The Hive Five Podcast

5 Key Takeaways from Jill Berger

1. Don’t wait for opportunity; Create it

2. Starting a business isn’t easy. Learn grit + resilience in all you do

3. Strive for progress, not perfection. Success does not happen overnight

4. Comparison is the thief of joy. You are You and THAT is your power

5. Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the ride!


This episode is the first episode of our new Hive Five sub-series targeting and featuring Young Professionals. We hope that you enjoy it and will give us your ratings and reviews on what you thought!

Our guest is Jill Berger, the founder of both Stay Social Dallas and Lushra. She is a Young Professional herself, having started two businesses at only twenty-six years old. Jill started her career out of college at a full-service advertising agency. However, it was not challenging her enough. It was a traditional firm, but Jill wanted to go outside of the box and embrace social media and digital branding. She saw a need to have a millennial reaching out to millennial-run companies. Stay Social Dallas was born. Starting from scratch and without any clients, Jill started knocking on doors, walking into businesses, and promoting herself. What Jill found was that people knew they need to be on social media, but they didn’t have the knowledge or time to focus on it. She found a way to meet this need, and provide necessary services to companies that may not be able to afford a large agency. Through passion and hard work, she has grown Stay Social Dallas to the successful company it is today.

Jill also started and runs a company called Lushra. It was inspired by her friends that were starting to have baby showers and bachelorette parties. She saw a need for quality products and party décor through an ecommerce site that created perfect Instagram pictures. By starting Lushra, she was able to meet these needs and allow people to demonstrate through social media how beautiful their event really was.

We feel like with two successful companies by only twenty-six, Jill was a great guest for our Young Professionals series. Please let us know what you think and review this episode!


