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5 Key Takeaways from Daniel Dubberstein

1. Credit score is important

2. Obey the laws

3. If you have claims, minimize the claims. Meet with your agent before filing claims

4. Look at life insurance. You’re never too young to look at life insurance

5. Life is short. make the most of it

BONUS: Understand your agency, and your agent


Today on the Person Behind the Professional, we talk to Daniel Dubberstein (pronounced “doober-stine”), a Farmers Insurance agent with Dubberstein Insurance Agency. They offer auto, home, life, business, specialty (motorcycles, boats, RVs, golf carts) insurance, and more. Daniel has over five years in insurance experience, and before that worked in the transportation and trucking industries for over twenty-five years.

Daniel is originally from Oklahoma, but has been in Dallas for the last eighteen years. He switched from a stable career in transportation to insurance for a variety of reasons, but for one in particular. Wanting to help the community more and give more back, he recognized the impact Farmers plays in responding to major catastrophes. During the devastating May 3, 1999 tornado in Oklahoma, he saw firsthand how Farmers took care of clients and non-clients alike through their mobile unit.

Dubberstein Insurance Agency is also very involved in the community. Daniel is the Prosper Rotary President and a member of the Prosper Chamber of Commerce. He also works with the public schools and talks to driving students once a semester about insurance through a fifteen to twenty-minute presentation. Talking about distracted driving, he teaches the students about the dangers of texting and driving.

Daniel gives all kinds of tips and stories through his experience in trucking and starting over in insurance. In fact, he actually gave an extra Takeaway, in addition to the five that we normally cover. Please review this episode and which piece of advice did you find the most valuable!


