The Hive Five Podcast

5 Key Takeaways from Keagan Henson

1. Perseverance when there is an emotional rollercoaster

2. Stay humble and surround yourself with humble people

3. Stay focused

4. Make sure to have good support  – especially outside of your normal circle

5. Serve people when all else fails


In this episode, the hosts of the Hive Five, Keagan and Katherine discuss what their aim for the Hive Five is, who they are, and why you should listen to each episode of the Hive Five.

Keagan is the CEO and Founder of BriteBee, an insurtech startup. His started his career in the restaurant industry before moving into the insurance industry in order to spend more time with his family. He was an insurance agent and had his own agency for around 4 years before founding BriteBee based on things he learned firsthand during his time in insurance.

Katherine is BriteBee’s Marketing Director. She doesn’t have a background in insurance, but has had personal experience with being spammed by hundreds of bad contacts after looking for insurance online and inputting her contact info into a site that sold it within minutes. Because of this, she truly believes in the refreshing insurance experience that BriteBee seeks to provide to the insurance consumer.

BriteBee is a new innovative insurtech startup that aims to connect consumers and insurance agents simply and securely. Instead of searching for insurance online and getting hundreds of spam phone calls and emails like Katherine, BriteBee provides a platform where consumers can input their information once and only share it with the agents that they personally choose. Once they receive their different insurance quotes, they can compare them all on one page through BriteBee’s platform. Throughout this process, the consumer and insurance agent can communicate securely on BriteBee, so that the consumer doesn’t have to release their email or phone number to any insurance agents until they feel comfortable or decide to commit to a quote they received.

In this episode, Keagan and Katherine discuss the story behind BriteBee, how it came to be reality, as well as their personal backgrounds. They also talk about what challenges they have faced in the “startup life” and end with Keagan’s Five Takeaways based on his personal insight and experience in the insurance and business world.


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When the going gets rough, you know how the saying goes. Sometimes things happen, life happens, and it’s not always our fault. In this podcast, we’ll feature real life testimonials from people like you from good times to bad, funny memories and hard lessons learned. Everyone has a story and everyone has been there for business owners, to parents to young adults. The hive five aims to tell stories of overcoming a struggle with adulting while celebrating the little victories of life in each podcast. Our guests will give insight to five key takeaways from someone who’s been there and done that, leaving you better than when you started. Thank you so much for listening today. We’re very excited. Myself

and Catherine or a k, k, k, and we’re very excited to start this podcast out and just wanted to give you a little bit of insight of who we are and what we’re doing. So we are a company called bright, uh, who has started at the high five podcast and we just want to share a little bit of information to our consumers and also to insurance agents who we serve as well about normal life things. Right? Absolutely. And you know, one of the reasons that we started this podcast was just because everybody faces the struggles of adulting, right? With insurance, you know, there’s a lot of struggles of adulting. You don’t understand it even outside of insurance. And it just in the business realm. I’m in the parenting realm and the ownership realm, there are struggles of adult thing and so we’ve all been there and it’s pretty comical at times.

Absolutely. And we know one thing is that we have started this, uh, bright P is company bright being it’s a, it’s a tech startup, uh, in insure tech and you know, there are things every single day that are different things that we thought we knew but we, we didn’t know. And so we’re learning a lot and so we want to share many different, uh, I would say different lessons that we’ve learned, whether it startups, whether it’s adulting, whether it’s some insurance, but honestly, are we going to be talking about insurance all the time? Absolutely not because he wants to listen about insurance. All the dumb no one. So, or do we want to talk about insurance all the time? That’s right. So what we want to do today is really give you some insight on who we are. So hopefully it will start us out a well.

And so again, my name is Kagan, CEO of bright b. and just want to tell you a little bit about me and who I am. I actually started in the restaurant industry and, and, uh, moved out of the restaurant industry because my family and I wanted to see my kids more and wanted to be able to see my wife. And so I fell on this insurance agency and I started working and then I opened up my own insurance agency. And after doing that, after growing that and having some success in that, um, you know, it, it really taught me a lot about the consumers and also what insurance agents struggle with. And so that’s where bright became, came along and Bright B is a company that’s refreshing the insurance search experience for the online consumer and also for the insurance professional and were two sided marketplace. And what we’re doing is we’re really trying to address the problem of a consumer’s want to search online for insurance, but they sometimes don’t know how or they’re really fearful that they’re going to run into a lead Gen site that sells their information.

