The Hive Five Podcast

5 Key Takeaways from Robin Smith

1. Innovate within yourself

2. Self-confidence is important, but not always focused on

3. Learn from the mistakes that will be inevitable

4. Don’t feel the pressure of trying to do it all (especially female founders)

5. Just do you

BONUS: Pick friends that will lift you up


We have a treat for you with this episodes!

Today’s guest is Robin Smith, the founder and CEO of a company called WeGoLook. She founded the company back in 2009 in Oklahoma City. In almost ten years, WeGoLook has grown to be international and has around 140 employees in their Oklahoma City headquarters. Robin discusses her background growing up in a rural Oklahoma town of about 300 people, and how she knew from early on that she had an entrepreneurial spirit. She also talks about her experience as a female founder, and some of the struggles she has faced because of that.

Robin also discusses what WeGoLook does and why she’s passionate about it. WeGoLook is an on-demand field services company. People dubbed “Lookers” are contractors through WeGoLook located in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other places like Singapore and Rome. Since the company was started almost ten years ago, WeGoLook has grown to over 43,000 Lookers. They are able to go to any onsite location to collect multiple types of data like pictures, videos, measurements, etc. The goal is to have global domination within the gig economy, of which they were one of the first major companies.

Robin also talks about how WeGoLook has uniquely and somewhat unintentionally been able to assist the insurance industry through claims inspections. WeGoLook is a very fast, alternative way to perform low complexity, high volume inspections, which can be essential in times of natural disaster for instance, where there are lots of claims in a short time span.

We hope that you enjoy this episode as much as we did, and we look forward to having Robin back on the Hive Five in the future.