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The one thing I wanted to do was I wanted to help out the community more and do things that were actually more beneficial and get out in the public more and one of the reasons I could do that would be an insurance.
Thank you so much for listening today. My name is Keegan is griping and today we have the pleasure of speaking with Daniel Duberstein duper science insurance agency in farmer’s insurance in prosper, Texas. How today? I’m doing great. How you doing, sir? Hey, I’m doing good. So Daniel has had a
very interesting experience. He actually didn’t start an insurance and he’s actually had over 25 years of experience in the transportation and trucking industries and operations and fleet management and then he has about five years plus experience in the insurance industry. Is that correct?
That’s correct, sir.
Fantastic. Well we look forward to learning a little bit more about you, but first I want to just hear a little bit more about your products that you offer and what you offer at farmer’s insurance.
Farmer’s insurance. They’ve been around since 19, 28, so they’ve very stable company. Some of the products that I have to offer, um, auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance is really important. Business Insurance. And then we can also do specialty products, motorcycles, rvs, boats, um, even clear down to a golf carts.
Great. And you offer farmers insurance. Do you offer any other companies as well that are tied with them?
There are other companies that are tied with them as much as the parent company that owns farmers, but there’s several other companies that are with them. Uh, Bristol West is um, insurance for the auto on the higher risk, so we have that and foremost is the one that does the specialties like motor homes and travel trailers, um, all kinds of sorts. And then we also have our brokerage on the commercial side. So on our commercial side, we can actually outsource if farmers doesn’t want the, uh, the company to ensure. And then we’ve got about 20 or 30 companies on the commercial side.
Great. So let’s, let’s jump into it, Dan. Tell me a little bit about why you chose insurance. Looking at everything. It looks like you’ve had over 25 years in a really stable environment, trucking industry and and management from what we can see. And why in the world would you change to insurance after that?
Well, that’s a good question. Actually. One of the reasons I switched to insurance. I’m one of the main reasons I was originally from Oklahoma, so I’ve been in the Dallas, Texas area for 18 years, but I just needed a change in life. But one thing I wanted to do was I wanted to help out the community more and do things that were actually more beneficial and get out in the public more. And one of the reasons I could do that would be an insurance. So I had looked at different companies that were, you know, there’s many, many companies to go work for in the insurance industry. But I had noticed that one thing that farmers insurance, one of the ones that, one of the first to go out when there’s a major catastrophe. So when ever heard of the May third tornado, 1999 strongest recorded on earth, it was like 320 mile an hour winds and I saw the way farmers took care of the clients out there, a mobile unit did pull up, they’d take care of water, food, they even write out checks onsite in their mobile unit. So that was a company that I fell in love with and realize that would take care of it from beginning to end.
Reputable companies is definitely a benefit. So tell us a little bit about how you maintain your reputation with your agency. You know, farmers having farmers is definitely a great thing to have on your door, but there’s also something to be said for the insurance agent. So what are you guys doing in the community and how are you being involved there?
That’s a very good question as well. There’s a lot of things I’m doing for the community. I don’t even know if we have enough time to list all of them, but a few things is I’m the uh, rotary president. So I was like in July the first I became the president of the rotary for the town of prosper and we do many things for nonprofit organizations in the town of Prosper, Prosper Chamber, and then also I do things with the school. So like on the driver’s education classes that the high school has to offer. They have a morning class and an afternoon class and I actually once a semester I talked to all the kids that are on the things that they can do and not do to help their family and their mom and dad’s sensor insurance is getting ready to go way up.
You’re, you’re not driving with them though, are you? Because you’d have to purchase life insurance, right?
Yeah, that’s a good question. No, I’m not driving with them at all. What I do is basically it’s about a 15, 20 minute powerpoint presentation that I do in front of the whole class and I just basically tell them some things, you know, some important things, but some of the things that people take for granted, I know a lot of times a week get out there and start driving and then we get distracted and distracted drivers are one of the main problems that are out there. They’re even saying right now that people text and drive can actually be more dangerous than drunk drivers. So if you can imagine that.
Yeah, I can only imagine. So let’s talk a little bit more about this community thing. So you’re in the community and what, what else can you, can you tell us maybe a story that your agencies had the opportunity to impact the lives of others?
Situation where I had a lady that was one of my clients had car insurance and Renter’s insurance with me and she’d call me and when she called she was really upset and I was like, you know what? I’m not going to mention her name, but I was like, what’s going on? She said, well, I was just involved in an accident and the ladies are really, really being mean and to fight and the police aren’t there yet. And I asked where she was at and I just happened to be. I was just a couple blocks away so I told her I’ll come to the scene. So I actually came to the scene and calmed the band before the police got there and then the police got there and so it was just a situation where I basically realized she was upset and then there’s another situation, another incident, not on this one, but another time where I had a client that called me and she was broke down the side of the road and it was a, it was an area that is really, really dangerous over here in the Dallas area where the cars are flying by and she was scared to death and I called on freeway to our tow service that we had and they kept her on the phone until the tow truck got there.
But the tow truck, luckily there was one about six minutes away, so within six minutes someone came there and rescued her, but I was on the phone until they got there, so she was really, really happy about that. So that’s just a few things that we go above and beyond to try to help out the clients.
So would you say that over 25 years of experience with trucking the trucking industry, would you say that that’s helped you in your, in your agency and how you’ve grown and also how you service?
Yeah, it definitely can’t hurt. I mean, I’ve seen all walks of lives. I’ve seen, you know, you never take for granted for people. I mean, you never can look at someone and decide, well that person’s rich or that person’s. So you really don’t want to judge a book by its cover. Uh, so I think the one thing is I basically do is I try to help everybody. I mean everybody’s equal. They’re all humans and they all need help at times. And I try to educate and insure them and protect them the to my best ability.