Absolutely. And I’ve run into that problem to interject and I fell victim to that when I was looking online for insurance. I’m a web that promised me multiple quotes within minutes. And next thing I knew I had 100 calls and about 230 spam emails. And you had no idea of how to turn it off. Absolutely. And it six months later, and I’m still getting calls. So. Right. I mean, I’m sure some of you in the audience can relate to that feeling and it’s a horrible harassing feeling and it’s really unfortunate, you know, for insurance agents that they’ve kind of gotten that bad rap and that stigma of hassle because, you know, if I’m met a lot of good insurance agents, but unfortunately that’s the first thing we think of.

Absolutely. And that’s one thing that I experienced a lot as an insurance agent was the thought of people thinking that I was just a step above or maybe below a car salesman and that was not who I was, nor was it the people who are even working with me. And so we want to change that in the industry. We want to change that stigma that people that believe that the insurance agent is someone that can be trusted and help them understand that it is someone that can be trusted. They just need to find the right people and the ones that fit their needs.

Absolutely. And absolutely nothing against car salesman. So that Kinda leads into where I came from. My name is Katherine Parker. I’m the marketing director of Brat. And I actually came from the automotive industry and uh, so I, I love salesman and a pe, they unfortunately do get a bad rap, which is why we compare them to insurance agents. I mean, for whatever reason, you know, maybe it’s lead generation sites, maybe it’s, it’s the old school follow up processes, but they’ve gotten a bad rap over the years. Um, but I came from a small town in Texas called Breckenridge and worked in abilene at a Ford dealership for about two and a half years where I got some really great experience marketing to consumers who were in certain life phases that I’m hoping to, uh, bring to the table with bright beam and really make an impact and build that brand awareness. So, um, we want to tell you a little bit more about the story behind where I’d be, um, and kind of how it works, what you can expect when you get on the platform.

Absolutely. And so real quick though, let’s talk a little bit more about the podcast and why we started this. Um, and so just to, just to kind of give you why, why is it called the high five, you know, we went through multiple different names and try to figure out how do we make this something that’s relatable to our consumers but also to our business owners who would deal with everyday.

Absolutely. And for those of you who don’t think we’re enunciating enough, it’s not the high five. It’s the hive fine. With the V, yes, because we love to play off the theme. So we are bright B and you’ll see our yellow and black be all over the internet. We hope. And so we liked to play off of that Pun. So hive is where we started. And then five, what’s the significance of the five? So we already said whenever we feed your people on the podcast, we’re going to ask them to give five takeaways to our listeners, whether it’s about adulting, about business, about parenting, whatever the topic is, we ask them to bring five takeaways to the podcast. And also high five was not an accident. You know, you do a high five when you celebrate successes. And so that’s the last part of our podcast is with each story we tell we want to celebrate the successes and celebrate overcoming those struggles that we all face everyday in life.

Right? And so we, we really do want to focus on some struggles and they don’t always have to be negative, but really understanding, uh, you know, I’ll, I’ll say this, that Katherine and I have have been working together and one of the things that we, we went to a conference one day and we were walking around and honestly we felt like ants in the building and I, I just looked at her and I said, you know, we’re not that different from them. They actually were really the same. And that’s really what we’re here for, is to, is to show people that we’re really not that different. And our insurance agents aren’t that different. Right? So we’re, we’re all people and we’re all striving and we’re all struggling. And so to, to call those out into half. Transparency I think is very important.

Absolutely. In Kagan, I think now’s a good time to talk a little bit about bright being, how it got its name and, and what bright be why it’s a bright be in insurance.

