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5 Key Takeaways from Nick Berry

1. Have a process

2. Automate the process

3. Make sure the process is working

4. Audit yourself and your business every year

5. Make sure everyone in the business is buying into the business


Also known as “the one where Katherine chokes.”

Today on the Hive Five podcast, we are glad to have Nick Berry on with us. Nick is a sales coordinator at a company in Des Moines, Iowa called Rocket Referrals. Rocket Referrals is working to help insurance agents keep their customers longer, buy more, and tell more people. They are a client communication platform, serving mostly independent agents. As a coordinator, Nick works to make sure that sales follow up gets done, the pipeline is full for sales professionals, and marketing is on point and focused. Also, BriteBee is a partner with Rocket Referrals.

Nick started at Rocket Referrals in October of last year and before that held a lot of different titles as well as being an entrepreneur. One of these was as the Chief Thanker for a company he started called SendLift. SendLift was a handwritten card business started in 2015. In 2018, he sent in a resume to Rocket Referrals, along with a handwritten card, and got the job. At Rocket Referrals, they work to aid service industries that deal with consumers. Insurance is the vast majority of their business, but they also serve car dealerships, screen printing companies, and real estate agents.

Rocket Referrals benefits both the business side and consumers. They focus heavily on relationships and client communication. By encouraging agents to consistently communicate, they are aiding consumers, but by gauging how loyal customers are, they are helping businesses. Testimonials are very important and customers see what is being said. Rocket Referrals helps encourage this and in turn helps grow businesses.


