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5 Key Takeaways from Rani Alfers

1. Keep moving, keep moving, keep moving.

2. Keep learning.

3. Reevaluate your brand and how you’re marketing yourself.

4. Time blocking is so important.

5. Be fluid.


Today on the Person Behind the Professional we are excited to be talking with Rani Alfers. Rani is a Farmers Insurance agent in Dallas, Texas. She started back in 2005 when she moved to Texas from Louisiana. Her agency has been named as one of the best home and auto insurance agencies by Dallas Magazine, in part due to her love for building long-lasting relationships with her clients and providing value for them on a consistent basis.

Rani started her agency from scratch, which may seem hard, but she likes to see things come to fruition through working, so it was perfect for her. She talks about why entrepreneurship works for her. It allows her to control her destiny and whether or not she succeeds. This level of control gives her a lot of stability because she finds comfort in being in control of her success or failure.

We also talk to Rani about her team and how she’s become one of Dallas Magazine’s Best Home & Auto Agencies. Over fourteen years, it’s been a long process of building a team. She looks for people that have a similar work ethic, but also that she’d personally want to deal with on a professional and personal level. When it comes down to it, she wants to work with people that she enjoys.

When it comes to her ranking in Dallas Magazine, Rani attributes a lot of it to building quality referral relationships. She looks for the best lenders, realtors, and community partners that have the same work ethic and that run their businesses similarly. On the other side, she likes to make sure that valuable clients are not just clients, but fans of the agency and have a great experience. If people are talking about it, generally people like what you’re doing.

Rani talks about so much more like her love for travel, how she and her agency approach marketing strategy, and about her agency’s love for community service and involvement. Please give it a listen and let us know what you think of Rani’s episode!


