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5 Key Takeaways from Sean Akadiri

1. Focus on yourself, not the naysayers.

2. Be unapologetic, just be yourself.

3. Be immensely patient.

4. Just keep moving forward.

5. When God gives you a vision, he always gives provision.


Today on the Hive Five, we are glad to sit down with Sean Akadiri, the founder and CEO of a company called AgBoost. Sean is a passionate and determined entrepreneur who understands the words “patience” and “endurance”. He is an overcomer and is making an impact in the cattle industry through genetic testing and more.

AgBoost is attempting to “revolutionize the livestock industry by enhancing the quality and safety of food production.” By improving the quality of food production, they hope to improve health for the current and future generations. As one person said, “AgBoost is leveling the playing field in the cattle industry. I personally believe Sean will be changing the lives of livestock owners all across the world!” In simple terms, AgBoost is using big data to help small and mid-size cattle farmers breed their cattle in a more productive and efficient way. By focusing on small and mid-size farmers, they are reaching an untapped market that hasn’t had a product provided for breeding efficiency.

Sean is originally from Nigeria and came to the United States almost twenty years ago to go to college in Ada, Oklahoma. Instead of visiting tourist hotspots like New York or Chicago, Sean was more focused on finding his purpose and Oklahoma just jumped out to him when he was searching for colleges. It worked out for him because of the low cost but high quality of living in Oklahoma and in looking back he believes that his coming to Oklahoma was by design. In this episode, Sean talks about this move and how it looks when moving from a foreign country to Oklahoma and starting a business.


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I just told them, you know, just just, just dreamed the dream as big as you can because that is, that is free. Put the energy into and stay positive and have faith, and before you know that anything is possible,
when the going gets rough, you know how the saying goes. Sometimes things happen, life happens, and it’s not always our fault. In this podcast, we’ll feature real life testimonials from people like you, from good times to bad, funny memories and heartless. Everyone has a story and everyone has been there for business owners, to parents, to young adults, the hive. Five to tell stories about overcoming the struggles and adulting. Celebrate the little victories of wine, each podcast guest insight to someone who’s been there and done that, leaving you better than when you started. Thank you so much for listening today. My name is Kay with bribery and we also have Katherine Parker, marketing director, right. Hey guys, thanks for joining us today on the podcast. We’re excited to have sean academia. You CEO of aeg boost. Sean is a passionate and determined entrepreneur.
You understand the words patience and endurance. Shawn is an overcomer and making an impact in a place where most of us don’t go, the cattle industry with genetic testing and a lot more that I honestly probably don’t even understand as one person said, ag boost is leveling the playing field and the cattle industry. I personally believe Sean will be changing the lives of livestock owners all across the world. Sean, welcome to the high five. Thank you very much. Hey, it’s really good to have you here. And I want you just to kind of jump in, you know, ag boost, a lot of people probably haven’t heard of this, but tell us the nonscientific version of what ag boosters.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So Ag is just as simple as a data analytics company that helps, uh, livestock producers breed superior animals using big data that’s as simple as it can get. So what we do is I’m trying to bring in all types of data from genetics to a performance information to nutrition to whether to market data and we aggregate all this information and provide a visual our insight and output for producers to selective the breeder animal. And the reason why I would do that right now is it takes about three to four years to determine the value of, of a calf once you’ve been, once you’ve selected it for, for breeding at the tower, would have rung up for a cost of about $2,000 outright with no guarantee of return on an investment because the way these producers actually select and breed of animal right now is just to visual appraisal.
So they just look at it and you know, look at what are ways or look at, you know, what it looks like, and just selected for Bridion, which to me is just gambling, right? And the way the, the cattle industry is going right now, that has to be a viable, technical and economic way for this carrier produces to stop breeding the animals so they can meet demands. So in the next 32 years, uh, because of the growing population that will be about 50 percent in, in demand for beef cattle. And the problem is, majority of the producers that produce beef in the US, a smaller midsize producers, so 80 to 80, 80 to 90 percent of the producers are smaller and midsize producers. The rest of them are about 10 percent a big cattle producers. Right? And the problem is right now with the small and midsize producers, there is no tool that can help them, uh, because of limited resources, a limited land, water and all these different environmental issues.
