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5 Key Takeaways from Kasie Ricart

1. You have to let passion drive your career choice

2. You have to take care of your mind/body health

3. Be authentic in everything you do

4. Give back to young professionals in your community

5. Always be present


Today on the Person Behind the Professional, we are glad to be talking with Kasie Ricart. Kasie is the owner and independent insurance agent with Ricart Insurance Agency in Dallas, Texas. She is a third-generation insurance agent, but actually started out in fashion and has two degrees in fashion design. However, she didn’t feel like she was making a difference in fashion, but saw her dad play a vital role in his client’s lives. This was when she decided to start her insurance agency.

As she saw her dad’s clients become like an extended family for him and how he was able to be there for them when they needed him most, she took the idea of starting an agency very seriously. However, her Dad didn’t expect it at all. Insurance had never been on her mind previously, but it just made sense when she decided to start a business. During this period of thought and consideration, she asked a bunch of agents, from all different backgrounds, what they would do differently if they could do it all over again. After talking with all of these agents, she decided to start as an independent agency and start from scratch, instead of buying a book of business. Kasie hustled really hard at the beginning in order to make this a success and definitely attributes networking to some of this success. With these first year clients, she was very transparent, and in return, many of them were excited to be along for the ride as she worked to learn and grow.

Kasie is also very involved in her community. She is a committee chair member for the Warren Center, a children’s nonprofit in Dallas for children ages 0-5 that have developmental delays and disabilities. She is also involved in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and other arts outreach in Dallas, as well as other young professionals groups and networking groups. Junior Achievement is another organization that Kasie is passionate about. It’s a national organization that helps teach kids K-12th grade about entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and business in general.

This is a great episode and it was such a pleasure to talk with Kasie about her agency’s story, her passion for insurance, and her love and service for her community! Please leave us a review and let us know what you thought of Kasie’s story!