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I mean we have just a few areas that we feel like we should be able to connect with people are fans that the ones that we enjoy working with and do something good, not just to have a good time or not just insure people. Right. And we stopped in our tracks and we take some time at our busy days and we get out there and we just do it. We give, we give, we give money and time.
Hey guys, thanks for listening today. My name is Keagan with BriteBee where insurance quotes don’t sting. And today on the Person Behind a Professional, we’re talking with Rani Alfers. Rani is a Farmers Insurance agent in Dallas, Texas and started her agency back in 2005. She loves to provide value for her clients and build long lasting relationships with them. Rani’s agency has been named one of the best home and auto agencies by Dallas magazine. Thank you so much for being on Rani
Hey Keegan. Thank you. I appreciate it. I’m glad to be here.
Well, let’s dive right into this. I’ve given some feedback on yourself and your agency.
I moved here from Louisiana 14 years ago and ready to start a new chapter and begin my own business and now I have a lovely son, Carter, and a fantastic business. I’m glad to call Dallas.
Is that correct?
He said his name is Carter is six years old.
Right. Well, awesome. So I have. I have a five year old and a three year old, so we, we know, we know each other’s struggles right now.
Well, I’m just ready for him to sell insurance.
That is so great. The question is, have you explored your child yet? You know, when I did use my children on billboards and different things like that. Have you, have you thought of doing that or have done it?
Hi. He’s a real cautious kit which goes well with insurance, but we did have a video where we ran over his hot wheel and so I had to run over his hot wheel with my vehicle and he was calling in for a quote and you know, trying to file a claim and it was an interesting video we shot. Yeah, yeah, it is. It says one day view. We’re still waiting on him to do another one.
That’s hilarious. Well, we’re going to make sure if you still have that video, we would love to put that in the show notes so everyone can see. I know. That’s great. And I bet it was terrifying for him that his hot wheels were, were being ran over as well.
Give me your least favorite thing again. And he picked him out so he was ready to leave it behind them.
Great. Well, well tell us a little bit about more about what you like about entrepreneurship and what’s attracted you to it.
Sure. Yeah. I started this agency from scratch, so I like to see things come together through fruition of hard work and of course building a team and in seeing everyone worked together for a common goal. So, to me that entrepreneurship allows me to do that. It also allows me the opportunity to control my own destiny is to make things happen. Um, so her, you know, if it’s not working, it’s anything, something if it is working, keep doing this thing, you know, and look out for different age. So, it gives me a lot of stability, believe it or not, most people think entrepreneurship is not stable. The rollercoaster ride you can be on, but for me, I find I find comfort in it
mentioned. So tell me a little bit about your team and how you’ve built this team.
It’s been a long process over these 14 years with different players along the way, but I find and look for people who have very similar work ethic and want to grow and want to do better and want to achieve really great things. Um, I find people that I would want to deal with on a personal level and a professional level if I were their client. You know, someone who you can’t really. If you can’t sit down to dinner with them or have a glass of wine, then as you know it, it truly want to work with people. I enjoy
home and auto agencies. That journey. It’s a journey, right? It didn’t.
No, no. I didn’t even know what the magazine was when I moved here. So yes, it’s definitely a journey. I think for the d magazine part, it is a lot of building those referral relationships and you know, I, I, I work with currently and have along the way really just looked for the best lenders, the best realtors, the community partners who had that kind of like the team, right at the same work ethic, the same commitment to their own businesses who didn’t take things very lightly, who really wanted to work with serious people who would do good things for their clients. And I think through that and then making sure that, you know, are valuable, clients have these special touches and, and unique care and, and, and things that just make them fans of our agency and, and can help spread the word. And I think that is what gets you the vote, right? It’s more people talking about what you’re doing. If they’re talking about it, chances are they like it, they liked it, what you’re
doing. And so we’re really proud of that. So how do you approach marketing? Because I know that a lot of insurance I just thought I’ve talked to, they’ve all said, you know, well, you know, referral base and know we have lots of partners with mortgage companies, realtors and everything else. But how have you won that market?
You’re right. We all are in this same area approach to it is a bit different than some of the other agents out there. Uh, I take it very personal, but I have a personal interest in my own business and also they’re finding and aligning myself with this same type of people are great, but in terms of marketing and we have so many different channels and we have a large portion of our business is referral business, but we get out into the community. We social media market. I mean we’re on all the platforms that we’re supposed to be out there. And I’m sure there are new platforms starting every day. I’ve never even heard of exactly. But we are, you know, we’re out there trying to market our brand on all different levels to make sure we connect with as many people as we can and we can’t insure them. If they don’t know about us. Right.
So give us some examples of how your agency is involved in the community and why you believe this to be so important in your business.
Over the years it’s increased. This year we’ve probably been the most involved. Keegan because it’s taking and we’re giving our time or giving money or giving our efforts were, you know, we have an event coming up in October where we’re inviting other folks in our clients and our partners to help us serve lunch at a, at a homeless shelter. I mean we have just a few areas that we feel like we should be able to connect with people are fans that the ones that we enjoy working with and do something good, not just to have a good time or not just insure people. Right. Can. We just stopped in our tracks and we take some time in our busy days and we get out there and we just do it. We give, we give, we give money and time. Yeah, it is. Time is valuable and you know, when you talk about work life balance or you know, having enough time in the day it comes down to, you know, I’ve learned how to time block and we have our volunteer efforts planned out six months in advance so we know in what we’re going to and there’s no getting around it. There’s no, we’re too busy to do this, this is just going to happen.
So let’s talk about this work life balance here. So I just talked to someone and they said I call it work life blend. That’s very interesting. He was like, unfortunately there’s not a lot of balance. It’s more about blending and I thought that’s really interesting. So what would you say, are you more of a work life balanced person or a work life blend person?