And now you have to factor in the fact that people want to know whether, what our food of their beef is coming from and as no way, because if the industry is very segmented. So when we design Igloos, our goal is to include the midsize and small producers and give them a tool that can really help them to make better decisions, but also Brit quality animals and also level the playing field. Uh, so give them opportunity to compare with the, with the, with the big guys. And not to say that the bigger producers, uh, cannot use our platform, but the attention has been focusing on the bigger producers for awhile. Because, you know, the small producers don’t have the funds or, or, or, or the, or the resources to integrate technology into, into their operations. So with ag boost, um, it made it simple whether you have five animals that you’re breeding or a million animals that you want to Britain.
And how set up a brilliant program for a, you can use our platform, you know, is, is also a global product. So because is an online service so you can have access to the technology anywhere you are in the world. And that’s, that’s so exciting. That’s why the technology is so exciting and because it’s very simple, very visual. I’m a very intuitive that a five year old can even jump on in and use the technology. So we’re very excited where we are today and um, you know, we will continue to make strides and, and, and also, uh, eventually we will be scaling up to all the other livestock as well. So we started with cattle, uh, will be going to other lifestyle, even companion animals. Uh, as time goes on,
what is your background? I’m really curious to know, you know, where did you come from? And obviously as we get through this pat, this podcast, my southern accent is going to start getting stronger and stronger and maybe Kagan to and feed off of me a little bit, but you’re in Oklahoma, but your accent is, it’s clear that it’s not. So where I want to know more about like where you’re from.
That’s a good question. So originally, um, I’m from Nigeria, so I came here almost 20 years ago to go to college. Uh, when I actually came here, I came straight to, to Oklahoma to Ada and a lot of people asked me, you know, why, why Oklahoma? Right? Why did you choose Oklahoma of all places? And Ada, you know, but for me it’s more of a, just listening to, to my guts in the end, just I’m just paying attention to the, to the little things because, you know, coming from where I come from, normally when a lot of people come to the state to go to school or to visit whatever, they go to, all these nice places. New York, I mean, no disrespect, but you know, they know they go to California and New York, you know, all these nice places, Atlanta. But, you know, for me it was all about, you know, finding my purpose in wanting to do something different.
Right. And, you know, when I was actually I tell people when I was taking my exams, uh, sat and toefl exams, uh, you know, we’ll have the opportunity to, to apply for schools and to pick schools that we wanted to go, uh, to. And for some reason Oklahoma was the first state that jump out at me. I don’t know why altitude’s up to today. I don’t know why, but I can, I have an idea. Right. But, you know, it was something about Oklahoma. The only thing I heard about Oklahoma, Dan was, uh, when, when they had the bomb, uh, several years ago when they had the bombing, that was, that was the only thing I heard. I knew about Oklahoma. I didn’t know anything about Kong, but I wanted to go to a place that I feel like, you know, I can really stay focused, locked in.
But also it helped because you know, the, the, the standard of living and, and, and the prices of living here is a little bit cheaper compared to other states. So that’s one of the reason I chose Oklahoma. But looking back now from, you know, me coming 20 years ago to where I’m at right now, looking back, me picking Oklahoma was, was, was by design. Because if I never came to Oklahoma I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t be doing anything in ag. I mean, ag was, would’ve been, would’ve been in existent. It would have been, you know, I would probably told the, doing something different. But you know, uh, somebody say you never, you can never connect the dots looking forward. You always connect the dots looking back. So you know, now it makes sense. So when people asked me why, you know, why Pick Oklahoma now like 20 odd banks to let them know why I picked Oklahoma and if I have to do it again, I’ll pick, go homeless. So I consider myself an old now. So he’s all is okay. You’re definitely, you’re definitely an Okie.
You told us where you’re from. Yes. Can you give us an idea of what daily life in Nigeria looks like? What the people that have been supporting you and your family? Right. Um, you have a family.
I actually have a brother and my mom, my dad was still lives there, uh, and you know, a few cousins and whatnot. They still, they still living in Nigeria.