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You grow up as your own little private underwriter throughout all of life, telling your friends what they should and shouldn’t be doing and what the repercussions are, so now I get to put it to good use. Share that knowledge with my clients.
Guys, thanks for listening today. My name is Keagan with BriteBee where insurance doesn’t sting. Today on the Person Behind the Professional, we have Kasie Ricart, the founder and independent agent of Ricart Insurance Agency. Kasie is a third-generation insurance agent, runs in the blood and she’s located in Dallas, Texas and has been ranked in D magazine last year as one of the best insurance agents in Dallas. Thanks for being on today, Kasie.
I’m glad to be here.
Well, let’s just get started. I want to hear a little bit about your background and how you ended up as an independent agent. I know it runs in the blood, but why in the world would you want to do it after so many people in your family had done it?
That’s a great question. Um, I, I chose to go into insurance after exploring a few other careers. I actually have two fashion degrees and started my career out of college in fashion design and love fashion, but never really felt like I was making a difference in the community or in the lives of others. And I’d always watched my dad really play a really vital role in his clients’ lives. He’s almost been an agent now in Austin for 40 years. So he really, you know, when anything ever happens, good or bad, he’s always the point person they contact and they call and they rely on and you know, over the years they’ve all become like family and extended family to us. So really kind of I wanted a career that had that same impact on people where you could really change the lives and help people understand what they need and be there when they need somebody the most.
And so that’s why I chose to go an insurance. I know it’s kind of a, a career choice that most people aren’t there. Like you’re passionate about insurance. Um, I love it and I eat, breathe, sleep it. And when you grow up with the data as an insurance agent and claims conversation is what you talk about day in and day out, you, you grow up as your own little private underwriter throughout all of life, telling your friends what they should and shouldn’t be doing and what the repercussions are. So now I get to put it to good use and share that knowledge with my clients.
That is so funny. Okay. So we got to talk a little bit more about this fashion design and fashion, career, whatever. So tell us a little bit about why fashion. I mean, I’m assuming first off you’re very fashionable.
You can assume that that’s probably very safe to say. Yeah,
that is funny. So tell us a little bit more, why did you really like fashion? I know that you said it, it wasn’t something that you felt like you were making a difference, but, but I’m assuming you still have some involvement with them
or. I’ve always
loved fashion and sewing and design and the ability to have an idea and put it into creation. Um, I had the opportunity when I was in design school to do an internship for a design firm in Dallas and I actually, you know, when you think of fashion design, you think of high end runway labels and I wouldn’t interview to do this internship and they were actually, um, their main focus was in the sports clothing arena, so kind of like active wear, um, that sort of thing. And then also in the hunting and fishing realm. So it was interesting because, you know, you’re in fashion school, you think you’re going to do wedding gowns or something like that. I ended up designing Camo and working with Mossy oak and real tree and um, Cabela’s and academy, we had all kinds of great vendors. Um, and then I ended up even working on a project for the ultimate fighter reality show, which was for UFC fighting when it had to Kind of just emerged from underground fighting to um, their ultimate fighter reality shows.
So it was just, it was a lot of fun and it has that functional component. I’ve always kind of lived my life in a functional manner. And uh, so I just, I liked designing for people in that functional capacity, so it was fun, um, but I wasn’t, you know, kind of making a difference as far as like a toms for example, where it would lead to the greater good and after a while fashion is um, you know, it’s always something new, always something exciting, but it’s, you know, a constant juggle we’ll of getting back into the next trend and the next trend to the next year into the next thread. So, you know, just kind of ran its course. Um, and uh, you know, I kind of stepped out from there, I think of fashion sometimes, you know, like when I was employed and you know, it’s one of those things when you own your own business, after you do it, you kind of don’t want to go and, and when you’re employed, like you’re always looking, okay, how can I move up or how can I, what’s the next review going to be 90 days, where did they goanna think about me.
Fashion’s kind of that way. Like it’s always changing. Like, okay, what’s going to be next? What am I going to have to do? Um, what, which way are we going to have to go? Um, so that’s, that’s really interesting. Um, so tell me a little bit more so about you starting your agency now. Did you start from scratch or did you buy it?
I looked at all the options. I’ll never forget the day when I told my dad I wanted to go into insurance and he looked at me like I was crazy. Like why he never expected because I never worked in his office growing up or it was never a topic of conversation or even a thought in my mind to go into insurance. Um, it just occurred to me when I started thinking about wanting to own my own business and then it made sense, but I looked into various options. I interviewed all kinds of insurance agents outside of my dad’s point of view. I’ve, I love his point of view and his perspective, but I wanted to get a really well rounded look. So I talked to captive. I talked to independent agents, um, and I asked them all if they were to do it all over again, what would they do in the common consensus was we would all go independent and we would all start from scratch and starting from scratches is not an easy ride.
Um, I was talking about that last night at a, at a networking seminar I did and you know, starting from scratches really starting from zero and being your very first client and your only client and building from that. So it takes a lot of guts. I’m considering. I had never sold an insurance policy before. Had very little product knowledge. I basically had a license and agency license and a direct appointment with Safeco and here I went starting my business so I had some really great people to rely upon. But um, I kinda had my reservations about buying a book because I am a very loyal person when it comes to small businesses especially. And I just considered myself as a consumer if I was a client of, you know, John Smith, Xyz independent agency. If some young agent, you know, comes in and takes over, I may not have the same faith that I had in John Smith, so I was really hesitant to see what that would look like down the road with turnover, um, and making, you know, I just wanted to start from scratch and really kind of allow my clients to ride the ride with me.
