Finding the right insurance agent isn’t like buying a pack of gum at the grocery store. Choosing your insurance agent is more like shopping for a vehicle. Teaming up with an agent to help with your insurance needs is a long-term relationship, not a one-time deal. You wouldn’t purchase a car after only seeing it once online. You would ask questions, test drive it, and compare it to other vehicles you’ve found on the market. Similarly, you want to find agents who can help you, fit your needs best, and answer your questions.

In this post, we’ll be sharing how to find a hassle-free insurance agent that focuses on serving you, not selling you on a policy you don’t need. You can start your search on BriteBee’s trusted platform today to get online insurance quotes directly from local agents at your convenience. Want to learn more about hassle-free agents? Continue reading!

Six Tips To Choose A Hassle-Free Insurance Agent

Tip #1 – Ask For Referrals from Friends and Family

Start your insurance agent search with referrals. Ask family members, friends, and colleagues about their insurance agents or if they would recommend someone. See if you can find one that would fit your insurance needs. Then, use the rest of these tips to determine if the referred agents work for you.

Tip #2 – How Important Is A Local Agent To You?

Proximity to an agent is huge for a lot of insurance customers. The ability to stop by an agent’s office to discuss insurance matters means more to customers than the convenience of online insurance quotes. You must determine how important a local agent is to you or if you can be at peace with an over-the-phone/email relationship. If you (and the agent) are tech savvy, video chatting might even be a good alternative to a face-to-face meeting!

Tip #3 – Review Their Reputation Online

The internet is a wonderful tool for discovering reputation and reviews. Search potential agents’ reputations online and read reviews to see what other clients are saying about their service. Then, determine if they’re the type of agent you want to foster a long term professional relationship with. A few extra things to look for: Is their website up-to-date? Do they have contact information for support? Do they engage with their clients on social media? If you are someone who likes to stay informed, you can usually figure out enough about how the agent communicates based on their online presence.

Tip #4 – Confirm Their Credentials And Experience

When you narrow your agent selection, consider the types of credentials each agent carries and how these will help you purchase auto, home, life, or other insurance policies. Do the potential agents have the knowledge and experience to help you make the best coverage options possible? Most agents tell how long they’ve been around, what awards they have won from their company, how they are involved with the community and more on their website. Most of all, if an agent doesn’t look credible online, do extra research before sharing too much information with them.

Tip #5 – Interview Agents

Finally, interview the agents you think and feel will work best with you. You can ask questions about experience, knowledge, their approach to insurance, and how they serve their current clients. Ask if they have any clients that are similar to you. Then, ask how the agent has helped them. When it comes to business, people want to be served by people they can build a connection with. Discover if you like the way they communicate and if you have something in common. Do your due diligence.

Tip #6 – Which Agent Do You Trust?

Ask yourself, “Who do I trust?” This should narrow your decision on which agent to choose down to one or two. This is a long term relationship you’re starting with an insurance agent and your coverage; it should not be taken lightly. If you don’t have a good feeling about working with someone, listen to your gut. However, if you do get into a situation you don’t like, know that you can usually switch your agent and your policy, even if you paid up front. Refunds are a thing – even in the world of insurance.

Don’t Get Stung With Online Insurance Quotes

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