Can you just give us an idea of what that actually looks like? You know, because I, because I know it, it does not look like yes,
it doesn’t look like Oklahoma. I can confirm. Um, is, is a long shot, uh, it, when given the opportunity to come to the state, right. Because it’s not, it’s not that pretty, you know, growing up for me it was very difficult, you know, it was very challenging. I didn’t know I didn’t come from a rich family or whatever. Even the fact that I was able to come to the state, that was, that was just my faith in God. By God’s grace, you know? Um, it’s not a lot of people that have the opportunity to come to this state. For me it was just speaking it to the universe, understanding, you know, one day, you know, I’m going to have the opportunity to come to come to the state. So I went to boarding school, which was very, very challenging, but, you know, it taught me a lot of things.
It taught me how to be very independent. Uh, he thought me how to be really focused and, and, and, uh, understanding that if you work hard, nothing is impossible. Uh, you know, even though, you know, you go to a different struggles and, and whatnot. Um, you know, I just feel like may come in here, you know, it is by faith. So, you know, where I come from is when I tell my kids, I said, um, you guys are very, very fortunate to be born in this country because this is the greatest country in the world. No matter what people say, you know, and um, it, it, it was challenging coming from where I come from a, it’s not as, not a lot of opportunities. Um, you know, people’s struggle, but you know, we appreciate the smaller things in life, right? Because that’s what keeps us going every day, you know.
So, you know, my, my, when I tell people, I said I’m in a, when you have all you have, all we have that is to dream is to just have a mindset that one day, you know, um, our, our own opportunity will come. So I tell kids nowadays, I said, hey, you know, don’t worry about how you’re going to get somewhere. As long as you have dream and you work hard, you speak it into the universe, you know the opportunity is going to come. It’s like laws of attraction on the, in your power, understanding the power of your mind and your mindset, your, your thinking and understanding that you know, it doesn’t matter where you are, where you, where you are, what’s your environment or your structure is all you have is to dream put out there into the universe and walk towards it. Don’t worry about if you have money or you don’t have any money or support or whatever.
The Universe is funny. You know, for me, when I was coming to the state, it was just by, by accident, right? So quick story. I’ve been wanting to come to the state. We didn’t, you know, we don’t have, first of all, it’s hard to come to the state. A lot of people that come from where I come from, you have people that are very successful that, you know, they can go and they get visits and whatnot. For me it was, it was, that was in that opportunity. But I have faith, right? So one day my mom called me and said, hey, you know, there’s one of your, your answers, a friend’s son. Uh, that was because my mom lives in London. So is by going to the school, going to a school in the United States. And my mom asked him, hey, so you know, how’d you do it in March, my son had been trying to, you know, get an ambition in the state, whatever, how’d you to do it?
And it was like, well, just have him give me a call and I will tell them, you know, what to do, what, which steps you need to take are you need to do this and do this. And that was it. And that happened was because I kept putting out that I could speak in about it, I can, I put energy into it, you know, and you know, and the university heard it and for some reason that happen and that trickled down to them giving me the opportunity and given me telling me the things that I need to do and position me to, to apply for schools and take my sats and was able to get a student visa to come to, to come to the US. That’s how that happened. But everything happened for a visit. And you know, for people that say, oh, well I can’t, you know, I can do this.
I can’t do that. I don’t see any opportunity because what, where I come from, I just tell them, you know, just, just, just dreamed the dream as big as you can, you know, because that is, that is free. And put, put the energy into and stay positive and have faith. And before you know it, anything is possible. So, you know, so that’s how I got to the state. Um, it was, it was just that, it was just me just put in the energy and, and hoping that one day I get a shot and I did. So, you know, but everything starts with your mindset. So if you don’t have the mindset that you’re going to be able to do something that’s not gonna happen, you know, you just, you just been, you just defending yourself. So because life is about perspective, you know, what are you thinking, you’re gonna do it or what I think you’re right or wrong, you always write is all about the energy and how you look at things. So that’s my journey here. And that’s, you know, that’s how I got to the state.
I always love to hear from the perspective of somebody whose journey has been different than mine, especially somebody who has come from and a different nation. I mean, that’s crazy. And I just, I mean, I just want to know so much more. Would you say that you always wanted to be an entrepreneur and start a business or a, that aspiration come later on?