Absolutely. So first off we have keywords and some of those key words, as you can already see for us are absolutely, uh, we say it multiple times, uh, and will get better on that and where it’s going to try to take all of our ums and likes out at some point in our lives. And so bright beam. So the idea behind brightview was first off, our first few names, we were having trademark issues. We couldn’t figure out what to call, so we call it in the pros and started brainstorming. Some of our, our development team actually did some consulting work with us and we started brainstorming for days and really asking ourselves what matters to us, what do we want our customers to see? What do we want our, our insurance agents the same and bright became about. And the reason for that is a bright.

We want to shine a light in this industry. We know that sometimes it can seem dark and it can seem somewhat lonely at times for, for insurance agents, and Phil is that they don’t have a lot of help and so what we’re doing is we want to shine a light and bring transparency, brings encouragement, a tinny industry and really refresh it. And then the other, the other part of that is the B and w. first off, I love honey. So that’s one reason why I started with the bees, but, but the other thing is that bees are resilient and bees are working all the time and they’re working so hard and they always craft this amazing thing. And that’s honey. Um, and, and so with that being said, we want to be bright, but we also want to be resilient and we want to be consistent and what we do and have a product that is as consistent as, as what bees do. And so, uh, if, if I can relate ourselves to bees, uh, I’ll do that.

I don’t really. It’s various theoretically pleasing. So it makes my job very easy when it comes to design. Absolutely. These beads and honeycombs and all the buttons that says the aided with it.

Yeah. So that’s, that’s really what we’re trying to do. We want to be alive and we want to be an encouragement to people and if we can’t do that then I think we’ve. We failed miserably.

Absolutely. So I just wanted to tell our listeners out there, if you go to [inaudible] dot com, you’ll see our mission statement, but I’m going to tell it to you anyway. Bratby is on a mission to provide a refreshing search experience that brings transparency and control to people everywhere we desire to restore strengthened and bridge the gap between people and insurance professionals were at be strobes daily to be intentional and serving and impacting the lives of others through an awesome platform. So tell us a little

Kay Kay, about how we are working to impact the lives of others.

Absolutely. And did you already tell people that you called me k k or are they thrown off again? So one of the things that is really different about us and one of the things that we knew was going to be really important early on was finding a way to give back and truly impact people’s lives. So, um, we did a lot of brainstorming on who we were going to work with, how we were going to make it kind of hyper local so that people felt like they weren’t going to be able to give back to something in their community. And so we teamed up with an organization called love works leadership and they foster entrepreneurship in middle school children. It’s really cool when all they’re able to do. They actually let them kind of start their own businesses and sell these actual products. And um, they do like shark tank top leadership programs.

Absolutely. Reading, uh, they bring in like really animated readers. What is that one called? You took your kids to that. The story time that they have that they just started for the younger crowd. And My boys love it. Absolutely. So we are actually based out of Yukon, Oklahoma, right outside of Oklahoma City. And Love Works, leadership is enormous and so we’re based only in Oklahoma right now. We’re looking to expand into Texas soon obviously, but it was important for us to choose something local, which is why we went with the love work. It’s leadership in Norman. Another reason is because we all connected with what they were trying to do in young leaders. We all grew up as dreamers and entrepreneurs and so we, we know the importance of fostering that, those leadership standards.

I would say that we had a pretty unique opportunity as, as we grew up and just, just the families that we came from, that we had some opportunity that our families were entrepreneurs themselves. And so it gave us a, I would say a kickstart, a potentially. But we know there’s a lot of families out there that um, that haven’t been that way and there’s. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but, but at some time some kids may want to experience that and see how it feels. And so we think love works is a really amazing way for them to experience that in a very safe environment. And also build a much character needed through their, through their growth.

Absolutely, and if you haven’t heard of love works, you can actually access their website on our page. If you’ll go to meet the partners, it’ll tell you a little bit more about what all they do, but it’s a really fascinating program. So how do we actually live up to being intentional with love works, not just mentioning their name on our podcasts and on our website, but what is actually happening behind the scenes, Kegan,

so on bright be or one of the things that we have integrated into our system is that every person that comes onto the side is actually notified how they’re helping and and kept informed about how they’re helping us serve love works. And so just to give you an idea of when you come onto the site and you’re searching for insurance, you’re going to put your information in and right when you do that, you’re going to be able to see a two things. First, you’re going to be able to see that the information that you give, the more information you give is actually showing you that your quote is going to be much more accurate. And then the other thing right below that is to show you how much you’re able to give to, to love works. And so has the little green bar that shows you progress and as you get to your dashboard, after you get done with the sharing your information and you’re able to see how much money you were able to give a to us really to, to love works.