So do you have any advice for our listeners that maybe are considering a major career change like yours, you know, 25 years of tracking experience and then into the insurance industry? Uh, but maybe they feel stuck in there and they’re complacent. Any advice that you would give to, to people who are looking for a change?
Um, yeah, I would say one words of advice that I would say would be basically be, you know, follow your dreams if you’re not happy with what you’re doing now, maybe you should do a different change in career, uh, but always stay positive, motivated and never give up.
So what’s been your favorite thing about insurance so far, but also the thing that you miss most about the other industries that you’ve been in?
Uh, I think the thing that I enjoy the most now is I have more flexibility, more freedom and it’s not like I’m being watched as micromanaged. So that’s the part I love about what I’m doing now as an agent as far as some things that I missed. Uh, I was, I was in a working environment where I was working around 20, 30, 40 people. Now I’m not working around that many people all the time. So I do miss that. I do remember, you know, there’s a lot of friends that I have in the trucking industry, so I missed that. The Camaraderie.
Yeah, definitely. But I would say you probably get some of that through the community involvement that you’re in.
That is true, yes.
What are some mistakes you’ve made and lessons that you’ve learned that have transferred over in and owning your own business and growing your business?
I would say that’s very good question, but I would say some of the mistakes is I didn’t get any insurance sooner. We’re only on this planet so many years in the, in our lifetime. I think we also think about, uh, jumped and jumped in the insurance industry sooner. Um, I would definitely be happier, but I’m definitely happy with what I’m doing now. Uh, some of the mistakes are you, you live and learn, but you always try to fix your mistakes and move on. So there’s a few things that I did here and there in the beginning of the insurance that didn’t help me as much for moving progressively down the line, but, but now I’ve got almost 300 clients. Um, I’ve got a great area and prosper, Texas and the community and the whole area is growing, so I’m very happy with where I am right now.
You’re in a great place because it is prosper, Texas. So only good things can come from that, right?
That is correct.
So why did you choose prosper? What, what made you choose prosper? Texas?
I saw the growth opportunity when I first came here to prosper. It was a, it’s a small town, small filling and everybody has a tight knit community. When I first came over here, there’s only about eight or 9,000 people now we’ve got about 22, 23,000 that’s going to continue to grow. So it’s going to be 70, 80,000 by the time it’s built out.
And you post pretty consistently on facebook about different insurance topics and offer to help clients better understand. What would you say you do well or do the best when educating your clients? What would you say you have to educate them most about?
Well, no, there’s actually quite a bit to insurance, so if you keep it basic and simple, it makes it easier for people to understand. You can get really complicated on some of this stuff and make it where you lose half your audience, but I don’t want to do that. I just want to keep it simple. So on the auto side or the home side, there’s so many variables to look at, but insurance is basically risk. So every insurance company takes a risk factor. So you’ve got to understand those risk factors and try to minimize the risk and the, as an insurance company to get a better rate.
What would you say the most commonly misunderstood topics are in insurance? What do you hear the most of that you think? Man, if only everyone would know.
Um, I think the biggest, biggest misconception is people don’t realize how important and critical your credit score is. Your critical, your credit score, not only on the insurance on the home side, but on the auto side, it’s really, really greatly affected. So you’ve got different categories of risk factors and your credit score is one of the major contributors that helps decide what risk factor you are. There’s only three risk factors anyway. There’s preferred risk which gets the best rates, standard risks, and then nonstandard. And so the race just go way up a nonstandard people.
Yeah, definitely. So are there any ways that you, that you try to help them and understanding that or maybe help them improve their credit score for later down the line?
Sure, sure. There’s several ways you can help improve your credit score for farther down the line. Um, so you’ve kind of different ways where, you know, if he got credit cards, trying to keep those balances, you know, below 20 percent of what you’re using a pay all your bills on time. Uh, that’s a big thing. Even some people, if they have everything paid off, they feel like, well, I don’t need any credit cards or anything. I’ve got all my stuff paid off will actually, your credit score starts dropping if you don’t, you know, still use your credit, so you still want to have a little bit of credit that there. I know my mom and dad’s, they basically get everything paid off. They go on a cruise about every three months and put stuff on the credit card, has to help keep their credit score high
and then they go on a cruise and say that’s how we keep our credit high. Right?
That’s it. We’ll go charge it and then we’ll come back and we’ll pay it back off a month or two later.
That’s right. Hey, I think I’m going to do that as well. I think I’m going to go on a cruise, put down a credit card and say, well, the reason I went on the cruise was because I got to keep that credit going. Dana, we, we really want to know five key takeaways from you and this. This can be about insurance, this can be about life in general about business. If we just asked five different key takeaways, what would you give to our listeners so they walk away with something great?
Five key takeaways. I would say the number one thing was your credit score is huge to keep your credit good. Another thing that would take away is obey the laws. Don’t get in trouble, and if you have claims, you got to minimize the claim, so get with your insurance agent before you write a claim because once they put a claim up against you, it’s marked for five years. And the other thing I would say is a lot of people underestimate life insurance. You really, really need to look at life insurance, especially if you’re a younger couple and you have some kids. There’s, there’s ways to have different life insurance policies. They’re very affordable, but yet you’re protecting your family if something really goes wrong. Another key takeaway is life is short and make the best of it. And then the last thing, but very important is making sure that you’re understanding your agency as far as the insurance agent that you have and that they understand you and that they’re really behind you and protecting you.
Daniel, what is the best way? If someone is listening and wants to know more about you, want to get quotes from you, what’s the best way to reach you?
Well, they can reach me in several ways, but probably the easiest way is I can call my office four, six, nine, five, three, five, seven, nine, nine, nine. For some out there that like to text if they want, they can text me and my email. My text is two, one, four, three, three, six, zero, four, one eight where they can just email me at farmers edge and Dotcom
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