Yeah, I mean, being an entrepreneur and starting a company or business was not something that came earlier in the day or you know, me growing up. I came to the state just to be a medical doctor that was there. Anything intrepreneur about that, you know, but um, the, the life lessons that I’ve learned and, you know, I have survive and, and you know, growing up or whatever, I already have the entrepreneurial skills. Right? So it was just the fact that, you know, when the opportunity presented itself, you know, it was something that I felt like I was ready for it because I’m the type of person that, you know, when I set my mind or something, you know, um, a, make sure that regardless of whatever it takes, no matter how hard it is, whatever, you know, I see through. So all of that challenges that have been through Negro growing up, all the obstacles and, and you know, everything that I’ve gone through in life literally prepared me, uh, for, for the journey of being an entrepreneur, but at the, you know, sometimes in life you don’t think of, you go through different situations, but those situations that you’re going through, even though it’s really uncomfortable and it’s not something that you will want to go through, but at the time you don’t know why, because the past is literally going to prepare you for the future.
So all the skills that are learned throughout the journey called life helped me when I got to the point that, okay, let me start a company. Let me do this. Let me do that. Because 90 percent of the time when an entrepreneur is all mental, right, you’re going to go through all kinds of situations. You’re going to go to all kinds of obstacles. Everything that will go wrong will go wrong, but most of the time is if you can stay mentally sharp and really, you know, a um, panic, you’re going to be all right at the end of the day because everything you go through just making you stronger and stronger and preparing you for different milestones and different obstacles. So, you know, it’s like I tell people, it’s like, okay, if you have a car, you have a Ferrari in your tire or say, Hey dad, can I cannot address that?
You’d like no, because why? Even though the Ferrari’s there, the kids is there is not ready for it. So you have to go through all kinds of situation to get to a state that you know you’re ready and when you’re ready, you know, and you can face those challenges. So, you know, when I had the opportunity to become an entrepreneur, I was mentally, I was ready for it and I was ready for anything that it throws at me. So that was how, you know, may transitioning from that very easily was because of all everything that I’ve been through in my life, in the medical field in AG and entrepreneurial champ. I mean, when did that turn? So that was about, I can’t believe it’s five years, about five years ago. So I worked for different biotechnology companies and one of the companies I was working for actually, uh, they, they were doing was in a, in a testing human genetic testing for, for humans, right?
So we do a lot of pretended to test and other tests, genetic level related to humans. But I was a side project that we was doing for whitetail deer. And it was really fascinating because I didn’t even know at the time, you know, genetics was a big deal to this white whitetail deer. People that this ranch is that, that white tailed deer. And uh, but something was, was, was always the problem whenever we test the animals because first of all they can sell or buy anything in that industry without getting genetically tested or getting, getting into debt and their profile. Because that’s how the animals. Because animals are very expensive to go one on the ranch or whatever your cost you about 10 to $15,000 just to, you know, so it was very fascinating to me because a lot of people put a lot of effort into understanding that the DNA of the animals.
But I was like, okay, why are we not using this in other lifestyle, especially cattle industry or other industry, but to find out, you know, there was using it, but the problem is the data. So when people get the data they don’t know what to do with it. So you got to understand, you know, you test your animals and in you give it, you’re providing this genetic information to cattle producers that are that audience. They don’t have any science background or they are not geneticists or whatever. It’s very difficult for them to apply that information and use that information correctly with the animals. So that was what was affecting the livestock industry because it’s overwhelming. It’s very, very, very, very intimidating to a lot of producers. So and at the time where we test this animal would provide just a report on piece of paper to them and they kept calling us, so what do I do with this information?
How do I apply this information? I was like, well wait a minute, whatever. If we can design a platform that helps them not only aggregating and getting all this information, but also breaks it down for them in a very simple way, a very visual way that they can see that data and make sense out of it, you know, but also integrate all the components that factor into them not only a brilliant animals but you know, selling the animals as well. So that’s where the whole concept of the whole idea came from because it will, right now when you go to the lab and you test your animals, whatever one day when you get the report back is an excel spreadsheet and that takes a lot of time and is intimidating to, you know, smaller, midsize carrier producers that first of all that’s not an expertise. And second of all, they don’t have any money to literally hire somebody to try and analyze this information from them. So the goal was to create this platform and make it accessible to anybody. What are you? Small midsize producers are big producers. You can use it and make sense out of it. Makes your life very easy.
