UPDATE: As of August 2018, LoveWorks is now looking to secure funding to keep their program alive. See the details here and help SAVE LOVEWORKS by spreading the word or donating here!

BriteBee is thrilled to announce its partnership with LoveWorks Leadership, Inc. as their official charity of choice. This local, non-profit organization is committed to helping middle school students discover their potential and foster their leadership skills.

Society has labeled the Millennial generation as lazy, distracted, and out of touch. LoveWorks Leadership believes in helping students discover their potential and live into their dreams. This organization provides middle schoolers experiential learning opportunities with mentors and professionals so that dreams can move into ACTION. No day dreaming or procrastinating – at LoveWorks, it’s all about DOING.

Loveworks Promo from Aksala Productions on Vimeo.

From the beginning, the BriteBee team realized the importance of fostering servanthood – not just to their local community – but also to the communities their agents represent. Understanding that funds would be limited in early stages, BriteBee sought after a native Oklahoma charity it could scale with. The mission of LoveWorks spoke directly to the heart of the entrepreneurs that make up the BriteBee team, and it was evident to both parties that great things could arise from a partnership.

Since it’s inception in 2011, LoveWorks Leadership has reached over 10,000 students from a variety of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds – empowering and developing character, as well as academic and leadership abilities.

The Mission of LoveWorks Leadership, Inc. is to:

    • Build and Cultivate Community Partnerships relevant to its students.
    • Train and Equip Mentor Leaders who will have an impact in the lives of Youth.
    • Develop Leaders and Inspire young entrepreneurs who will make a positive impact in their community and beyond.
    • Measure the behavioral, social and academic progress in students for higher-learning and career readiness.

At LoveWorks, when ideas and dreams gain momentum they look like…

    • Entrepreneurism: Start small businesses, learn operations, sales and accounting.
    • Productive Hobbies: Take responsibility for personal growth and develop new skill sets.
    • Community Service: Giving back by volunteering and initiating goodwill.
    • Advocacy: Understand that the problems in the world are big, but everyone can make a difference.

The BEST part

How does this relate to BriteBee agents and consumers? In an effort to put the time and money of our consumer to good use, every quote obtained through the BriteBee platform will result in time donated to LoveWorks leadership. Do good, give back, and make a difference – all by getting an insurance quote online through BriteBee!