If you’ve shopped for any kind of insurance online, you have encountered the current state of insurance search. Yes, it’s convenient, but it offers very few benefits to giving out your information in return for the best auto insurance policy quote online. Nonetheless, we’re here to share with you how BriteBee is changing the online insurance search process with one simple solution, an online insurance search platform launching in 2018. Until then, consider how we’ll be changing the search process in this post.

How Do Insurance Shoppers Search for Insurance Now?

Did your child just get their first vehicle? Did you get a new house? Reconsidering life insurance and want to buy a policy?

We understand. Life can be hectic, messy, and overwhelming at times. This is why you and many others flock to the internet to research insurance policies and get quotes. The unfortunate part of this process is that although it is convenient, it also sets in motion a string of emails and calls you shouldn’t have to deal with.

What’s it like to get a phone call from a private or unknown number every few hours, every day, for the next three months? If you’ve search for insurance online and gotten quotes, you’ve probably encountered this annoying process.

Fortunately, the insurance industry is maturing. It’s finding better ways to serve the client without wasting their time. However, we don’t think it’s changing fast enough – which is how BriteBee came into existence.

One of our Co-founders at BriteBee is a former insurance agent, and he knows what customers really want. Various shopper studies around the internet show that customers simply use the information they find online to make an informed decision in person with an agent. What does this mean for the insurance industry? It means something needs to change. 

What Could Be Different?

Once a customer gives out their information online, it’s then served to an insurance aggregate which offers the customer’s information to hundreds of agents all over the nation. Then these agents make their calls and attempt to sell cold leads their services. Frankly, this model is already outdated, and it doesn’t serve the insurance customer.

At BriteBee, we’re giving the insurance customer the control through our online search platform. We’re taking all the feedback we’ve gathered from our Co-founder’s experience and other agents’ experiences to rebuild how customers shop for insurance online.

No longer will the customer need to give their information to six different sites, receive dozens of calls, and filter through hundreds of emails just to secure a policy. They will have the ability to choose which type of insurance they need, choose an insurance agent within proximity to their search, and make a decision before they talk to anyone.

BriteBee Takes the Sting Out of Insurance

Whether you’re an agent or an insurance customer, BriteBee makes it simple to share information, get the policy you need, and keep living the life you love. Our process changes the current insurance search process entirely, giving control to the customer and encouraging the agent to focus on serving more than selling. Are you ready join in on all the buzz? Check out our services at BriteBee.com.