I know you’re a pretty transparent guy. So I’m going to ask you a transparent question if that’s true. So what are some major hurdles that you have had to overcome or you’re overcoming right now? Hurdles that you come across and you think, I don’t know how I’m going to make it.
Man, that’s a good. That’s a great question. Man. Starting was a big, was a big challenge and so it was a big challenge to me because I’m starting it now. I don’t even know anybody in the industry. So when I started five years ago it was like, okay, how do I start? What do I even call or, you know, first of all, I’m not an ag person. I don’t have any expertise in, in, in, in, in, in the cattle industry, you know, I don’t have any money. I don’t know how connected, I mean it was just all eyes was, was against me, you know? So for me it was like, okay, well if I’m going to start, first of all I have to understand the industry, I have to understand, you know, what it takes and how these people are in the other people in the industry. Think and also understand the fact that okay,
in order for me to really bring this together, have to reach out to people that have different expertise and that was a challenge on its, on its own because now you have to understand that if you’re talking to telling people what you need to do, you have to be able to tell them in like two to three seconds so that they can grab it and give you their attention. So when I started it was just, hey, I remember when I was on a couch, you know, writing and putting things together, writing on, drawing it out, whatever. And I was like, I’m just going to start calling people, right? I’m just, that’s all started. Just call it in. When I called, it was a lot of no’s. I forced, right? Because a lot of people didn’t understand what I was trying to do or some people just think it was not possible.
And I had a lot of people will tell me it wasn’t, it was not possible with this project is bigger than you. You don’t even have any money, whatever. But I kept pushing. I kept pushing, I kept. I kept, you know, just knocking on doors and knocking on doors and knocking on doors and knocking on doors. You know, that’s what I tell people, you know, they’re going to tell you, you know, your dream sucks. It’s going to tell you it’s not possible. But that’s your dream. That’s your vision, right? You have to believe in it. You know, just because they don’t believe in it just because they can’t see it happening. But as them, that’s no, you, you focus on yourself because you are the possibility or you have to do it. Just get pushing. And five years later they said we couldn’t build the technology
we did.
They said, oh yeah, it’s not going to work. Is working this, that people’s not going to pay for it. People are paying for it and they’re using it you so I can focus on day because they are the misses out to focus on me. And I tell people you have the possibility. So why waste your time is your vision. And one thing I know because I’m, I’m a, I’m a, I’m a, I’m a delivering guide. I have a lot of faith in God wanted Nano is when God gives You a vision, is given you for a reason, you know, so when God gives You a vision, it all is going to make a provision, right? So just keep moving forward man. And at the time, you know, before you know, it just, it took me, it took us about the project just to build the technology.
It took us about four years because of our complex it is. And because of, you know, a lot of skill set at is involved on the backend, but we did it. It wasn’t easy. You know, we just kept pushing, I kept calling them. Before you know it, somebody say yes, and before you know it, they introduced us to somebody else to somebody else, to somebody else, and it just picks momentum. Right? And so I tell people, you know, but you have an idea, you have a vision. You start speaking about the fact that you put in and out there in the universe, you given an energy and when you give something energy, what happens? It grows, right? It doesn’t matter if you have a bad news and something bad happened to you in life and you start focusing on it is gonna keep happening. But if you don’t focus on it and start focusing on other things and something positive, then something positive going to keep happening to you.
That’s just life. So you know, starting off was very challenging. I’m not saying it was easy, but it’s not. It’s not impossible. So now you look at other entrepreneurs, other great entrepreneurs that have started something that now is very remarkable that people are using right now. Are you talking about Steve Jobs or you talk about Mark Zuckerberg or are you talking about bill? Get all of these people, they have their challenge, but because they didn’t give up and they didn’t give up on their dream because they’re persistent and that’s why we are using what they want. That’s why the thing that they, they, they, they provided for us. That’s why we’re able to use that, uh, today. So that’s the way I look at it and say, Hey, you know what? I just got to keep pushing forward. Man. It’s not gonna be easy, but I just got to keep pushing forward as I go back to is.