And so it’s again, free for the consumer, but because of what you’re doing, it helps us, uh, in, in giving more, uh, and to, to our agents and also to, to love works. And so we are able to, to provide, uh, you know, money. We’re also able to provide time. Uh, you know, right now as a startup, we don’t have enough money to give and in love works knows that. And we’re just so thankful that they’re patient with us and willing to work with us. But what we’re doing right now is we’re actually working to give our time and also our resources that we have and connections that we have and you know, other things that they need along the way.

Yeah. Great explanation. So we’ve talked a little bit about why to use bright B. I want to get more into the how you use bright the. And so our company is built on three pillar foundation of share, compare and communicate and Pagan. You keep going back to this word transparency. So what does it mean people throw the word transparency around, but what does transparency mean when it comes to bright beat? Why is it so much?

Yeah, transparency is very important to bribee and, and the way we keep ourselves on track and we hold ourselves accountable as we believe that that three pillar foundation that we have to have the share, the compare and the communicate and all of them have to be there or our foundation is not as strong and will at some point crumble. And so, and what we believe is that a lot of our competitors as well have not stayed in, in line with that. And so what we believe is that if we have an option for our consumers to have control, um, and to have a full understanding of what they have control over and what information they give to certain people and what they can take back and turn off and turn on. And then that allows them to, to, to really have a very transparent experience.

So we allow for the share, share the information that is shared securely over bright beam. We don’t sell that information. And then at the next is compare and we allow you to compare your insurance quotes on our platform so that you’re not having to worry about going to this email or that email or someone’s texting you or someone’s calling you. It’s comes to a centralized location. And then you can decide, do I want to give them a call? Do I want to text him, do I want to message them in, in bing platform? And then the last is communicate. And we believe that communication is very sticky and, and unfortunately it’s, it’s very difficult sometimes when we have all of these ways of communicating, so we allow for our consumers to really choose for themselves how they want to communicate. And so if the, if that is through our messaging platform or they can give them a call or they can tax them whatever they, whatever they feel most comfortable with. Um, but, but with that being said, we believe that all of those three things have to come together to really bring that true transparency in the marketplace.

Absolutely. So we’ve talked a little bit about how it works, why use it obviously on the who would use it, you know, everybody needs insurance. The, the spot, what age you are listening to this podcast, you know, if you’re younger, your parents are doing your insurance and, but, but everyone needs insurance. So there, there’s a huge market for insurance out there right now. And Bright B is, I mean, honestly, there’s nothing like brightly that’s been done before. Um, and it’s really interesting, you know, as we talked about going to our conference that we went to and realizing that all these people who intimidated as we’re just people like we come back, we come full circle and think, you know, we’re just people, our team of four, it’s just people that are trying to help other people, right? It’s, it’s really, it’s hard to explain because I’m human. Nature is human nature is to go out and build this multimillion dollar company and to become really profitable and successful. And while all of those things are great, bright being is truly a means to an end for our team. So I think, I think that that’s really, um, a good thing to segue into next is talking about the team and kind of where the hearts of all of us are. Um, it’s a really unique, a comradery,

right? So our, our team is built upon a four, four key team members and then we also have two others that are becoming more key every, every day. And, and so again, I, I’m the CEO and we call them a call myself, the dreamer. I honestly, I don’t care about titles at all, uh, but, but that’s where I am. And then Kelly Thomas, our co founder of [inaudible] is the CTO and we call him the builder and then we have Catherine, of course, and our marketing director and creative and then we have Ryan, our success manager and, and he is working with our insurance agent specifically, uh, to make sure that they are successful on the platform. But with all that being said, uh, yes, the team is amazing. Uh, and I say that because I’ve, I’ve been able to experience, uh, the team firsthand and who they are.

