1. Insurance Agents near Oklahoma City with Great Reviews

    Are you planning to start your insurance search online? If so, you are not alone. In fact, according to J.D. Power, 74% of insurance shoppers use websites of aggregators to obtain insurance quotes online. However, in the process of shopping for home insurance or auto insurance online, many customer…Read More

  2. Young Professionals, “Millennial” Is Just a Fancy Word for Multitasker: Meet Alex Terrell Russell with Oddly Natural, the Naturally Abilene Podcast, and “Soon-to-Be” Mom | The Hive Five

    The Hive Five Podcast 5 Key Takeaways from Alex Terrell Russell 1. Be yourself. 2. Work hard. 3. Be kind. 4. Just do it. 5. Show up, shake hands, and look people in the eyes. Description Today on the Hive Five Podcast, we are glad to be talking with Alex Terrell Russell. Alex is the founder of digit…Read More

  3. Thrifty Online Insurance Shopping Could Cost You More Later

    It’s no secret that most people are bargain shoppers. We all want to get the best deal possible for a service or product. When it comes to insurance, though, it’s important to include more than the insurance rate to your online search decisions. You want to consider the coverage, the agent or co…Read More

  4. Community Rallies to Save LoveWorks Leadership

    From Yukon, Oklahoma to Norman, Oklahoma – just a short 45 minute drive – a unique partnership strikes between BriteBee and LoveWorks Leadership, announcing LoveWorks as it's official charity partner. It's true what they say "when the going gets tough, the tough get going," and the tough are mob…Read More

  5. Holy Cow (Literally!): Meet Sean Akadiri with AgBoost | The Hive Five

    The Hive Five Podcast 5 Key Takeaways from Sean Akadiri 1. Focus on yourself, not the naysayers. 2. Be unapologetic, just be yourself. 3. Be immensely patient. 4. Just keep moving forward. 5. When God gives you a vision, he always gives provision. Description Today on the Hive Five, we are glad to s…Read More

  6. Does my Insurance Cover Football Season?

    The leaves are starting to fall. The days are getting shorter. The temperatures are dropping to levels most sane people would call ideal. It's football season, a regional holiday for a majority of Oklahomans and Texans. Soon people all around the country will be going to games, cheering on their tea…Read More

  7. What Should I Look for in an Insurance Agent?

    Let's "BEE" real. Adulting can be hard. (Side Note: If you aren't familiar with the term "adulting," consider it a lackadaisical term that millennials use when referring to acting their age. This time period refers to transitioning from fewer youthful responsibilities to the many responsibilities as…Read More

  8. Calamity Strikes! How this Mompreneur Frontiered for Hope after Disaster: Meet Jazmine Farmer with Calamity Jane’s Apparel | The Hive Five

    The Hive Five Podcast 5 Key Takeaways from Jazmine Farmer 1. Quit comparing yourself/your business to others 2. There's always stuff to do 3. As a woman, learn to ask for what you want and what you need 4. Show your employees and those around you that you value them 5. It's going to be okay! Descrip…Read More

  9. BEE Happy: Why Peace Of Mind Is Worth The Payment

    “If we have peace of mind, we’ll always feel happy…” ~ Dalai Lama What is happiness worth to you? The value seems to change for each and every person. Is it a new car? A new home? More time with loved ones? No matter the valuation, you get to choose what makes you happy. But how do you susta…Read More

  10. Stuck In Traffic Every Day? Try These 8 Activities!

    Your commute to work probably involves a car, a cup of coffee, and a few minutes stuck in traffic. Let’s be honest, a few hours is more like it. What do you do during your time in traffic? Do you waste it staring at the license plate in front of you thinking of all the combinations of words you ca…Read More

  11. Want A Hassle-Free Insurance Agent? Here Are 6 Tips!

    Finding the right insurance agent isn’t like buying a pack of gum at the grocery store. Choosing your insurance agent is more like shopping for a vehicle. Teaming up with an agent to help with your insurance needs is a long-term relationship, not a one-time deal. You wouldn’t purchase a car afte…Read More

  12. A Family CAN Live Well on One Income – Here’s How!

    Did you know that finances are one of the most reported causes of arguments among married couples today? In many couples, one spouse is the “spender” and one is the “saver.” I am particularly blessed to be a saver married to a saver, but that doesn’t mean things haven’t gotten a little t…Read More

  13. 11 Common Insurance Misconceptions Debunked

    At BriteBee, we understand how overwhelming it can feel to search for insurance quotes online. There are hundreds of companies, even more agents, and less time to take care of it. What’s more, you have to get insurance for your car; in most cases, you will need it for your home; life insurance is …Read More

  14. What’s The Difference Between Full Coverage And Liability?

    It may be law to insure your vehicle, but is it mandatory to have more than liability insurance? In a large majority of cases, liability insurance satisfies your obligation to follow the law BUT does it actually cover you in the event of an accident? When it comes to auto insurance, you want a polic…Read More

