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5 Key Takeaways from Romby Bryant

1. Pick God first in everything you do.

2. Trust the process.

3. Always have good character.

4. Know your insurance agent, just like you’d know your coach.

5. Know your game plan.


Today on the Person Behind the Professional, we are glad to be sitting down with Romby Bryant. Romby is a Farmers Insurance Agent in Plano, Texas. However, before becoming an insurance agent, Romby played professional football in both the NFL and in the Canadian Football League before retiring in 2014. We talk to him about how the drafting process works, but also how he transitioned from pro football to being an insurance agent.

Romby graduated college from the University of Tulsa in 2004. This was when he was drafted. He talks all about how this works from getting an agent, going through Pro Day, working out a lot, and then Draft Day. For Romby, he wasn’t drafted immediately, but became an undrafted free agent before being recruited by the Arizona Cardinals along with Larry Fitzgerald.

Knowing that football wasn’t going to be his career forever, he knew that he wanted to go into sales. However, after being cut from the NFL, he decided to take an offer in Canada with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He played in the Canadian Football League for many years before retiring in 2014. After retiring, he knew that he wanted to go into sales, but he didn’t know if he wanted to sell medical devices and pharmaceuticals, or sell insurance. He knew people in both industries, but after interviewing for jobs in both, insurance was the only one that was realistic at the time. So, Romby became a Farmers Insurance agent.

Romby tells us about how what he learned from football has translated to running his agency and selling insurance. Everything from being a part of a team to building partnerships is discussed, but you’ll have to listen to the full episode to hear the rest! Please leave us a review and subscribe to let us know what you thought about Romby and his unique story.


