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5 Key Takeaways from Brady Hill

1. Work to find the right people

2. Make sure that when you find the right people, they are compensated more than fair

3. Find out how your staff is motivated

4. Try as much marketing as you can

5. Take the things that work, narrow them down, and get better at them


On the Person Behind the Professional today, we are glad to have Brady Hill, a Farmers Insurance agent that started his agency over ten years. He started in insurance right out of college, after graduating from Texas Tech. If he wasn’t an insurance agent, his dream job would be a professional athlete. His agency offers auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and small commercial insurance.

Brady talks about the story of how he got started in insurance, and why he’s stayed there for the last ten years. One of his favorite quotes from his high school football coach is “Never Settle for Second Best”. He talks about what this quote means to him, and how he has helped his employees to buy into being the best they can be. As an agency, he also discusses how they aim to be the best in the industry. On the other hand, he also talks about he works to be the best dad and husband, and how he balances his life as an insurance agent, but also spending time with his family.

Brady’s wife is a travel agent, and so he travels a lot with her and their kids. He gives some insight into why the travel agent is still a big thing and how they help and serve people in the travel industry. They recently took a trip for three and a half weeks throughout central Europe. Brady talks about how he was able to do this because of the amazing staff he has built in his agency.


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