Let’s “BEE” real. Adulting can be hard.

(Side Note: If you aren’t familiar with the term “adulting,” consider it a lackadaisical term that millennials use when referring to acting their age. This time period refers to transitioning from fewer youthful responsibilities to the many responsibilities associated with being an independent adult.)

Speaking from personal experience, there are several lessons you can learn the hard way that come with quite a bit of headache. One major struggle that comes along with handling business matters – whether it be buying a car, getting a massage, or purchasing a house – is knowing who you can trust. How do you know if a person honors what they say? Are they presenting a fair price? Are they up-selling you on things you don’t need? Will you ever be able to contact them again if there is a problem after the initial sale? These are all fair concerns – and concerns that need to be addressed when searching for insurance.

If you haven’t already, ask yourself this important question: “What Should I Look for in an Insurance Agent?”

Have you ever entered into a professional relationship with someone, only to discover that they weren’t who you thought they were? This reality can make searching for a great (or even decent) insurance agent a time-consuming, paranoia-filled nightmare. If you can’t trust a business card, a firm handshake, or a secretary’s kind voice, what CAN you trust?

Not to worry! BriteBee asked real-life insurance agents with great customer reviews to give us some insights into their customers’ needs and expectations. Farmers Insurance agents Joshua Jordan, Garrett Nees, and Kevin Kohler, all from the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas metropolitan, gave practical pieces of advice to help any consumer looking for insurance find the BEST insurance agents for their family.

5 Tips for Choosing an Insurance Agent

Tip #1: Search for Strength/Reliability

“Look for an agent that is going to stay with the company they are representing, and make sure that company is financially sound enough to pay the claims.” – Joshua Jordan

Did you know that there are organizations that rate insurance companies based on their financial strength and reliability? Ratings are typically given on a scale of “A or above” through “D”. See what it takes to be a financially strong and A rated company in this article by The Balance.

Tip #2: Find an Agent that Fits

Look for an agent that can tailor your policy to match with YOUR needs.

“There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to protecting your assets. Customers expect their hard earned property to be fully covered at claim time. You truly get what you pay for when it comes to your insurance needs.

I compare it to buying a new suit. Anyone can sell a “cheap” suit, but it may only last for 6 months. If you tailor-make a suit with quality materials at a fair price, that suit will last for years. That is how a great Insurance Agent approaches their clients.” – Garrett Nees

Statuses like size of your family, assets owned and asset age, along with life changes like marriage, birth, or career change are just some of the things that can have drastic effects on your insurance. Your insurance policy can’t just be one-size-fits-all!

Tip #3: Bundling is Better

“Look for an agent that has multiple different lines of insurance so all of your insurance needs can be met in one agency.” – Joshua Jordan

Finding an agent with multiple different insurance lines has the benefit of convenience, along with the potential for short-term AND long-term savings through bundling. There are many reasons why you may or may not want to bundle your insurance and an agent with multiple lines can give you flexibility either way!

Tip #4: Customer Service is Key

Look for an agent with exceptional customer service.

According to Google definitions, “Customer service is the process of ensuring customer satisfaction with a product or service. Often, customer service takes place while performing a transaction for the customer, such as making a sale or returning an item.”

It’s important to find an agent that fits well with what makes YOU feel satisfied as a customer. Not every customer has the same view of what makes good customer service, but a few universally helpful traits are clear communication skills, empathy, patience, and consistency.

“It is primarily about separating your agency from others through excellent customer service, communication, and making sure the client knows you represent them should they need to file a claim.” – Kevin Kohler

Tip #5: Are they Interested in Your BEST Interest?

“Look for an agent that is going to do a free review of your current insurance and educate YOU first.” – Joshua Jordan

The customer/insurance agent relationship is all about education. Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know! Find an agent that’s going to be intentional about making sure you know the state of your current policy and all of your available options.You could even get proactive in your agent/customer relationship by asking some of these questions and educating your agent on YOUR unique needs.

“Our job as agents is to develop a relationship with our clients and future clients so we make sure we are giving them the best professional advice we can. The only way to advise them correctly is to get to know about them and their family and the assets we need to protect”. – Joshua Jordan

Now That You Know What to Look for…

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