It’s 90 percent of it is mental. So if you’re not really passionate about starting a company, if you starting a company for the wrong reason to, you know, to get rich quickly or to be a millionaire quickly or whatever, you’re just wasting your time because that’s not right about that. That’s not going to carry you through. You know, when you go through all kinds of difficulties or whatever, your faith and your passion is what’s going to carry you through. So, you know, so as long as you have that, there’s not an impossible man. So that’s, that’s pretty much how our however they started. What’s your greatest fear in the back of your mind? You just, there’s just something there that, you know, there’s a fear. It doesn’t hold you back, but, but there’s a fear. What, what’s your greatest fear? Humans, um, you know, we humans, of course, every time you start something, you, your fears is not to fail.
Right? You know, that’s, that’s pretty much what it is. I mean, at this time, I don’t think I have any fear really, to be honest with you, regardless of what happened. Um, I’m a content because I know that I put 150 percent in everything I do. So at the end of the day, this is what I tell people rather do something and not be successful than not do it. And 10 years later start wondering, Oh man, I wish I would’ve taken that step of the gun it or whatever. So the fact that, um, I was able to start the fight that I would’ve gotten up to this point to me is already a success when you build something from the ground up and you see people using it and seeing value in it, to me is already a success or whatever happens from now on, at the end of the day, five die tomorrow.
I’m not gonna die with regrets because I’m not going to die. I said, Oh man, I wish I would’ve started at Bu. So I wish I would have started this company. So I mean, you always gonna have fear in the beginning, but once you get into it, just let it go. Man. You know, I don’t, for me, I don’t have any. I don’t really think I have any definition or feel what I’m fair or whatever. Whatever comes my way. I think I’m able, I’m, I’m, I’m equipped enough to be able to handle it. You’re going to be known as my fearless leader. I mean that. Just that, just what it is, is it’s all about your perspective. You know. And the funniest thing is when you stop focusing on the fear, it takes your energy from what you really need to focus on. It takes your energy from your creativity.
It takes your energy from, you know, from, from your focusing on the possibilities, right? Because you start thinking of the impossibilities, you know, you can do that. You cannot do that when you’re starting a company. You know, you cannot do that when you have a goal and have other vision and you have something that you working into towards because you can’t think of it. You just got to go. Like I said, when God gave You a vision, it, it gives you the visual for a reason. You gotta move on, you can get to know. You just got to go however you gotta go, you gotTa, go pick up your stuff and walk. Exactly.
You ever faced any challenges? Balancing laugh and family and having children? I’ve got four kids, man. It’s tough, man. It’s very challenging because you have to have a balance. I think, you know, knowing when to stop and pay attention to your families is, is key. Um, you know, but also, you know, I tell people I say well, is when you’re an entrepreneur and you don’t have family and you don’t have anybody to put your attention, that once your attention is totally different from where you’re an entrepreneur, you are family, right? Because once you say you want to start something, you have to have that support, that emotional support. You know, if you’re married, you have your spouse out to be like, okay, let’s, we’re in this together because she’s actually your fourth invest investor. Your, your wife must be amazing. She is not investing in money, but mentally, emotionally she’s invested in you.
So you have to have a balance. You have to understand that, yeah, you know, your, your, your family comes first. But also you have to also have a bunch to understand, okay, well everybody off to know for the next so many, so many years, this is what it’s going to be. Life is not going to be easy, but as long as we have that understanding and as long as you know, we, we can compromise, I think we’re going to be okay. So having that support is the key, you know, um, everything, everything is challenging. Life is life is life is a challenge, but I have a balance sometimes take a break sometime, you know, spent time with your family, spend time. Even when they thing, well, you know, when I come home and I’ll have a rough day or whatever, as soon as I opened the door and my, my, my kids, especially with my girls when they run at me and said, Daddy, that I forget about everything that happened that day and that’s why it’s worth it. Right. That’s why I say, you know, they’d take your mind off of all the bathrooms, all the, everything that you faced with either. So it’s really important to, to really give them that attention and find as much time to spend with them as well.
