As tech innovation continues to progress and thrive across the nation, Oklahoma City is no exception. With co-working spaces on the rise, the recent establishment of a local startup accelerator, and opportunities for growth amongst masses of undeveloped land, Oklahoma City is a surprisingly hot spot for breakthroughs in business. For one local startup, BriteBee, OKC is just the first stop on the list of places that will soon experience a refreshing take on insurance.

BriteBee is on a mission!

BriteBee, where insurance quotes don’t sting, was founded in December 2017 in Yukon, OK (just outside the Oklahoma City city limits) by co-founders Keagan Henson and Kelly Thomas. With previous experience as an insurance agent, Henson watched as his client base experienced the frustration of lead generation sites – something he also had experienced on the agent side of the business. With a dream to refresh the insurance search experience, putting the control back in the hands of the consumer, BriteBee was established.

“BriteBee is on a mission to provide a refreshing search experience that brings transparency and control to people everywhere. We desire to restore, strengthen, and bridge the gap between people and insurance professionals. BriteBee strives daily to be intentional in serving and impacting the lives of others through an awesome platform!”

Harnessing their ability to dream — as encouraged by Co-founder Keagan Henson — the team of four, including Marketing Director, Katherine Parker, and Success Manager, Ryan Eller, discovered a problem they could solve: to provide a refreshing solution to the outdated, current means of searching for insurance and bringing transparency to an industry with very little.

Through partnerships with a local Oklahoma City Startup Accelerator, the Thunder Launchpad, sponsored by StitchCrew and the OKC Thunder, as well as companies like Rocket Referrals, ZipWhip, Right Now Media @ Work, LoveWorks Leadership, TokBox, IAOA, GAN Startup, and Buildaga, BriteBee has witnessed early validation and opportunities for expansion far beyond the Oklahoma City Area. Through the Thunder Launchpad, BriteBee has and will continue to receive mentorship, contact with investors, and growing visibility as it seeks further investment in the summer of 2018.

A Better Way To Search For Insurance Online

At BriteBee, we understand if you feel like a victim every time you search for insurance online. You give away your personal information for free in hopes that someone you can trust and rely on will call or email you with the perfect policy to cover you and your family. If you’re shaking your head right now and saying to yourself: “That’s not possible,” this post is for you.

We agree that the odds of finding a great agent who can work with you to purchase the best policy possible is slim to none with the current means of searching for insurance online. This isn’t because we’ve been told stories about this happening on occasion – this is because we’re just like you, and we’ve experienced it.

BriteBee Co-founder, Keagan Henson, was a former insurance agent who took a unique approach with his clientele. He focused on providing them with the best customer service and policy acquisition to meet their needs. What he found was that online insurance shoppers looked well beyond the best deal or the cheapest rate. They wanted peace of mind to know that they were covered, and that someone (their agent) would be there for them if they ever needed to file a claim.

Granted, it’s simple to fill out an online form, but the rest of the online insurance experience “stings” when all those calls and emails start flooding into your life. This is why BriteBee is changing and refreshing the online insurance search experience with “Insurance Quotes that Don’t Sting.”

Do You Want A Sting-Free Insurance Experience?

Currently, there is a major disconnect between insurance consumers and insurance professionals. At BriteBee, we’ve made it easy for insurance consumers to search for home, auto, and renters insurance quotes online while communicating with agents at their convenience. Our solution gives the shopper control of how they search for, interact with, and choose their insurance professionals, all without sharing or selling their phone number or email with prospective agents.

With servanthood at the core of its mission, BriteBee stands to serve both insurance consumers and insurance professionals and better their experience online, leveraging the power of the internet for convenience and visibility. We offer a three-step action plan: share, compare, and communicate. It’s simple, easy, and completely free of unwelcomed, harassing phone calls and emails for in-market insurance shoppers.

BriteBee is putting the control back into the hands of the consumer, where it belongs. Are you ready to say “goodbye” to spam emails and harassing phone calls? Create a free profile with BriteBee today to experience the best insurance search of your life.