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So this hit me pretty hard. Comparison is the thief of joy. Have you ever experienced that? Pretty much every day. Um, if you get on facebook or instagram and look at your friends and what they have and what’s their dog looks like. Their hair is so shiny. I mean, I think everybody in their hair is so shiny. Gay. If you’re a girl yet, I guess I do wonder if I could have more here.
I’m telling you, it’s easy. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting what other people have and you can bury yourself and think you’re not good enough.
We’re all guilty of it. Okay, well, I’m going to say we’re going to let it go today.
When the going gets rough. You know how the saying goes. Sometimes things happen. Life happens and it’s not always our fault. And this podcast will feature real life testimonials from people like you from good times. The bad funny memories, man.
Everyone has a story and everyone has been there for business owners, to parents, to young adults. The hive five ames tell stories of overcoming struggles while celebrating the little victories in each podcast. Our guest inside, the five key takeaways, someone who’s been there and done that, leaving you better than when you started. Hey guys. Thanks for listening today. My name is Keegan with bright beam and this is catherine with bright be and today on the high five we have Joe Berger and the founder of stay Social Dallas and Lustra. We are also excited that Jill will be the first interview in a new series of interviews for young professionals.
Did A. Jill, thank you so much for being on.
Yeah, I’m excited. Thanks for reaching out, Catherine.
Absolutely. Well, we can’t wait to talk to you more and learn more about say, Social Dallas and Lustra. Can’t believe that you have two businesses at the age that you are. How old are you, Joel? I am, yeah, that’s true.
No, well, I’m turning 26. Yeah. I’m turning 26 mile on the 20th of this month, so I’m very
nice. How exciting. Let’s talk a little bit about station social and Lucha. Tell us a little bit about which one started first and how you got to the place you’re at now.
Yeah, so stay social. Dallas started first, I was at a full service traditional advertising agency and it really pushed me in a way that I needed to start my own thing because it wasn’t challenging me the right way. Um, it was a small traditional agencies so they didn’t really want to push the envelope, they didn’t see the necessary need to do so with our clients. So I really saw an opportunity that I could talk to small business owners and you know, really talk about the importance of social media and digital advertising that not necessarily the other agencies really salt so much. Evan importance of
very cool. And you went to for marketing.
I did. I went to school for marketing and management at Texas Tech. So, um, that really kind of pushed me into the advertising world.
Joe, you said push the envelope. What does that actually mean? Because that could mean a lot of things for people.
Push the envelope in a way where I wanted to do the new thing and do things different for our clients and do something creative and out of the box. And you know, when you’re at a traditional agency in your width, you know, principals that are older and they don’t necessarily see what’s going on in the digital world because they’re not living it, they’re not breathing it, they don’t understand the need to do so and to be different and you really have to do something creative to reach, reach more, reach your audience and surpass your competitors. So it really pushed me in a way that I saw a need of having, having a millennial company reach out to millennials that older people really couldn’t do the same.
Okay, so you know that this is what you need to do. How did you go do it?
So I started knocking on doors, started walking into restaurants, started pitching myself. I actually took a class, um, it was a five month program at Smu and it taught me how to communicate, return on investment of social media to small business owners that just, you know, didn’t want to think about social media yet, knew they needed to do it, but they didn’t. They didn’t have time. As a small business owner, you really don’t have time to do a lot. So for me to be able to concisely communicate what is social media, what is social media, why do you need to be on it? This is what I can do for you and this is how it’s going to grow your business. So once I was able to communicate that to people who know they can’t afford a huge agency, they can’t, they can’t afford a richards group or you know, something like that. Um, they work with me instead and I, you know, I’m on the ground doing the work and communicating the return and they see that. So, you know, that’s how it all kinda started.
So how many no’s did you get before you get to? Yes.
Oh Man. Um, well I was very lucky in a way. I was so passionate at first I was sharing my story with a lot of people and you know, they could catch onto my passion of why I was doing my own thing and why I was so passionate about it that they wanted to hop on board with me. So I was lucky that I knew some entrepreneurs that needed help with their business and that’s kind of where I started helping my friends that are entrepreneurs and people that I met in the industry of, okay, well you can do this. And it wasn’t, uh, I wasn’t able to get money right away. I was like, I can do this for free and if you don’t see a return then that’s fine. Like keep going and I’ll keep going my way. And I started taking actually a percentage of sales of one of my first clients and instead of having a retainer, which is what normal marketing companies do, they just keep a retainer, their services. So I started doing a percentage of increase of sales that they would receive and it became so much they needed to put me on retainer. And once I had that like Aha moment of, okay, this works and I know what I’m doing, it really gave me the confidence then to reach out to people I didn’t necessarily know and to go to other businesses and you know, give them my case studies and proof of what I had been doing for other businesses in Dallas.
That’s so cool. And what a sacrifice like that you had to make to say like, okay, you know what, I’m going to have to pay me, just let me prove myself because that’s a pretty big. I mean, that’s a.
had nothing to lose.