What a joy to come home to. And so many of our podcasts have this same underlying theme as we’re speaking to entrepreneurs. You know, that balance of where work stops and where family starts and Kinda like you said, there is no no clear start and end. You know, they just have to kind of realize, you know, this is our journey and this is where we’re going to be for the next couple of years. And so that’s really encouraging to hear, you know, everybody’s different take on it. And like one of our previous podcasters, Robin Smith said, you can’t be the perfect everything there is. There is sacrifice involved in being an entrepreneur. You cannot be the perfect business person. You can not be the perfect cousin, the perfect granddaughter, the perfect dog mom. You know, you have to make, you have to make choices.
Exactly, exactly. You do it. You have to. You can’t be perfect. I mean, for me, you learn everyday. You know, my goal is to, you know, everyday when I, when I wake up in the morning, my goal is to be a better dad, be a better husband, be a better leader, be a better entrepreneur, a better pr. So you, you keep evolving. You have to keep evolving, uh, because you don’t know anything. What you stopped being an entrepreneur is you don’t know anything. You just starting everything. You learn, you learn as you go, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes and that is okay. You have to make mistakes. If you don’t make decisions, you can’t make mistakes. So because you got to make decisions, some decisions are good decisions that are bad, but you, you, you know, you learn from it. You can, you can, you learn from it.
You take a mental note and you keep it moving because that’s what makes you better. You know, for you to, you can’t, you can be great. Uh, if you don’t start, in order for you to be great, you have to start. So when you start, it’s not going to be perfect. You know what I mean? But as you go on, you know, your, your, your, your skills get more, more, more alive. You know, your mental state, you become a focus, you learn and you’ll be, you be, you become great, but you have to start and you have to be okay when you make mistakes, but you have to be able to be God enough to make decisions. Right? And just go for it.
What is one thing that most people don’t know about you? Uh, I’m a very shy person, man.
Uh, yeah, I’m, I’m, I’m very, I’m, I’m, I’m shy. A lot of people don’t know that, you know, but I’m shy. I’m very reserved. I’m very laid back. I don’t, I don’t really. I can say I’m kind of, I’m kind of a loner in a sense that I don’t have a lot of friends. I don’t go out like that. I don’t, you know, social life, you know, I’m not a sociable person like that. I mean if you see me out, whatever is different, but once, once I leave work one side, but then it’s done at the end of the day. I’m very reserved, very laid back. I just, you know, I don’t, I don’t have a lot of friends. I don’t be out there like this. I’m, I’m a very shy person.
Well I asked Robin Smith on the last podcast and I know, I know people are probably shaking their heads because I think I’m a crazy person, which I am as like, well, would you be my friend? So Sean, will you be my friend? I’m your friend man. I called you on my birthday, right? You are. That is very true. I don’t feel friend already, man. Hey, you know what I was going to say you are. You may be shy, but I can tell you one thing. Sean, academia is not shy about telling someone just to suck it up. You did it to me one day probably about, I don’t know, maybe a month ago, and I was. I was saying something just expressing and you were like, dude, you just started like, you’re going to be fine. Keep on going and, and you’re absolutely right. And we got to have those people to not be shy about that and just say, hey, suck it up. You’re gonna be fine.
It’s true. Because you know they have experience in that as well. Sometimes you just need somebody to tell you you’re going to be okay and that goes a long way. Right? That’s all you need someone to tell you. You know what? Because a lot of people are very in it. There’s a lot of negative people, right? A lot of, a lot of people don’t want you to see you successful, but as some people that you know, they see it, they see the possibility and tell you friend. It’s like, hey, there’s going to be okay man. We all go through it. You’re going to be fine because if you’re not going to challenges and everything is okay, something is wrong. You got to figure out what’s going on, right? You can be comfortable all the time. You got to be uncomfortable when you’re uncomfortable. That’s what you make big news, right? So that’s what I tell you. You know you’re going to be okay. It’s going to be all right. You just started, you, you to have a lot of patient, right? Patient patience is a virtue that they say.
So, Sean, I have no idea how we’re going to limit it to five takeaways, but I know that our listeners are itching to hear what you’ve got to say. So take it away.
