-step process to get quotes, find policies, and purchase them from trustworthy agents. All you have to do is share, compare, and communicate through our website.

BriteBee Takes The Sting Out Of Insurance

It can “sting” look for home, auto, or renters insurance online. BriteBee wants to change that for you! Our team is on a mission to take the “sting” out of insurance. When you sign up with us, YOU are in control to request quotes from agents you want and to communicate in a way that is convenient for you. Purchase the best policy to fit your needs without the hassle! At the core of our mission is servanthood – and we are ready to serve you. Sign up with us today!