And, and for many years before we started this, I’ve, I’ve had experiences with them for four years before that, before ever asking them to come onto bright b. But both the really the main purpose of bright B is that we use this as a tool to serve other people. And so we believe that if we can build a product that serves our customers, that serves our, our agents, and, and does it in the right way, that we will also as individuals be able to, to help and minister to other people in need. And so that’s really where we, where we are, uh, we desire to serve people. And so we decided to do it in our, in our daily work and in business, but also in our personal lives. And we believe they should, they should coincide.

So to wrap this whole thing up, we’ve talked about Bratby, we’ve talked about how it works, who would use it, why to use it. So next we want to give you guys a call to action and just ask you to go to B R I t e, b e, and just check out the platform. I mean check out what we’re all about. Why are we actually different than the current people in the marketplace? Go Online, get a quote, talk to agents, see how it all works. Because in the life of a startup, nothing and even money, nothing is more important than the feedback that we can get from other people, right?

Yes. Right. And then we say that we are building this platform to actually rebuild it. So we want to hear from our consumers. We want to hear from our insurance professionals and understand actually what they need and what they need to be successful in their search or in their giving of quotes. Um, after someone is searching,

if you’re in right now, you

can actually go online to [inaudible] dot com and get a quote. If you’re in the market for insurance, you can get a home quote, an auto quote, a renters quote, and then if you happen to connect with an agent that offers something beyond that, absolutely you can work with. Yeah, absolutely. One thing that we want to make note of for any insurance agents that are out there listening, we are offering a 60 day free trial up until our first 100 agents in Oklahoma. So jumbled that opportunity. Get on the platform. We need dreamers. This is an open call for dreamers and people who know there’s a better way to do business, uh, in the realm of insurance and maybe it just doesn’t exist or maybe you haven’t found it yet, but he can be the answer to that, right? So, you know, we, we’ve given a lot of information about bright and you know, this is, this is really our sales pitch of, of the podcast and, and honestly we’re, we’re done after that. We, we want to have a podcast that is truly inspiring and also encouraging. And uh, yes, we would love for you to try out bright, be anytime B, r I t e, b e, but at the same time, we hope that we can do more than, than what the site can do for you.

Absolutely. Like Kagan said, this is our, this is our only pitch about bratby. We promise we’re not going to be selling you in every podcast, but it’s important to know who we are and where we came from. As you move forward with us and as you, as you really get familiar with where our hearts are and why we talk about the topics we do. So keeping in line with the hive. Five. We’ve got five takeaways from CEO Kagan Hinson of Bright V. Yes.

I thought about these long and hard, probably not hard enough, but with wire my life is right now. And what I’m, what I’m going through, I would say these are the top five. So you know right now what I’m dealing with is the startup world and the startup life and the emotional rollercoaster that I deal with every day. And so the first thing I think of is perseverance, perseverance during an emotional rollercoaster in. And that can not only be just in a startup but just in daily life. You know, there’s, there’s many times that we have struggles and just persevering through can usually help us multiple times to get through those struggles. No doubt. And the second one is humble people. You’ve got to surround yourself with people who are humble. You know, you might think you’re humble, but when you think you’re humble, you’re probably not humble enough. And so it’s very good to surround yourself with humble people who will love you. He will cherish you and will nurture you during that time. Speaking to that factoral fast, I want to

know one of our very early meetings as a team of four, we had a meeting and got together and did a devotional and talked about, you know, at the end of the day when this is all said and done, who’s going to get the credit and if that’s even important. And that was such a good meeting, such a good foundation in a way to start out because it really showed that, you know, with our team, obviously people want the credit every now and then I signed up this agent, I got this many views on facebook, Yada, Yada Yada. But at the end of the day, we know that that credit of our success is not due to us.