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When the going gets rough, you know how the saying goes. Sometimes things happen, life happens, and it’s not always our fault. In this podcast, we’ll feature real life testimonials from people like you, from good times to bath, funny memories and heartless.
Everyone has a story and everyone has been there for business owners, to parents to young adults. The hive five aims to tell stories about overcoming the struggles and adult team while celebrating the little victories of life in each podcast. Our guests will give insight to five key takeaways from someone who’s been there and done that, leaving you better than when you started.
Thank you so much for listening today. My name is Keegan with bright B, and we also have Katherine here, marketing director, or bright B. Hey
guys. Thanks for joining us again on the. Oh Gosh. I’m already like joking. Can you do that again? Oh, that is awesome. All right, or do you just want me to do my part again? You are going to have a blast today. Oh, you if it. Did you ever watch any of my household condition episodes? No. No, it was completely live. Will you screwed up? I love it. I love it. I’m going to edit all this. This is. That’s an ice breaker right there. Let’s do it. Let’s do that. Let’s do that again. Do you want me to just pick up or do you want to say years ago? No, let me just do it all again. Hold on, let me swallow.
Thank you so much for listening today. My name is Keegan with bright beat and we also have Katherine here, marketing director of bright be. Hey guys. Thanks for joining us again on the half five and today we have a phenomenal guest, one of our partners rocker referrals and we have nick berry here with us. Hi Guys. How are you guys doing today? Hey, doing good. Thank you so much for being on today. Oh, no problem. Well, just want to tell a little bit about nick. Nick is the coordinator at rocker referrals. Uh, we believe he is one of the key people there, but also has held a lot of different titles over the years at different companies. He’s been a developer. He’s been a graphic designer, sales manager, chief Hustler, chief banker, and more, but we also want to congratulate him and nick just recently got married. So how is that going for you?
Uh, you know what, it’s been a fun ride so far. Um, you know, we got married in March down in Alabama Gulf shores and then we just had our wedding reception for all our friends and family. Couldn’t make it to our destination last weekend and that was a blast too. It was really fun party can get glad to feel the clr friends, a family together for a party.
And you also added, add quite a bit of people into the mix. Right? I mean we’ve got some kids on both sides.
Yeah, we’re kind of the modern brady family. Um, I’ve got two kids. My wife has two kids. I have a five year old and a 15 year old and she’s got a daughter that turns 10 next week and a son that’s 12. So yeah, it’s a definite modern, blended family.
That is great. That’s awesome. Big, big, big families are always so much fun.
Oh yeah. I have five sisters, myself, my dad was remarried a couple of times, so I have a lot of half sisters, um, and even some step sisters and uh, so I, I get where, you know, how my kids feel sometimes.
Right, right. Well, and what would you say your biggest challenge right now is with your family? Keeping kids entertained during summer? Yeah, I’ve seen, I’ve seen you taking them to the movies on facebook, uh, the drive in movie and I think you said something like, I wonder if this was a good idea to do.
Yeah. Well, yeah. My old, she’s typical five year old. They didn’t play in what we thought they were going to play. I’m incredibles two first will. They played, they played at which we were like, oh cool. She’ll sit down and watch a cartoon. No, they played antman and wasp first. She was done 10 minutes of the movie and my wife’s like, you know what? I’m just, we, we always, we do stuff like that. We take two cars just in case one of the kids decided they don’t want to participate anymore.
Just so happened to be the girl that bailed on the marvel action maybe, right a, she just didn’t care and it was kind of late for her, so we kind of half expected it that well to get us started, give us an idea of what rocket roles is and what part you play as well. Awesome. Oh, well rock. What rock froze is we’re a client. Yeah.
Communications Platform. Uh, and you know, we’re are. The majority of our customers are independent insurance agencies and you know, my role is to come when he was on the coordinator, that’s my title. I fill in and help the sales team when they need help. I feel unhealthy account managers when they need help, but my primary role is to make sure that the salespeople there, followup gets done, make sure you know, our marketing is on point and also make sure that the pipeline is full for our salespeople. When did you start with rocky referrals? The beginning of October actually, I’ve been a October 2017. I was actually looking for another position and rocker frozen was looking for a coordinator and it, you know, with my background, it was a great fit.
And Are you also considered the chief hustler, the chief thinker? I mean, what, what, what else are you considered here? I mean, are these other titles from past positions or is this something that you are considered now? Those are from a past positions. The chief hustlers actually from a,
another project side project of mine. Um, but she’s thinker actually stems from a previous business I had or I actually did handwritten cards for people and that’s why I think I fit in so well in the, in the company here is because of my background with handwritten card a systems.
I have a question. Nick, did you just happen to stumble upon rock get referrals or did they seek you out? Because it sounds like what you did is said similar to what what they do and their company. And so I’m wondering how the two of you got together.
Well, it’s kind of funny. When I started my handwritten card business in 2015, Rocco fertilize was just starting also in. Everybody would say, Oh, you’re like, rocker froze. I’m like, no, I’m just cards. Those guys have software and all this other cool stuff and handwritten card technology. I’m just a guy that writes cards for businesses. And then last September I got let go from a position and I was looking for something and I was like, I want something that speaks to my soul, to my being. And rocker froze was hiring. I’m like, what they do I want to be involved in. So I did what I could, you know, I even after I sent my resume and I sent them a handwritten card, all that stuff, I went full boar. That is awesome. And so how has it been so far? It’s been amazing. Um, I’ll be honest, I’ve been doing this since October.