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Well you learn a lot about football as far as I can use in my business. I mean it’s all about team environment. You have to have trust with the people you work with. You have to believe them. So you have to have believed. This farce people work is strategic planning and teamwork. Those things you have to have a shared vision and accountability. So this all seems worth a applies to my business now.
Hey guys thank you so much for listening today. I’m Keagan with BriteBee and today on The Person Behind the Professional, we’re super excited to be talking to Romby Bryant.
Rami’s a Farmers Insurance agent in Plano Texas but before his insurance career he played professional football in both the NFL and in Canada. He retired from football three years ago and started his insurance agency. We’re excited to hear story and are glad we can have him on. Thanks, Romby. How are you.
I’m doing well I’m doing well. I should be lucky I’m doing this interview. When I was in college. In the league I hated doing interviews. Really reporters. Yeah, I in interviews when I was in college and the pros.
Well are you going to sell me like an invoice or anything for them after you leave. That is great.
Well let’s start from the beginning. So, I know everyone’s like OK he’s an insurance agent but they really want to hear about the NFL and Canada. So, tell us a little bit about where you got started and moving into insurance.
OK well we can talk about the process.
You know what it took for me to get to the NFL and when I started at college which are new to the University of Tulsa.
The real hurricanes. Yeah graduated an old war and that’s both my draft year.
So for the draft you have to get an agent. You go through that process of getting an agent into your pro day getting ready for your pro day working out and you know doing that already and all this stuff and then a rank preview day the agent will tell you what route and they think you might go in.
And so they pretty much told me I would be a second day or in that time I guess that day they exchanged a draft around a whole lot.
So yeah I was a third day pick or a late day late draft picks or undrafted free agent and that ended up being undrafted free agent but for my draft day I just went to the movies. I remember that movie I’m going to go watch I would go watch man fire came out that we did. So I would go watch Man on Fire and I got the call from my agent after the draft was over when I got a call from my agent saying these are the two teams that won’t you the most. And it was the St. Louis Rams at a time when the Arizona Cardinals and I ended up choosing the ERs on the Cardinals because it was only me and Larry Fitzgerald It was the two receivers company. So I didn’t have much competition other than the veterans that were already there. This is rookies. I mean Larry knew he knew he had a job but I had.
All I had to do was fight for a job against one of the bedrooms and you know in the NFL or any league really they like to go cheaper younger sold on it.
Gotcha. Process was on her tiger.
I knew I wanted to get into sales. I just didn’t know if I wanted to get into medical devices pharmaceutical sales or insurance. So I try to go because I have friends and both one of my best friends I rode with Andre.
He’s in medical device. He was telling me you know how much you loves it. And then my college quarterback Tyler Gooch he’s a former agent. I mean I first got caught up in the NFL in 0 7. He tried to give me an open agency back here but I decided to go play in the CFL. And that’s when I went up to the CFL but he tried to get me to open agency back in 0 7. So all those two I gave up my resume out there. Farmers obviously called back but on a medical device companies told me I had two or three interviews and they all told me I have no real workers premiums or sales experience. So I was like you know go out there get a sales job.
Yes some experience and they move your bill and then maybe come back. But I know work and we’re farmers and the like and never really went back. Yeah.
So you had some friends in the industry and so why though. I am I mean I guess you weren’t thinking that you were going to be in football the rest of your life right. I mean that’s not usually the trend right. Yeah that’s right. So that’s really that’s really interesting. Now why did you go to Canada.
What was what was so appealing like the I didn’t have a plan to meet with the NFL cut so I got cut from the Ravens in 2007 and I had a couple of workouts I worked out with the Giants in Denver. Once I got cut by the Ravens and they didn’t sign me. So I stayed out till I got cut. November 2007 I stayed out till about February with only two workouts and nobody was no hidden one on my phone. So my agent contacted me it was like the CFL is looking you know the sign you want to go play. And he told me how much you make you make good money. You were you were six months out a year and you can make sustainers so many.
So I decided to sign with him I got tired of waiting and decided to side with the win to pay Blue Bombers in 2008.
In the same month that I signed the Seahawks contacted my agent saying that they wanted to bring me. So I kind of were looking back I kind of wish I would’ve waited until training to thousand next season because that’s usually when a lot of transactions happen. But I was impatient and just wanted to play and sign in the CFL but I had a great career up there so I can’t regret it too much. I mean yeah.
I’m doing some damage right now. Did you do. Did you do some damage to your body as well I mean you didn’t get hurt.
Did you are the worst. Yes I got hurt. But it was I broke our rules in the game. But bones heal I didn’t. I’ve never had any torn ligament like that and I had two concussions well certified concussion.
Nowadays what they call concussions I have right hundreds of those certified concussions make it feel does it make it sound a little bit better. Now what does that mean for concussion.
I mean I got knocked out twice but is or is what they say concussed is now. If you if you see stars they say you can pass. But I mean you probably had every practice. Oh my stars. Anytime you get somebody you see stars and they say yes consider a concussion.
Wow. Yeah. So are you are you glad to be out of it or do you still wish that you were. You were in it.
I still wish I was playing when I first got out. 2014 pretty well played in 2014 but 2015. I didn’t miss it all that much last year.
I missed it a whole lot more. I don’t know what it is. The longer I am out the more I’m missing it.
When I first like 2000 daintiness senior was like Yeah. But once I started getting more involved with the NFLPA NFL alumni I started doing youth cannot working with kids so I started missing more because I honestly felt like I could have played in a year or two while I had a family. 2014 I got married moved to Texas had a family and I would’ve had a play in Canada so I didn’t want to pay for two places to live. I would have been away from my family. I was 30 years old at the time. Is this like right you can wrap it up time to retire and move on with life.
Yes. That’s right. So you have family. I a couple kids.
Yes two girls. I have a 9 year old. OK. All right. So are they into football as much as you know.
Yeah they girly girls to a little tomboy. You know there’s nothing wrong with that. So, you’ll protect them. No worries you have plenty of experience knocking people out.
So stay in shape whatever reason. That’s right. That’s right. That is great.
So after playing football for as long as you’re dead what would you say are things that you learned and transferred over to your agency and your business.
Normally when you learn a lot in football as far as what I can use in my business I mean it’s all about a team environment. You have to have trust with the people you work with. You have to believe them. So you have to have belief. And as far as people you work with strategic planning team were those things you have to have a shared vision and accountability with people.
