As most everyone knows, it can be daunting to search for insurance online. There are thousands of websites to browse and only a handful of reputable companies to choose from. Most online insurance companies promise several quotes in just minutes, which sounds great, right? However, if you’re like most people looking for insurance online, you’ve probably asked the question: “What’s the catch?” Here’s a tip from the pros: If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is… except in the case of BriteBee.

At BriteBee, we understand your skepticism and frustration. As a former insurance agent, our CEO and Co-Founder, Keagan Henson, often heard stories from his clients about how they offered their information to an online insurance quote service and then got bombarded with calls and emails for several months after. Sound familiar?

If you can relate – have no fear because you are not alone. This common problem in the online insurance world is a result of lead generation sites – AKA companies who are selling your personal information to agents for an expensive fee. This results in unwanted phone calls, emails, and feelings of harassment – All due to a lack of communication, transparency, and simplicity.

What if you didn’t have to dread the online search for insurance? Fortunately, there is a way. It’s called BriteBee – an online insurance app launching Summer of 2018.

How to Search for Insurance Online

If you’re like anyone else using the internet to search for insurance online, whether home, auto, life, or other, you probably open up your browser and simply type into the available search engine which kind of insurance you’re looking for. At this point, you begin to wonder:

“How will I choose which website to submit my information?”

“Who has the best rates?”

“Am I ready to batten down the hatches for the inevitable blitz of calls, emails, and, in some cases, direct mail?”

Frankly, BriteBee was founded to change the traditional means of searching online for insurance and to alleviate common consumer fears of hassle and frustration. Our new website and app is specifically designed to REFRESH the user’s online insurance search experience. No longer will you have to dodge calls, block email addresses, or trash 90 percent of your mail. You, the client, will gain control over which type of insurance you need, who contacts you, and when they contact you through a simple and transparent online insurance app.

2 Reasons Why You Should Search for Insurance Online

Did you know JD Power reported that 72 percent of people looking for any type of insurance searched for quotes and policies online in 2016? Although almost three-quarters of shoppers found quotes online, only 25 percent actually purchased their policies online. What does this tell the industry? There is an obvious disconnect and distrust with the online process, another result of traditional lead generation sites. BriteBee was founded to address the online insurance search epidemic – The farming and distribution of information – and work to serve the insurance shoppers in the best possible way.

Online Insurance Shopping Can Be Easy

It’s easy to tap on your phone, search for the type of insurance you need, and compare options between meetings at work, while you wait at the doctor’s office, or at lunch. Most insurance companies that offer online insurance rates, quotes, and policies are relatively accessible and easy to find. In addition to that, shopping online gives you access to more agents and options at your fingertips rather than scheduling multiple meetings with multiple insurance agents.

Purchasing Insurance Online Can Save You Time

No longer do you need to visit an agent face-to-face to get insurance. When shopping for home insurance and auto insurance online, you can receive a rate, quote, and a policy in just a short amount of time. It’s important to maintain a personal relationship with your agent after your policy has been written. However, in the early stages of insurance comparison, the internet should be seen as a helpful tool. In summary, going online before committing to an agent could save you countless hours of waiting in person.

BriteBee is Here to Serve You!

At BriteBee, we understand that a personal relationship with your insurance agent is important and should be fostered. That being said, most initial insurance communication and comparison can be done online while remaining personal, freeing up more of your day for your already busy schedule. If you’re looking for new auto, home, life, renters, landlord or other insurance without the hassle, visit us online at Our website and online insurance app allows for shoppers to compare quotes, agents, and more without ever releasing control of their personal information. Simply choose agents you want to work with based on ratings, cost, and proximity to you and begin requesting information. With BriteBee, you can request quotes from up to 5 agents at a time and communicate solely through our app, meaning you communicate with agents when and how you want. BriteBee ultimately allows consumers complete control over the process of finding an agent and purchasing their policies without the fear of constantly being contacted by insurance agents you don’t want to speak to. BriteBee is here to serve its clients with a unique, refreshing online insurance search process.

Where will you find your next policy? Take control over your online insurance search with BriteBee, Insurance Quotes that Don’t Sting!