Um, you know, most times when you start a new job, after a few months you’re like, Eh, I don’t want to go work. There has been no mornings when I haven’t woke up dreading coming to the office. I have a 40 minute commute and I look forward to my commute just because I’m going to get to work. Yeah. If you know Torian Carl. It definitely is, is one reason for that. I mean, they’re phenomenal guys. They have a great culture in the office and I would say it never gets boring. Oh No. And the great thing about it is when I have a crazy idea about how I want to follow up with our customers or our leads or you know, how take care of our customers, stuff like that. They listened to my crazy ideas and if there’s something I want, they give me the tools I need to do that thing. And that’s, that’s something that most companies, I’d say the majority of companies don’t empower their cut their employees with. Very true.
Well, I’ll say this about our trip to rocket referrals. As soon as we left, I wanted an office dog and within the week Kagan had bought a hoverboard. So you guys are trendsetters for sure.
Yeah. Yeah. We’re. And we’re, we joke a lot of times because we’re still technically a startup. Um, we’re high growth. Um, you know, we’re at that phase of a company, but we’re an anti startup company and uh, we, we have a hoverboard and an office dog, but that’s where the differences really differentiate us between, and most other startups were run, you know, we’re professionals and we’re coming in to work. We’re not playing ping pong. We’re not, we don’t have arcade machines, you know, all that crazy stuff. We don’t have a keg rater in the office as much as I’d like. One Nick, I did see a video of Carl
trying to chomp on a hover board, like a skateboard I guess, and he busted his butt.
Yeah, I was on a demo that happened and we were in our old office downstairs. I don’t know if you guys got a chance to see that from that location. He shook the whole floor. I mean, everybody came running.
That was amazing. Yes. I, I’m amazed that he did not
get hurt or did he get hurt? He didn’t get her. I does this goofy stuff like that all the time. I’ll make, you know, you’re my age, you’re going to get hurt one of these days. I know it, it’s like I’ve done it
right and what I liked is in the, in the video, and we’ll make sure we put this in the show notes as well. Someone was petting the dog in someone else’s lab and it was just very calm and collected and then on the other side, on the right hand side, you see him jump up, fall down, and then everything kind of goes chaotic and so it was so funny.
You watched the whole end of it. You’ll also see one of our developers, Andrew, he fell on the floor laughing. Oh, he was dying. It was hilarious. Awesome. Well we’ll definitely put that in the show notes because it’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy. And we post. We posted on our slack every once in a while we have a Gif of it. We just drop in there. That’s awesome.
Well Nick, rocket referrals is heavily geared towards insurance agents. So I know you all do a few things outside of the realm of insurance, but um, let’s talk insurance. So how can rock it referrals benefit insurance agents and can it benefit consumers at all?
I see it absolutely can benefit both sides. I’m a work client, communications, our big focuses on relationships. Um, so a lot of times we’ll rock referrals does is through our survey process, we identify customers whose relationship is failing. People are, you know, there’s a lot of people are familiar with the NPS survey and that’s what we use to utilize to gauge how loyal customers are and if somebody is a five or a six or something going on with that person that the relationship is failed at some point between that customer, that consumer and the agent. So we’re giving agents and opportunity to resolve, resolve that relationship, to reach out to that person that’s raised their hand and said, I have a problem now as far as consumers, it benefits consumers because it, it. They can, once they identified themselves as they attract a potential detractor or neutral or even on a promoter, their agents should be reaching out to them and helping them resolve their issue. If it’s a matter of, you know, a lot of times what we see as it’s just communication, lack of communication from agents to consumers. So those, those consumers are keeping the relationship with their agent, which we know that relationship with the agent a super important, especially when it comes time for claims or there’s an issue with their account or something like that. So the consumer is getting a better relationship with their agent too. So it benefits, it benefits both sides through that.
And with rock referrals, you all specifically focused on the insurance agent, but rocky referrals can be used in many different businesses and really anyone who’s serving customers, right?
Oh, absolutely. Um, uh, primarily, uh, the service businesses, chiropractors, we have real estate agencies. We’ve got a car dealership down in Oklahoma that uses rocker referrals, um, you know, so it’s, we even have a couple of a, a screen printing companies. No, they’re still in the service business. They’re still a customer service oriented companies.
Do you think that insurance is a really big part of your business? Would you say it’s the majority?
It’s the vast majority of what we do. Um, and we were primarily built for insurance. I mean, that’s, you know, our first customers, you know, before a line of code was ever written for rocker referrals for our software, we were in the offices of independent insurance agencies.
Yeah. And you guys do a phenomenal job and you understand the, the insurance industry. So well, one of the things that we love about rocket referrals is that their product integrates directly within, within bright beast. So for insurance agents who have a rocker for all those accounts, those testimonials and reviews go right into bright be right when they received them. So what’s so amazing about that is now we have a platform that we can project all of these reviews on a versus just their website, which is so great.