Absolutely. Absolutely. And so the third one is focused. Uh, you have got to stay focused and it is so easy for me to, to chase multiple squirrels, you know, I tell people all the time that I am a dog chasing squirrels, you know, I have an idea and I go this way, I have another idea, I go this way and one thing that I, that I know, especially in, in working to and striving to leave this team more and more daily is that I have to be so focused or that I’m going to lead my team in a wrong direction. And then fourth is a good support, having good support. And I believe this is, I think you’ve got to have outside support. Uh, you know, as much as we love our family and know that our support is from a lot of our support is from our family and also from our friends. I think it’s really good to have some outside support that maybe you weren’t expecting would be good support. And we found that in, in our accelerator that we were just a part of an our mentorships.

Absolutely. I was just about to say the same thing. I think that the good support is probably the best point that you’ve made so far because we didn’t know just how big our accelerator, the thunder launchpad and we didn’t know how big the support from them was going to be and the doors that it’s opened to, all kinds of connections, whether it be a potential investors, agents, partners, just people to go on and try the platform and provide feedback. The good support from people that we never expected was, it blew us away.

Right. That’s so, so true. And one thing that I found is that it’s, it’s a lot easier for people who don’t know you as well, but would love to support you to tell you the truth. Um, you know, the, our families are so wonderful, but sometimes, um, you know, they kind of ride on the edge, like

maybe they don’t. Maybe they do it right. And so there’s,

they’re extremely supportive, but maybe sometimes they don’t know the industry that you’re in or maybe they just don’t understand exactly what you’re doing. And that is completely understandable. And so I think it’s good to have some good support outside. And then the last one is when all else fails, when you can’t do anything else and you have no clue, what else do you need to do, the best thing you can do is just serve people and it will definitely help you and get, get clarity of mind. And it also give you much perspective on where you are. You know, many times I felt as if that, uh, my life is extremely hard and then serving other people. I’ve found that my life is extremely easy compared to to many others. And as you’re talking about it, I mean I just have like

going up and down my arms and legs because that has been, that’s a really challenging, uh, you know, call to action is to serve other people. Um, you know, we, we’ve tried to play the poor us card a few times. Yeah, we played it many times. We’re wrong. Yeah. And it’s hard. I mean, business is hard. Startup world is hard, failing is hard. And we’ve definitely been humbled by a lot of failures of art. Um, but, you know, in, and in the fast paced world, I mean between always being on our phones and always being on our computers and there’s a lot of not serving people that takes place, right? And so to really have that self awareness and take a step back and say today is not about me and today is not about bright, be today is about being a human being in this world and finding somebody else’s Day or laugh that you can make

better. Yeah, I would definitely want to impact the lives of other people a daily and, and so, you know, we, we appreciate you, whoever’s listening to this and we know we were definitely not perfect in any way on this podcast and we don’t expect to be at all and you know, hopefully it will get better. But honestly we have no clue what we’re doing right now. Doing the microphone is poked me in the face about 10 times she’s kissing the microphone, the microphone, episode one. Right. And, and you know what, this really, to be honest, this is one of our ways to cope with some of the stresses that we face daily. It’s honestly a way for us to kind of release some stress and talk it out and laugh and have some more fun and we’re going to be laughing a lot more and, and you’ll be able to really see who we are. Hopefully that’s a good thing.

Yeah, absolutely. We love to giggle. So if you have any kind of opposition to laughter, you probably don’t want to tune back in. However, if you want to laugh with us, we hope that you’ll listen for episode. Do you? So who’s our next podcast? So, so our next podcast is going to be with stitch crew. Um, they are an awesome team. Awesome. I mean I cannot say enough about this team. It’s Erica and Chris Lucas and there are startup themselves. But the coolest thing about them is that they partnered with the Oklahoma City thunder than NBA team and they built the accelerator that we were a part of the thunder launch pad. And so they nurtured us for 12 weeks and um, I’m sure they’re going to nurture us beyond that, um, but my goodness, what they’ve done for us and the mentorship that they’ve provided and the direction they provide it, and even just having somebody who can relate to the entrepreneur lifestyle to talk about our fears and our stresses and, and the next steps and how to gain courage, man. Stitch crew is somebody y’all are going into now.

So we’re excited to have them. But in the end, we hope that this has been refreshing to you and encouragement and we will see you in the weeks to come.

Awesome. Thanks for tuning in to see you guys next time on the high five. Yeah.

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