I’m a work life balance. That balance, like I mentioned, time blocking is, is really important to me and if you look at my calendar today, you would, you would know everything about me, my calendar for the week. Everyone here has my calendar, they know what I’m doing in it and if it’s on their priority, but I schedule time with my son from literally the more at the time you wake up in the morning to the time I have to head out the door, so the evening time. So I do feel like I step away and, and also, you know, just personal time, I keep it very separate from the business and uh, I, I take time to recharge and work maybe on the business a little if I want to, but truly recharge
that with traveling. I that you enjoy traveling.
Hi. I enjoy traveling more than I love it. Yeah, it is a true part of my spirit and being and, and, uh, to be in a new place, new environment, new people and learn about different perspectives and lives and things like that is very motivating to me. It’s very refreshing. So it’s very much who I am and is to travel. It’s something I’ve, I’ve enjoyed for a long, long time.
Favorite places that you’ve been.
Oh, I love it. I get this question all the time and it is a, I have so many and so many I almost feel like I don’t even know about, but Italy is, is truly dear to me. Uh, I enjoy traveling everywhere around that, around Italy. I have so many favorite places to go, but Italy is one of them.
You get that question all the time. You must be a big traveler.
They do, they do. It’s just fun for me. I just enjoy it. I am a traveler and I’m hoping my six year old is the, he’s a traveler. He can. He’s a great honestly. And he loves adventures and so, uh, I’m just excited to see where we can go and what we can do together.
Okay. So I’ve got a question for you. So one of the things that I think when traveling is first off, I’m like, oh my gosh, it costs more money. So you said you, you plan in advance quite a bit. So I’m assuming that you think about that as well. Like, okay, all these traveling, things like that, it costs you something, it costs time, it costs your money. What is it worth to you? So what are some ways that you strategically plan to make sure that you can accomplish what you want to accomplish on the, on the traveling adventure
planned in advance? I tell you, I have a passport very close to me right now. Anyone has an airfare for instance or something. I truly did. I block it off. I mean, it’s super important. So you know, my son and I are already talking about what we’re going to be doing next summer, where we’re going to experience and um, you know, yes, it costs money and I feel like we’re very reasonable about what we do. We really just get to a new city and kind of live there. We do our normal thing, we just do it in a different backdrop so we’re not excessive in what we do, but we make sure we get there and make it happen and, and you know, I’ve worked really hard and I worked around the clock when I’m here. And so I think for that, um, you know, it gives me the ability to enjoy what I want to enjoy.
Do you have any summer promotions happening here? And I’m not exactly sure what it means, honestly. What’s going on?
Some crazy person. No, I’m kidding. So we had the great idea to
expand upon our motto of live life. Let us protect and through that this summer we’ve sponsored a $1,000 air fare giveaway a for our potential clients and our current clients and it’s social media driven. So, we’ve had it on all of our platforms from Instagram and Facebook and you know, we’ve just done said, hey, send me a picture of you in front of the house. We ensure and, and that’s an entry into the drawing. Um, if it’s someone we haven’t worked with yet, they’re calling in for quotes and we’re really getting to learn about our agents, the uh, but it’s been fun. It’s called all in a rainy day giveaway. And actually today is our, our kickoff. So today we’re actually doing the drawing. We have a big event here at the office tonight from four to seven and so we’re going to do the drawing.
Can’t wait to see who wins,
you know, we have. And it’s really, it’s us back to marketing one on one school. I have a brand manager, Brendan, he’s fantastic. He’s spent a lot of time on promoting this and we have learned so. But during this giveaway on what works, what doesn’t, what people respond to that, you know, how quickly they want to enter something. Even then, the, the partners, the influencers, we partnered with people. We have some fantastic people that we’ve worked with to help us promote it. We’ve just learned a lot about a giveaway, you know, even spreading the word to our own clients, texting them when we up the phone, Hey, don’t forget, enter this. It’s just been real interesting. We’ve learned a lot from it. And, and you know, I don’t know what we’re going to do next year, but I know whatever it is, it’ll be focused again on something for our clients. Something to say thank you. Enjoy something, do something. You know, we, we really want that, that aspect for our culture of our agency.
You think when like when you’re giving a thousand dollars away for a flight, you think it’s going to be so easy and you’re like, guys, I’m giving a thousand dollars. It just, it’s amazing how hard it is to get people to, to get that right
standing in line, to enter a giveaway for a thousand dollars in airfare because you might listen to my six year old wants to win tonight. He’s going to be here. He’s going to have an entry in that box. Yeah, you’re right. You would think it would be that way, but I think it’s maybe sometimes people just are uncertain. Maybe they don’t want to do all the steps that we need them to do. Maybe, you know, but I think overall the response has been great. I think it’s been very positive. Um, like I said though, it’s everything we do with marketing we learned from and you know, we just keep, keep going.
So it’ll be, it’ll be a fun time.
So tell us a little bit about the products and the companies that you do offer.
Sure. Well, as you know, I’m a farmer’s agent. A true farmers, I’m thankful that we have a wide variety of products through farmers for home and auto and life insurance and commercial insurance and of course we work with financial service products as well, so I help clients with retirement savings and we really don’t need to branch out anywhere else. Our commercial business has a brokerage included through farmers and so we have. We have such a wide variety that I feel like it is definitely one stop shopping for someone.
So, one of the things we always like to do is make sure that our listeners can walk away with five key takeaways from Rani. So tell us what would those five key takeaways be?
Well, I could say five. I would say keep moving, keep moving, keep moving, keep moving all the time. But I would also say keep learning. I’m always reading books and sharing knowledge and you know, thirsty for what’s new, what’s going on and, and, and staying up to date on things. Also, takeaway more recently would probably be to reevaluate your brand and how you’re marketing and make sure it’s authentic and it’s truly about you really get a deep dive into that. That’s been real important to me. Um, you know, I want to make sure that whatever we’re doing is, is about our agency and insurance and not necessarily about Rani, you know, it is not just about me. I’m also, I think time blocking is so important. Once you learn the value of your time, your world is changes. It really does. So learn the value of what your time is worth. And I think lastly, Keegan would be to be fluid, to be fluid. This business in any business you’re in, you have to change and ebb and flow and be open to listening to people and learning new ideas and changing if something isn’t working. I think being fluid is really important in life.
Well, we really appreciate you being on with us today. We want to make sure that we know how to get in touch with you. So what is the best way that we can get in touch with you?
Absolutely. Call me, of course you have social media. We’re on Instagram and Facebook and YouTube and good old fashioned email works as well. I’m at farmer’s
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