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5 Key Takeaways from Emily Thomas

1. Get community

2. Be the weird one

3. Don’t be so hard on yourself

4. Talk to God and don’t be afraid to ask him your questions

5. Go take a walk and be outside (enjoy life)


In this episode, we are joined on the Hive Five by Emily Thomas, a mom, the creator of the Struggling Well Project, and the host of the Struggling Well Podcast. This name “Struggling Well” is based upon the fact that we will have trouble and struggles in this life, but we have to struggle well through those trials. Emily talks in this episode about the struggles she’s experienced, and how she struggled well through them.

One of Emily’s main struggles for six years was infertility. She was teaching English overseas with her husband and discovered that they weren’t getting pregnant. At this point, they were turned toward adoption. Very quickly, they ended up with a two-year-old girl and Emily was overwhelmed. She began starting businesses and doing things to avoid her role as a mom. Being a mom can be a thankless job, so she was looking for fulfillment in other things. After struggling and running from being a mom, she felt called to start a podcast and embody her role. This is when the Struggle Well Project began.

The Struggle Well Project was created to help encourage mom’s and assist them in struggling well. Just because you have a problem or are going through a rough patch, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are doing something wrong. This is why the Struggle Well Project was created, to help get this message across. As the Project has grown, Emily has also branched out into wellness. The Struggle Well Project has partnered with Revelation Wellness, a business bringing the Gospel and fitness together. Emily went through the course and is now an instructor herself, taking twenty women through the program a couple times a year.

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