Oh, a hundred percent. Yeah. And those testimonials are, are really important. I don’t think agents really always understand how important testimony, not just reviews are, but testimonials are, you know, you can say you’re going to do something for a customer, you can say, I’m going to be there when you need me. Um, but until somebody sees someone else say that you did that thing, it doesn’t sink in a lot for a lot of people. So that’s why those testimonials I. well, I see such value in testimonials.
One of the things I see, and I might be completely wrong, but one thing that we see is we get these reviews and of course we feel really good about ourselves, right? Oh, we’re doing such a good job, but where do we go from there? Because just having a long list of testimonials, it can be effective to some degree, but at some point, how do you, how do you encourage people to utilize them and move forward to help them actually grow their business?
Well, those testimonials, they’re, yeah, they’re nice. They’re one of those nice to have. But I think there also a need to have, um, because when people do end up in your website, they provide that social proof. One of the really cool things I’ve seen one agency do, um, and they shared this on our pr and our rockets a group, they take their testimonials, they copy and paste them a template and then they post that testimonial on social media and instagram and their facebook feed, so their consumer, their other customers see the things that are being said. It reinforces the things that are being said within their existing book or in their existing base of social media followers. And they’re also a huge benefit. A morale boost for your age for the agents and CSRS and producers inside the agency. We use rock referrals in house with our, towards our customers.
Also I’ll, I will admit there have been days I’ve just been like lack of days of school and just kinda going through the motions of doing my day to day job and then I get a testimonial from one of my customers. It was a huge morale booster for me. It kind of perked me back up and I was like, Oh, you know what? What we’re doing is important. And agents and producers and CSRS when they get a testimonial back, they’ll get that same feeling. So we do the testimonials. We also do the reviews, the nps scores, but you guys do more than just that. And so tell us, this is one of my favorite things to talk about the cards and thank you cards, a handwritten cards and also the other things that you can put on the cards. I think it’s just so fun.
So tell us a little bit about that. Oh, absolutely. So we’ve got tons of a car communication options for customers by default. We’ve got thank you cards for your referrals. We’ve got welcome cards for your exists for your new customers. We’ve got what we call the loyalty cards and they’re kind of a random card that goes out to the agents agencies, most loyal customers, customers who’ve been with the agency for several years for the longest, maybe referred in the past. We also have birthday cards and I don’t see it kind of befuddles me that more agencies don’t use birthday cards. They’re relatively inexpensive per customer. Um, her a couple bucks a year, you can set a birthday card to every customer, you know, a per customer in your book it because nobody gets mail anymore. I mean my grandma was the last person to actually send me a card and she passed away 18 years ago.
So if I got a birthday, if I got an actual handwritten card in the mail from my insurance agent, it would change my perspective about that person, about that. It could be any industry, you know, we, you know, we get a lot of people that say, Oh, I want a son birthday emails and I tell people don’t send birthday emails, sending a birthday card, birthday email might be free, but it’s going to be jumbled up with all the other gap emails and, and forum emails and all of a sudden birthdays, birthday emails from facebook, all of that stuff. Birthday cards going to get in their home. It’s going to get opened and it’s going to change their perspective about the agency. Yes. And you also have something else you can put a monetary value on the cards as well. Yes. Yeah, we have a built it, we built our own custom integration with a system called tango, which explained when I talked to our customers, I explained tango, it’s Kinda like the gift card wallet at Walgreens.
They can redeem that gift card code at one of like 85 stores or any 85 stores that tango offers. Um, and that’s a huge thing for a lot of customers. And we talked to customers all the time. The last, well, what do I do with these? Well, what we have found is instead of telling everybody all, if you give me a referral, I’ll give you $10, send the send, just send a thank you card with a gift card in it and instead, instead of promising it upfront and just do it where it just feels like you just did it because it was a nice thing to do, it gets more impact.
Right? And there’s something about telling someone that, hey, I’ll give you a $10 card if you do this and this and this. And everyone’s like $10, right? Yeah, like $10. But if you just send the card with a $10, someone goes, oh, $10, I didn’t have it. So there’s something about that and you don’t have to try to entice everyone. You can just entice them by just showing your, your gratefulness to them once they do something
right. And our whole Bush perspective is about relationships and sales. It’s if you tell someone, hey, if you send me five referrals, I’ll give you a gift card. You’re creating a business relationship. You’re not creating a personal relationship and that consumer is no is not, isn’t going to view you as a relationship. It’s going to. They’re just going to view you as another transaction.
Right? Right. That makes complete sense. I’ll say this as a consumer, the fastest way to my heart is a $10 starbucks card. My Insurance Agency or bugs guard, I would be thrilled. Right? So Nick, tell us about the struggles. We know that insurance agents are phenomenal piece and they are needed in the industry, but it’s also hard to get in touch with them. Let’s be honest, everyone listening, even if it’s an insurance agent knows that sometimes they’re difficult to get in touch with or sometimes we all have, you know, the gatekeepers of, of insurance agencies who kind of watch our backs to make sure that we’re not just getting calls left and right, that we don’t need. So how do you guys reach out? How do you show value for your insurance agents that you’re reaching out to?