Catharine what are your thoughts right now to a marketer to marketer? I mean, what, what are you thinking right now? Oh, I’ve got, I’ve got a lot of questions. I’m just, and I’m one of ’em, you know, you’re focused mostly on digital and digital as we know is constantly changing. So I’m just curious like how you keep up with those trends and thought that ever constant battles. Yes.
Um, it’s definitely a challenge and you know, it is a battle for marketers as there’s so many new platforms and trends, you know, is this going to be a fad? Is this something I need to be paying attention to? Do I need to use a strategy for my clients? Um, so luckily for us we have the Internet, so it’s a beautiful thing and like with any industry, there’s industry leaders that you should keep up to. Um, so a few of my favorites are social media examiner, digit day social media pros with Jay Baer and Adam Brown and also later for instagram has a really good blog as well to just kind of give you the trends and they sift through a lot of that junk for you. So in the morning it’s like you have to skim the news, you also have to skim and read about updates. What’s Google been doing? Um, how do you utilize the new updates of instagram story? And those, those blogs will do that for you as well.
So just to give our listeners a glimpse into some of those words and companies that you’re throwing out. I mean, are these, is that people should feel like they can go out and research and do themselves or do they have to have a marketing or advertising professional to accomplish these kinds of things?
I would say definitely having a marketing background helps, but it’s definitely not necessary. The Internet is amazing. There’s so many books, there’s so many podcasts are so many blogs you can read and if you’re truly fascinated about something, you can get lost on the internet and Google is king. You can find everything that you need to learn.
I completely agree with that and there’s so many things that I as a marketer don’t know how to do. And even Kagan with no marketing background, uh, you know, we just researched stuff and we found out so many cool things and I mean google, like you said, Google is king. I want to talk real quick before we go into the five takeaways. I want to talk
about what sre because that was your second business, right?
Okay. Tell us a little bit about that one. So it all started when all my friends were starting to have bachelorette parties and baby showers and going off social media and instagram. Instagram has really changed the way we take photos and you know, we see we capture these life moments and we save them and each party you go to, you know, there has to be a backdrop, there has to be one instagrammable spot and at every place you go, okay, this is instagrammable and it and it just has changed the game. So I wanted to create product that I could use and you know, it’s enough to Amazon and, and, and have an ecommerce platform of party to core that really makes or breaks your instagram that people want because they want that beautiful instagram and they want that great social media picture of everyone to see what a beautiful event that they had. So I focus on balloons and baby showers and Bachelorette parties and backdrops and all that good stuff.
You were just taking advantage of any opportunity that you see? Absolutely. That’s where we got to do, right? Well, I’ve seen some of the balloons and it made me want to buy or balloons. So you accomplished your goal.
Thank you very much.
So that gets us into our first high five key takeaway. Don’t wait for opportunity created. Tell us why that’s one of your takeaways.
Um, well I was very unhappy in my job and I was almost waiting for something to happen to me to have something, have a raise or get a promotion or get a new project to fulfill me and it never came and so I had to go out and create it and I just think that’s such an important takeaway is to create your own opportunity and if you’re not happy then to make the change yourself.
Joe, one day I was sitting at an employer’s desk and I had this thought. I was like, I am waiting every 90 days for review for someone to tell me how I’m doing, how well I’m doing and what my value is. And finally I was tired of it. I was like, I don’t want to live this way anymore. I don’t want to live thinking that I’ve got to wait for the next review or the next promotion to really know my value.
Let’s get into that. Second takeaway is starting a business isn’t easy. Learn Grit, resilience in all you do.
Yeah. So starting a business is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. There’s lots of obstacles and how you handle those obstacles is what defines you, not necessarily the obstacle itself. So for example, you know, I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but we had a client that fired us and instead of being so upset and you know, focusing on, you know, the client and that we were fired. It’s what you’re going to do with that after and how are you going to deal with it? You gonna are you going to let that one client define you or are you going to grow from that? And Are you, are you going to not let that set you back?
I think that is very true and you kind of have to be thick skinned as an entrepreneur or if you work in a startup, um, you know, Kagan and I talk all the time about how no is not a bad thing. There’s opportunities in every yes and every know, and I’m just. When people turn you down, that’s, that’s not always a bad thing. So resilience in that.
Well, it’s about moving forward and growing and not letting one little setback define you. It’s about focusing on your longterm goals and focusing on that to get you through and continuing to grow through that.
I think that’s great. Well, take away number three is something that we hear pretty often in the startup world, so go ahead and share that one with us.
Third one is strive for progress, not perfection. Success does not happen overnight and this is something that I’ve always struggled with. I’m a perfectionist and I didn’t use to be, which is so crazy to me because I’m a perfectionist and I think a lot of times it’s easy, especially in the world of social media. When you see what everyone’s doing, compare yourself to that and I think that Kinda goes into my fourth point where comparison is the thief of joy. You are you, and that is your power. So I’ve recently heard a podcast and that phrase, you are you, and that is your power really, really resonated with me. I know. I think everyone should recite that to themselves in the morning, but it’s, it’s a great goal not only for companies that individuals to have, just to know that you’re different and that’s what defines you and that’s what sets you apart from others and not focusing on what other people are doing or what other companies are doing, but really focusing on yourself and your assets that you bring.