I was very open and transparent with especially my, my first year of clients about where I was and they were excited to ride the ride with me and they, I had been very successful in the past and in soft sales and in fashion. So they really believed in me and I was very blessed with that, that they wanted to just take the ride support with me and they knew that whatever I did, I would make sure I did it to the thousand percent. So they were, they were on board to take the ride and then I, you know, kind of grew up from there. But it’s not easy especially, you know, it’s better when you have a support system. Um, had I been a single mom or just singled in general, it definitely would’ve been a lot more difficult financially to not have any, any income and starting a business from scratch. So.
Oh yeah, definitely. So when, when you started, you don’t have to answer it if you want to, but were there some things that your dad told you to do that maybe you said, I think I’m going to do it different? Was there anything that you know, you, you hear from and you’re like, you know, it’s great advice, but I think I want to do it different in my business. Was there anything there that you, that you did differently that worked out? Well, something
that he, you know, he hadn’t built. He started his agency from scratch years and years and years ago, but things were different. And so my first order of business, the day I opened and I literally have a photo the day I opened up me going out and going door to door literally to mortgage lenders offices and realtor is trying to introduce myself. Um, and that used to be the way of doing business. And in the beginning, you know, I kind of, I spent the first three weeks in business trying to go into to mortgage officers offices and asking, you know, if they had a relationship, would they be interested in talking to me, learning more about my business and potentially, you know, me helping their clients find some home insurance. And it’s interesting because ever since I’ve opened, I’ve tracked every single lead that has come through my office. I can tell you where every single client came from.
And out of all of those relationships that I tried to build in the beginning, that three week run, I’m only one of them worked out and it’s not as strong as the others. So I quickly transitioned and said it’s a good idea to network with those people, um, and realtors and lenders. But I knew I had to go about it a different way because I was doing something the same way every other insurance agent was. So instead I completely changed how I networked and started building really valuable relationships with realtors and lenders. And that way. And those referral sources have become really strategic partners. And building my business and getting consistent, um, new leads for quoting home insurance and, and a new potential client. So that’s something I did a little differently. Um, it’s more networking and being, you know, a part of the, uh, kind of networking scene a little bit more. I start, I’ve started a few networking groups, um, as well. So, and that’s something that I don’t believe he’s ever done. So just kind of reinventing maybe a my dad two point knows. Idea.
Nice. That’s great. Well, tell us a little bit about your involvement in the community and I know that you’ve networked quite a bit, but you also have involvement in the community. What does that look like?
So I do quite a few things in the community. Um, first and foremost, I am a, was the committee chair member for the last couple of years. Um, and I’m now the co-chair for a gala this year of benefiting the Warren Center, which is a children’s nonprofit here in Dallas. Um, I identify with the Warren Center because they help children ages zero to three and then three to five, um, who may have developmental delays or disabilities. My husband, I don’t have any children. Um, however our niece was born at 24 weeks old, which is quite early. I’m on the growth, so when you have something like that, that rocks your world in a family and we weren’t sure how she would turn out. Um, and it, it was, it was scary and we really didn’t have anywhere to turn to. So when I heard about the Warren Center, um, you know, I really wanted to get involved and I really appreciated what they do for families going through me, but also going through, um, maybe autism or you know, children that aren’t speaking or talking or I’m walking or whatever the case may be.
So they’re a fantastic organization and I love volunteering with them and I love being. I’m a member of their community and helping and in every which way I can. I’m also involved in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and they’re young professionals group called the valley patrons circle. And our main goal is to get young professionals, um, you know, kind of 20 to age 40 involved in the symphony and really get younger folks involved in the Dallas Arts because we have a phenomenal symphony, but we have a phenomenal art scene in Dallas. So we do a lot of fun events and um, we get to this symphony throughout the year which is great. So, um, I love being a part of that as well. And then junior achievement is also something that I try to be as active as I can in junior achievement is a national organization where you go in and volunteer in a classroom, kindergarten through twelfth grade and you teach students about entrepreneurship and um, you know, how to balance a checkbook and just about life and business.
And I’ve done fourth grade, second grade, sixth grade, I’ve talked to 10th graders. And it’s just phenomenal to see how hungry students are to learn about business and learn about their goals and creating their own. Sometimes these kids haven’t come from families that, you know, have parents that own a business or a family member that owns a business. So to see that light bulb go off in their head, to think, wow, I could own a business is just incredible and it’s so fun and they’re so smart and creative. So I just enjoy giving back every which way I can. A lot of people have helped me to get to where I am today and I feel like it’s only my duty and honor to pay that back into the community.