That’s all teamwork. And that applies to my business now.
So, you have to collaborate with people and there’s a lot of things that transfer football to real life situations that you that you have to do especially in my business now we’re working with realtors, mortgage loan officers and then having to build trust with your client hoping that you they have to trust and believe that you put them in the right situation as far as the insurance policies or the insurance plan.
Definitely. So do you guys team huddles like actual team you know football huddles here. How do you how do you guys collaborate together and work toward that same goal.
Would you have liked with me to go visit. So I worked with some real estate teams. I just go visit with them every so often.
And we just sit there and talk about how we can help each other business. I tell them certain things I can do for their business as far as trying to bring you. Me being a former player I have access to certain cool that they might like. So it might not even be necessary Renee business but I might get just yesterday I gave two football teams to one of the loan officers I worked with just I got them for free. Just like here if you want to hear here’s two tickets to the Cowboys game for no reason not me yeah they do it.
So I have assets like that. So it’s just little things that I do to try to help their business are just helping me out.
Yeah you are hard for the opportunity to get those opportunities right there. Definitely. That’s great. Well tell us a little bit about how you balance this work life. You know you’ve got two girls that probably love to see their dad and want one to play Barbie’s with them and dolls and everything else. I mean how do you balance the work and home life.
Oh we’ll. Every morning I take my daughters school. So I get to take her to school and I’m doing fine. I mean we pretty much my wife she works a lot and she gets home roughly around 6:30 so that’s around the time my daughter gets home so I’m going to work worry about time she gets home anyway and doesn’t work around 630 anyway so I just spend time to have fun with it when they get home. It’s not like it’s not like work until 10:00 11:00 at night.
But when I do I’m involved with a whole lot of other things like I said no two boards and I’m heavily involved with a lot of my NFLPA but we might have even meeting our event once a month.
So it is not like my evenings are taken from me. So I get to spend a lot of time with my family in the evening and then the weekends I work very little or my work two hours on Saturday and that’s it. Yeah. Know spending the rest of time with my daughters. So we get to spend a lot of time being close to Oklahoma and this where we are foreign. We get to go up there visit family take care of her grandparents go see The In-Laws My in-laws live in town so I got him lives in Oklahoma City and Chickasha.
OK. Wow. So, lots of people and that. So what made you choose Texas.
My wife didn’t want to live in Oklahoma and she was living in Washington D.C. at the time.
Fairfax Virginia not even there. I don’t I don’t enjoy living in that area either.
So I didn’t want to live in Fairfax or the D.C. area. And she didn’t want to live in Oklahoma so we it was the land or Chicago or as owner or Texas.
We choose in Texas.
Well that was a nice compromise.
Yeah you know I just don’t know. Grayson some great news to Texas. That’s right. That’s right.
And they say everything’s better in Texas right. Right now I think something is I think there’s some good things about Oklahoma as well.
Oh yeah. Some great things about Iowa.
I came from there. That was true. Me too. So that’s great. Well tell us a little bit about what products you offer and the companies you offer with your agency.
Also, we offer pretty much all I tell people pretty much almost everything but health insurance so all the personal Flyers Home Auto Skills the boat commercial life and Ben as far as the companies I represent farmers in general or most in Bristol West because the auto.
And then we have a broker craft late this whirlpool who represents several different companies like Churra or higher end homes. And then they got an orange former ranch companies that they represented that you know or these rural areas around here in Texas. So, we have a ton of companies that we represent here with Armrest straight.
So one of the things we like to do for all of our listeners is have them leave with five key takeaways. Five key takeaways that they can benefit from you. So tell us a little bit about what those key takeaways be. Yeah I was thinking about this so I hope I don’t offend anybody with anybody all day on but if so maybe we’ll get some more exposure. Right.
Well my first one was you know pick diapers and everything you do. I truly believe that in my second one and just trust the process in business football and life you always have to trust the process and people want the end result right away and they never want to work it.
You have to take that first step and distress the process. A workout. My third one is always have good character because that’s what sets you apart in business. This was the report from other insurance agent. And that’s one of the main reasons the coaches interested me only on the field. You always get the job. And then they didn’t have to worry about me getting in any trouble off the field. The court thing is you know no your insurance agent you know he should be like your coach he’s your coach you are when your insurance educates you to where even if you decide to use him and stay with him. You know what type of problem you getting into when you do. Decidedly are designed to shock. So that’s what any good coach is going to do because a coach us up to go out there perform on the field. And that’s where any agent should be going in the fifth one is know your game plan. Know your policy. A lot of people are a good agent were displaying their policy to you make sure you know what you’re putting yourself into. So it remains a process. It won’t be any surprises out there you know.
You know what you hear.
So that’s my five key takeaways as a guy.
So, you said one about being the coach for your consumer for your client and all I could. All I could think about was you in there yelling at him like Come on son. Don’t you get this right. And then I thought of the you know I cannot remember the commercial but who they were representing but do you remember the commercial about the football player is running through the office and he just takes people out yeah, the Printer. Maybe I cannot remember. But again, I think of that so sorry that’s just my that’s my thoughts on you on your key takeaway is I get more pictures of what you could be doing in your office. Most of my customers and I think well what is the best way for people to reach out to you if they want quotes that they want to know more about you or if they want to see if they can get their hands on some cowboy tickets.
Oh were they always they can reach out to me. To me it’s e-mail. My email is our biar why AT&T the number one farmer’s agent dot com and my Web site I would give it but I have it ready for me right here. It’s pretty it’s pretty long. You bet.
And then they can call me or 054 73 or analysis 0 gives me a call to ask me whatever I’m willing to help me out. I mean Barlas is working with me or just reviewing the game plan.
That’s awesome. Well thanks again for being with us. We want to make sure and remind everyone to subscribe and to review to this podcast tell us what you think about this. Former NFL player and really had some fun there and don’t forget that if you are looking for insurance what’s that don’t stink. Check out, click get a quote and then you will find Romby Bryant on there as well with a bio. Also some really interesting information about him. Guys we really appreciate you listening and we hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks.

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