So, uh, for me, you know, when I, when I tell people, hey, don’t worry about why you from, don’t worry about your situation, don’t worry about your environment. Don’t worry about anything, just focus on you because this is a beautiful thing about human beings, right? Human beings are the only living. Um, I’m, I the only living organisms on planet earth that has the ability to alter the course of their life. All you have to do is just make a decision, right? For example, the animals or whatever they can’t wear you put them is where they’re going to stay. They don’t think for themselves, but we have the ability to change the direction of our life, right? So you got to understand that you know, you control your life. You’re the author of your life. Everything that happened with the apples to you and is happening to you right now is you.
So the ability to change the course is a remarkable thing. You know, so focused on yourself. Don’t focus on, on the naysayers because you are the possibility, right? Don’t put energy into people that don’t see good things for you. Focus on yourself and don’t be. Don’t be Unapolo, unapologetic. Be yourself regardless. They yourself don’t because what are you being yourself or you know, be yourself. People. All is going to say something, right? So just be yourself, be unapologetic and just just go for it. And, and, and also you have to be immensely patient. Everything is not going to happen automatically. Every time you want to lie, is it math or straight? So you have to take it a step by step. You have to be very, very, very, very patient is gonna come and it’s going to come out the right time, but you’ve got to stay positive and you got to have faith because if you’re not positive and you don’t believe it’s going to happen, it’s not going to happen, right?
And No, no matter what, just keep pushing forward, man. Just, just keep pushing for it. So like, like, like the great, uh, Dr Martin Luther King says, you know, it said, if you cannot fly a, you wrong. If you care Ron, you walk. If you cannot work, you crawl. But by any means necessary, you got to keep it moving. Then you’ve got to keep it moving. And I’m going to end like this. When God give You a vision, it all is make a provision. So don’t worry about it, don’t worry about how you’re going to make this happen, or are you going to make that happen. As long as you have the vision, you have the goal, just keep pushing for it. The universe has this funny, funny, has a funny way of making things happen as laws of attraction. You put good energy out, you get good energy back. So you know, for everybody that’s listening has not been possible. If we can put a man in space, anything is possible with man, just just don’t give up. Just keep pushing forward. And that’s what I thought
a lot easier than putting a man in space.
You know what I mean? So you know, just keep pushing forward, man. Just keep pushing forward because at the end of the day, you know when you die, you want to be able to live with no regret. You know you don’t want to die with regret that that’s going to be something that is going to be very painful. You want to leave everything on the table because we are here for a purpose. Everybody, you just gotTa find your strength and understand what, what you’re passionate about and just go for it no matter what. Just go for it.
I really appreciate all your encouraging words and I know you were speaking directly to me on some of this. What’s the best way for people to get ahold of you? If they want to know more about, you know, more about ag boost and how they might be able to be involved. Maybe there, maybe there’s someone in the cattle industry listening to this. What’s the best way to reach you
so you can enrich us on facebook at ag. Boast a also on twitter. Our twitter handle is ag [inaudible]. You can also reach me on linkedin just talking about Dave Macedonia or go to our website www dot [inaudible] dot com and find out what were doing. We were doing a lot of amazing thing and our goal is to revolutionize the last book industry, uh, be able to, you know, give people the confidence that, what were they about to eat or buy is being raised and with quality and good intentions. So I’m, we’re excited man. Um, so that’s, that’s how you, you can reach me and find out more about what we’re doing. That’s exciting and thank you very much for giving me this platform and I really appreciate it.
Oh Man, thank you. Thank you. Know, it’s, it’s, it’s so fun. It’s so fun to, to hear and you know, I, I’ve spent some time with you, but man, just just to hear your story once again is always encouraging and I know we’ll be encouraging for so many people, but I really appreciate you being with us and also for the people listening and we want to make sure to remind everyone to subscribe to the podcast and also give her a view on your thoughts on Sean [inaudible]. Uh, it’s, it’s inspiring and also just really encouraging to hear someone who’s been there and done that. Also, don’t forget, if you’re looking for insurance quotes that don’t sting, try out bright b dot Com. Go to [inaudible] dot com. Click get a quote and find qualified agents of your choice to give you a hassle free quote as it has been a pleasure and we will see you next time.

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