I want to go back to what you said about success does not happen overnight. Um, because we actually saw something online the other day and it was talking about Airbnb’s overnight success actually took, you know, like 1300 days or something. So I mean basically, you know, everybody knows success doesn’t happen overnight even though it can kind of seem like it. So what would you say about your overnight success? How long did that overnight actually take?
Well, we’re still in the night. It’s still not over. Um, so definitely takes a long time and I think it’s also very hard when you compare ourselves to companies that are way more progress than you are to see. Okay. Well their success happen so much quicker than mine. Um, so yeah, it’s definitely, it’s a long time and I think even defining success is okay, so airbnb is successful, but now what? They probably still have so much that they want to grow into and change about their company. So it really what define success and how are you going to say all of a sudden you’re successful. It’s a, it’s a progress.
Joe, do you ever struggle? Do you ever struggle with the thought of, well let me just, I’ll tell you my struggle and maybe you can then answer yes or no to it. So my struggle is this, that I have problems all capitalized problems of actually celebrating the victories. I get to that victory and I’m like, yes, we want. Okay. Moving on. Next thing like it’s not, we’re not done. Do you ever struggle with celebrating the victories?
I 100 percent. I’m so big that it is hard for me to take a step back and a lot of times it takes other people to bring it to my attention of wow, congratulations. I’m like, congratulations for what? I actually really should, you know, get myself a pat on the back because I completed that, but I’m so, you know, and I think a lot of people are so focused on the end result that they forget about, you know, the small victories and the process of building a brand and creating something new that they kind of forget to stop and celebrate the small things. And I really enjoy the process of getting to where you’re going. Okay. So let’s talk about your last takeaway jail. So my last takeaway, which we kind of briefly touched about, his entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination, and enjoy the ride. Um, like I said, celebrate the small victories. Give yourself a pat on the back for all your small goals. Enjoy the process of what it takes to be an entrepreneur and starting something for yourself and starting a brand and doing your own thing.
So where do you see yourself in marketing advertising in the next 10 years?
Um, I think that obviously digital is going to be and is going to, it’s not going to be a conversation of, well do we need to be in this digital field or do we need to have this? I think traditional advertising is going to completely go out the window. I think there is no, there’s to be no TV commercials. I think it’s all going to be mobile. I think apps are going to have a huge presence, um, and really lifetime experiences and that one on one direct relationship with the consumer. I think that’s where marketing is going to go.
And what would you say to businesses who are struggling to get ahead? What would you say they need to start preparing for and the changes in the marketing world,
it’s really hard to predict the trends when technology is ever changing, but making sure that you’re staying up to date with the current trends. Watching your competitors, listening to feedback from your consumers, you know, paying attention to social media posts that you do what’s working and what’s not, um, you know, really listening to what people are saying about your brand helps you grow with all your marketing challenges. I want to go off on a little side note for just a second because you’re focused all on social media and one of the trends in my mind that has just exploded
over the past couple years is influencer marketing. And I want to hear your take on that. And if you practice that with State Social Dallas, she’s going to start sending us a bill.
So yeah, influencer marketing. I am a fan. I’m obsessed with it. I love it. I think it’s a great way for brands to connect with consumers and I think influencers as well do really great job at being real with our audience, which is why influencer marketing works is they’re not saying yes to all the brands that want to send them a gimmick. They’re working on their platform. And I think that’s why influencer marketing works is because it’s from a trusted source. So instead of just listening to an advertising, you’re saying this really works on TV, they’re actually going to someone that they follow their day to day and they know, okay, if they’re telling you to go try this or they’re doing this, it must be cool. So I think influencer marketing is very cool. I’m all for it. I tell brands, yes, yes, yes to bloggers, yes to everything. Well,
let me just talk about my weakness for a moment with a blogger that I follow. EU dramatic piano. Yes. Dramatic piano. We all know about the end sale that just happened and I was on the fence about a couple of items and then I saw the blogger that I follow and she was buying the same items and within less than 250 seconds I spent $250 because that like that solidified. Yes, I need that because they told me that I need it.
I mean I’m guilty of doing it to show how powerful they are, how powerful they are.
So Joe, what is the best way for people to reach out to you if they want to learn more about what you do about the stay Social Dallas or lush ra? What is the best way?
Um, well you can go to our instagrams or websites where and we’re also [inaudible] dot com. And our social media handles are stay Social Dallas and less sre.
That is awesome. Well, we want to thank you again for being on a. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Please don’t send us a bill yet.
Thanks for having me. I enjoyed it.
Absolutely. Well, we want to make sure that everyone subscribes to this podcast and gives us a review on what you thought of Jill and our conversation today. It was fantastic. Also, don’t forget if you are looking for insurance quotes that don’t sting tryout, bright [inaudible] dot com, click get a quote and you’ll find insurance agents that are qualified, that are under your control and you will find exactly what you need. Guys, we really appreciate you listening and have a wonderful day.

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