Yeah, I’ve been in sales since 2002 gatekeepers have been the bane of my existence. But I um, you know, and honestly I don’t bug, you know, we don’t bug people when, when somebody signs up for demos for us, we don’t pester and we don’t beat them down, beat them up too hard. But otherwise, you know, we try to stay in front of our customer are our leads are insurance agents, the that’s the weed through email, through we will try to call them if, if they don’t answer their phone, we’ll send them an email. If they don’t respond to our emails, we’ll send them a handwritten card. And we’ve found that those three methods stay in front him that way and then we’re also adding into the mix of social media marketing and stuff like that to kind of stay in front of our leads and our potential customers that way.
And that’s, it really is just being persistent and, and finding different and find the, finding the method of communication that, that, that customer wants to purchase that. And how many times do you hear someone say, man, I am just too busy for this. I cannot do this right now. I hear it all the time and I go, you know what? That’s awesome. That’s why you need rock or referrals and why do you need rocker referrals? Because it, it’s just one more thing I have to do. Or are you guys doing something for me? We do all those personalized communications, you know, we, we assist and help over at a lot of agencies. We actually take over onboarding because they’re not doing it or their process they have is so cumbersome. It doesn’t get done. We’re also helping identify those customers. Who Do you know who the agent agency hasn’t done a good job of staying in front of that person.
So we’re helping them find those customers who are raising their hand and saying, Hey, pay attention to me or you’re gonna lose me. Those kinds of people. So we’re taking that stuff off of their hands so they can identify and were even telling them, hey, you should call this person. Um, it’s been awhile since you. They’ve sent a referral or that’s been a while since they’ve responded to any emails or. So we actually built that into part of rocker for. So we’re helping the agent and their CSRS and the producers identify the people that they need to talk to.
Nick, it sounds like you are just an expert in the field of personalization. And um, I think what rocket refferals does is just really neat. And you know, one of the things that we stress to our agents is that online reviews and testimonials are pretty much the new word of mouth. So, you know, for insurance agents, a lot of times we hear, uh, well I don’t buy leads. I get all my business off referrals and we say, that’s great. That’s exactly what you should be doing, but that’s something that you need to establish online as well. So I think that that’s one of those things that rock at referrals can definitely help any insurance agent with um, and in true fashion, we want to hear your five key takeaways just about business in general or about rocket referrals. What would you say that anybody who’s listening today needs to know,
have a process, automate the process, make sure the process is working, audit your yourself and your business every year, and then make sure that everybody in your agency is buying into the process. Those are, it’s simple. It really is. Like I said, I’ve been in sales for 20 years. Every time I’ve gotten away from my own process, I don’t document my process and automate those things. I fail every single time when I do those things and I do those five things, I succeed. And that’s why we are rocket referrals is so successful is because we have a process, we use our process, we use our software and we automate it. We make sure it’s working. Everybody buys in. When somebody signs up, when somebody becomes a rocker, frozen employee account manager of business development coordinator, doesn’t matter. Developer, they buy into our system. They buy into our philosophies and that’s why I think we’re and we have such a great team is because of those things too.
Nick, there is no reason why people should not at least try you out. There’s no reason why they should at least just try it and give you, give you a chance to show what rocky referrals can do, so how do they reach you and how do they reach your team to make sure that they have that option?
The best way is go to [inaudible] dot com slash demo and book a demo. We have a free trial. Doesn’t end. It’s basically it will send as many surveys out. We will send as many a testimonial requests. The only thing we don’t do automatically on the trial is sent online. Review requests, anybody and we integrate with them. For the majority of the management systems that have integrations, we know how to work with the rest of them. Hawksoft easy legs, now certs, all these ones that don’t have, we don’t have a automation integration is built for and we’re super, you know, I think we’re under priced. Um, you know, our pricing’s really inexpensive, especially if you’re a scratch agency for $150 a month. We’re way we’re less than your management system where half of what some management systems cost per month. We don’t have a setup fee, we don’t do contracts. It’s everything is month to month. We have to prove our value to agencies every single month or they go away and if they don’t see the value, we’re going to lose them as a customer. So we worked super hard to make sure that the agencies see value in the things we do for 12, 18, 24, 36 months.
Yeah, that is great. And we want to remind everyone that we are a partner with rocket referrals and we’re just so thankful for them to give us an opportunity to be a part of what they’re doing and what we have done as an integrated again with rutgers for so that any reviews that are in testimonies that are coming in and go directly to our site, that the insurance agent doesn’t have to even ask for additional reviews or testimonials. They’re going right there. So it’s just a phenomenal way. They compliment each other really well and I believe we’re on the same path to continue to keep insurance agents are going and moving forward and growing their business and staying in the market for a longer time. Well, we really appreciate you listening today and nick, thank you so much for giving us some some information on rocker referrals. We could talk all day about rocker frozen. Just how great the company is. We believe in what you guys are doing. We want to remind everyone to make sure to subscribe and also give us review. We need reviews, we need testimonials. We need to understand how we can get better as well if this is valuable for you or not, and we want to make that the best experience for our consumers or whoever’s listening. Again, we hope you guys have a wonderful day and we’ll see you next time.

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