  15. Local Man Learns about Insurance

    Before we get started I feel it is necessary for me to state that I absolutely am not an insurance agent. To provide more context, I don’t even handle the insurance decisions within my own nuclear family, I leave that to my wife. Having said all of that I will say I am at the very least a man of a…Read More

  16. Early traction for Oklahoma startup prompts expansion into Texas

    Yukon, Oklahoma: Insurance tech startup BriteBee has launched an online platform to help consumers find and compare quotes from local insurance agents, without compromising their personal information. BriteBee’s platform seeks to bring transparency to an industry dominated by consumer confusion an…Read More

  17. Passion and Persistence: Meet Graeme Winder | The Hive Five

    The Hive Five Podcast 5 Key Takeaways from Graeme Winder 1. Be focused on where you are at the time - Focus on work when at work; focus on family when with family 2. Know that you will succeed, but will face many failures along the way 3. Educate yourself as often and as much as you can 4. Be very z…Read More

  18. When You Should Bundle Your Insurance

    If you’ve been searching online for insurance quotes lately, you’ve most likely come across insurance bundling. It’s nothing new, but over the last five years bundling insurance has saved a lot of people money annually––in the hundreds of dollars. You’ve probably heard big name insurance…Read More

  19. Searching For Home Insurance Quotes? Here Are Ten Tips!

    What’s all the buzz about buying a home? It’s probably the largest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. That’s right! According to the US Census, the national average price for a new home as of April 2018 was $407,300. Obviously, as you narrow your focus to the state, county, and neighborh…Read More

  20. My Kid’s Car Seat is Made of Cheese

    Turns out, the $180+ bucks I spent on my kid's car seat was for a big block of cheese. Or spinach, or ground beef, or anything else with an expiration date because that's apparently what a car seat has; an expiration date. I found this out for myself after I dismantled the 95-million-point harness o…Read More

  21. Why You Should Always Leave Your Insurance Agent a Review

    You’re late to dinner. Your friends have been waiting on you for thirty minutes, but you have a great reason: you just left a local insurance agent’s office. This agent got you a great deal on a policy that will actually cover you, unlike the last policy you had from one of the big-name companie…Read More

  22. This OKC Tech Startup is on a Mission to Change Insurance

    As tech innovation continues to progress and thrive across the nation, Oklahoma City is no exception. With co-working spaces on the rise, the recent establishment of a local startup accelerator, and opportunities for growth amongst masses of undeveloped land, Oklahoma City is a surprisingly hot spot…Read More

  23. How Kids in Caps & Gowns Can Help Us Save on Auto Insurance

    I'll be honest, and please don't think I'm a total party pooper for saying this; I get kinda annoyed with kids in graduation caps and gowns. If a child/kid/teen is not receiving either a high school or college/university level diploma, it bugs me to see he or she in a cap and gown. Okay, I can dig a…Read More

  24. 3 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Road Trip

    There is something highly American about a cross-country road trip. The cinematic image of journeying past forests, mountains, deserts, and plains is ingrained in the minds of Americans, and with Summer coming up, many Americans will be jumping in a car and driving for miles to destinations of fun, …Read More

  25. How My Dad’s Advice Saved My Life… More Than Once…

    “You have to pump the brakes.” I watched as my dad mimed compressing and decompressing an imaginary brake pedal. “You don’t want to just come to a screeching halt. You have to ease into it.” Poor, Dad. I probably rolled my eyes at him at the time, but what I didn’t want to admit when I w…Read More

  26. Want to End Your Hassle With Insurance? BriteBee shares how!

    It’s late on a Wednesday. You’ve put the kids to bed, and you’re finally getting to some much needed cleaning around the house. As you start doing the dishes, the thought hits you: doesn’t my insurance policy expire this month? You finish the dishes and check your email on your phone, and yo…Read More

  27. Don’t Click Submit! Here are 5 Tips to Avoid SPAM Insurance Calls

    Do you want to take control of your insurance shopping experience? At BriteBee, we understand if you’re frustrated with shopping for insurance. It’s convenient to get a number of quotes online, but it’s annoying when you start getting the consistent, unhelpful phone calls for the next three mo…Read More

  28. BriteBee decides on LoveWorks Leadership as Charity of Choice

    UPDATE: As of August 2018, LoveWorks is now looking to secure funding to keep their program alive. See the details here and help SAVE LOVEWORKS by spreading the word or donating here! BriteBee is thrilled to announce its partnership with LoveWorks Leadership, Inc. as their official charity of choice…Read More

  29. How “BriteBee” Came to “Bee” (Yes, we went there…)

    “BriteBee? What an unusual name! Where did the name come from?” We get this question a lot! Yes, the name is unusual — and no doubt memorable — but what does a bee have to do with insurance? After a sit down Q+A with BriteBee CEO, Keagan Henson, we are finally putting your questions to rest!…Read More

  30. The Media Says the Insurance Agent is Going Away. We say Otherwise.

    We get it — everyone needs insurance BUT no one likes shopping for it. In fact, this article from Money tells us that only 64% of millennials pay for auto insurance compared the 84% of older generations and only 10% of millennials have homeowners insurance as opposed to 75% of those 65 and older. …Read More