Helping kids and learning about business and everything else. Do you feel like that that is an underserved market? I feel like there’s, there’s things out there, but I don’t feel like we’re doing enough of it. What, what do you think?
I agree, you know, there’s so many options and, and programs that are out there. Um, and I think at the end of the day it’s there available, but I don’t know that they’re always being taken advantage of, whether it be in the school system or, or what have you. But I think there is an opportunity and you know, the youth is as Cliché as it sounds. It is our future. And I think that’s so that we really invest in that, um, insurance is a really great example of an industry that we are, you know, in the next 20 or so years are gonna be suffering a pretty severe lack of agents and talent just due to the amount of current agents that will be retiring in the coming years. I know in the, uh, and I had the independent insurance agents of Dallas meeting, sometimes we refer to it as the silver tsunami because, you know, the average insurance agent I think is about 50 to 55 or older.
And so they’ve put in their time, they’ve done, you know, the good agent deal and there they deserve their time to retire. But that means a lot of people are going to be left kind of fending for their own coverages and policies when they retire. So I think insurance is a phenomenal career. Um, I think it’s really kind of under, um, under served as far as the youth and college grads and that sort of thing. Just getting to know what we actually do. And I think this generation wants to help people. And they want to be a part of great things and give back. Um, despite the millennial stereotype, I think people do really want to get involved. And insurance is a phenomenal industry to do that in a, we just have to make it seem a little more fun and kind of portrayed in a more truthful way versus the boring insurance, Khaki Pants, Polo, um, you know, liability insurance jargon type of career. It’s a lot different than that.
That’s exactly right. I believe in what you’re saying. I think it’s really neat and I’m looking forward to working with you to help that across the nation. So I just signed you up for that by the way. So Kasie, tell us a little bit about the products and the companies that you offer as an agency.
So, um, I mentioned Safeco earlier and they were the first company they gave me my direct appointment. And I love Safeco. SAFECO products. I have my own insurance, the SAFECO, Safeco progressive. I’m kind of a myriad of, of various companies. My goal when I look at companies is to vet them. Um, I always say if I wouldn’t sell the policy to my grandmother, I’m not going to sell it to anybody else. So I really make sure that the companies that I build a relationship, um, our products that I can stand behind because at the end of the day, my, my clients could really care less what a policy they purchase as far as the name that’s at the top. All they know is that Kasie sold it to him and it’s Ricardo Insurance Agency that they need to call, so it’s still my name on a door at the end of the day, so I got to make sure that I could stand behind that. And then as far as product types of personal insurance is, is my favorite. We do a little bit of small business insurance, you know, a kind of commercial liability packages and business owner packages. But for the most part I love the story of the personal side. So home insurance, auto insurance, specialty insurance, like umbrella and RV and boat and all the fun stuff. Um, and kind of, you know, everything in between. So, um, yeah,
so one of the things we always like to do is ask our agents and whoever guessed is five key takeaways that you would want to share with our listeners that they could benefit from.
Absolutely. Um, so first and foremost, you have to let that passion drive your career choice. First and foremost, I believe in that. That’ll put you in a good position to love your job and as a result, you’ll be successful at it. I think the second key point is that you have to take care of your health, a mind body, health, and you have to stay fit and committed to keeping yourself in tiptop shape. I’m a firm believer that if you’re, if you’re not at 100 percent, you can’t give 100 percent. So I think that’s really important. I think you have to be authentic in everything you do. I’m very nontransparent. Um, I’m not your typical difficult, salesy type of personalities. I think you have to be real and genuine and cut out sometimes all of the rainbows and butterflies, especially in this industry. Something that’s super important to me is giving back to young professionals in your community, again, no one ever gets to where they are and in their career without someone else helping them.
Um, and I think it’s really vital that you share that information. You don’t do any good holding onto all of your good nuggets of information for yourself. I think it’s your duty to always spread that and, and give it back to your community and young professionals. And then my last number five, always the thing that I try and do and every single moment of the day is to be present. No matter what you’re doing, if you’re with your family, through, with a client, if you are at a coffee appointment, networking, be present in that moment and really try and soak it in because you’re only going to have that moment once
who you’re speaking to me on that last one. That’s a hard one.
It is. It’s definitely hard. So I’m going to put the phone away and focus, you know.
That’s right. That’s right. Well, we want to tell you thank you so much for being on today. The information was fantastic. I love your energy and we’re going to take over the world and bringing young entrepreneurs into the insurance world so they can dominate it. Um, they’ll probably even do better than what everyone else has done. I think I have a firm belief in it, so I think that’s so great. We want to make sure that everyone subscribes and reviews and tell us a little bit about what you thought of Kasie Ricart. It should all be great. Don’t forget that if you’re looking for insurance quotes that don’t stain, checkout and you will find qualified insurance agents, Kasie Ricart, type her name. Then get a quote type in Kasie Ricart and you will find her there. Kasie, the last question that my content, a writer just told me I need to ask is how do we reach out to you? How do we find you?
Yeah. So, you can find me on Facebook. Um, I’ve also got on my website and then I’m a huge Instagram fan. So, at Ricart insurance you can always get ahold of me there. Of course, you can always call text four, six, nine, seven, five, nine. So love to hear from anybody has any questions.
That’s awesome. Well guys, have a wonderful day. We thank you so much for listening and we will see you next time.

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