The Hive Five Podcast

5 Key Takeaways from Macy Pulliam

1. It takes a village.

2. Never give up your side hustle.

3. You are your biggest critic and you have to remember that!

4. Never stop networking!!

5. There’s not a method – it’s just madness and you have to jump into the pool of confetti headfirst!


Today on the Hive Five Podcast, we are super glad to be talking with Macy Pulliam. Macy is the founder and Lead Llama of Social Llama Events in Dallas, Texas. Social Llama Events is a full-service event planning and design firm that Macy started in June 2018 when she left her corporate job and decided to pursue her dream.

We talk to Macy about pursuing this dream of hers and what spurred her to jump into it. It’s a really great story and super inspiring to those people that are maybe hesitating on pursuing their dreams or nervous about taking that leap. Of course, we also talk about what this dream entailed and all about Social Llama. Macy has always been into planning events and has been working on this passion project for years, but just never getting paid for her work. She would use her passion for event planning as an outlet to show love to the people in her life by planning friend’s and family’s events. It wasn’t until this year that she decided to “jump into the pile of confetti”, as she says, and start Social Llama and pursue event planning as a full-time career path.

Not only do we talk to Macy about her crazy story of jumping into the pile of confetti, but we also had to ask about the name Social Llama. When she came up with the name, it was mainly because of the brand recognition she felt she could build with it. She wanted to start an event planning llama empire and needed a name that would fit that. She also needed a name and brand that would accurately reflect who Macy is and also what her events were like. Now, people know about Social Llama’s brand and it is growing bigger and bigger every day.

This is a really great episode, that is inspiring, motivating, and full of positivity! Definitely give it a listen, because this is one story you won’t want to miss!


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Probably within six to seven minutes I was hysterically crying and in tears
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Hey guys, this is Keagan with BriteBee and this is Katherine with BriteBee. Welcome to the podcast. Before we start, we want to encourage, you know, we really want to ask you, plead with you, please
subscribe to this podcast right now and also give us a review. I give us a review and tell us what you think of the podcast. If you have any feedback, we would love it, but that helps us so much. But moving on, that’s not why we’re here today. We’re really happy to have Macy Pulliam, the founder and Lead Llama of Social Llama Events. I’m going to say that again. Lead Lama of Social Lama events. Social Llama Events is a full-service event design and planning company in Dallas. Thanks for being on Macy.
Yes, thank you both. I’m so excited. That is a title if I’ve ever heard one. Yeah. It’s a little more catchy than CEO. Right.
Okay, good. We’re going to have to step up your game. Will. It actually threw me off for a second. I was reading it and I was like, Mama, hold on. I think I said that correctly. Let me, let me go back. That is great. So tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up starting social lama.
Yeah, yeah, definitely. So, um, it has been a, I guess, passion project of mine for years. It was never truly a side hustle because I was ever getting paid to plan events or parties, but it was an outlet for me to, um, you know, show love for the people in my life, whether it was a friend’s birthday or a friend’s engagement party, um, you know, I took it upon myself to kind of blow it out of the park and make it over over the top, if you will. Um, and that’s, I mean, that’s one of the reasons why I love event planning so much is because you truly get to be a part of these special moments and like create these experiences for people. Um, I knew that I always wanted to be a party planner. I knew that I wanted to own my own company. I’ve always had entrepreneurial spirit. Um, so here I am. Yeah. About five months ago I took that leap and jumped into the pool full of confetti and, you know, started swimming.
Okay. Well, all the things that you just said right now that is a social event planner, you just jumped into the compiler, leaf leapt into the pile of confetti. That’s. So that is awesome. So you are in it, you’re in it to win it and you got to tell us
where social lama came from. Yeah. Yeah. So talk about brand recognition, right? Um, I mean, I swear everywhere you go there’s long is right now. Um, that was not planned. That was actually pure luck, which I’ll kind of get into luck and a little bit later because they don’t necessarily believe in it, but in this case, um, it’s definitely true. I’m just, before we hopped on the web on this podcast, I, um, had an instagram message from someone that I haven’t spoken to and probably are seen in three years and it was other Lama saying when I see Llamas, I think of you. Um, so that definitely comes in handy. But yeah, I get asked this question a lot because folks were like, what in the world? Like llamas or do you just pick this because they’re are so freaking popular. Um, but, and I think Kagan, you can relate to this because like when you started your company, you have to have a company name.
You just can’t walk around with no name, I’m in a better, be better, be freaking good, and it better be Kenshi and you want people to remember that. And for me, I obviously like, you know, what, I want to build this, this event planning Lama Empire, um, but at the end of the day it’s, you know, it’s my company and it’s my name, um, and it’s my personality tied to it. So I knew that with my company name, my company logo, my company image, and had you reflect who may see Pulliam is, um, and I’m spunky and, and Quirky and I’m loud and I’m colorful. So I knew it had to relate to that. More importantly, I thought I needed to really reflect what my events are. There’s a lot of event planning companies out there, um, especially in the dfw area and a lot of them relate to, um, you know, elegance or luxury or you know, things that are pretty, um, or you know, just just their name, you know, like macy Pulliam, llc or something.
Um, but I think my vents are a little bit a little bit different. So I tell you this guys, if, and correct me if I’m wrong, please, Catherine Kagan, but if you were to see a Llama, I guarantee if you think they’re disgusting creatures, if you’re, think of you think there were magnificent cool or you have no idea what the hell alumni is like, you’re going to stop. You’re going to stop and stare. Am I right? Yeah. You’re going to stop and stare and trying to figure him out and be like, man, this is interesting. What is that? Like? Whoa. What? And so that’s what I want my events to be like. I want someone to walk past a launch party, walk past, attend a birthday party, attendee engagement, party a wedding, and be like, oh my goodness. Like this is interesting. This is unique. I’m trying to figure it out.
Have I’ve never seen that before?
Wow. Well, if you spit spit like alarm. Um, is it, is it llamas or Alpacas? I don’t know. I don’t know which one it is, but I think you can find plenty of Lama spitting youtube video. You definitely.
So just to paint a picture of you for you guys, because Nancy is in Dallas and so am I and so I asked her if she would want to meet for coffee last week and I have no idea what she looked like. I was, I was panicking. I was like on Instagram, like oh my gosh, how did I find out what this girl looks like because how awkward we could give each other awkward at icontact and never know that we’re meeting each other. Trust me. She pulls up and at hot pink blazer and that was a hot pink blazer, like a coat. And I was like, Ooh, that looks like a lead law I’ve ever seen one. So I’m sure all of you can tell from her voice, but she is a quite spunky will. Thank you. Thank you very much.
I’m glad you guys had a better. I, I met with someone today and had no clue what the guy looked like and we did that awkward, you know, eye contact deal and, you know, I think it’s even more awkward when, when two guys are looking at each other and they’re like, should we know each other? And so there you go. So I’m, I’m glad. Uh, I’m glad you guys had a better communication method than we did.
It was great. It was a pink blazer
for sure. So tell us a little bit, I mean, you know, event planning and event design that that’s pretty vague or maybe people out there listening and they think it’s just all glamor and glitter. But from my conversation with you, I know that there’s a lot of hard work that goes into it. So tell us a little bit about how your business functions right now. Mean is it all glamor? Is it all struggle? Like are you a one man?
Yeah. Yeah, that’s great. Um, so I definitely don’t look anything like j Lo from the wedding planner. Um, I sure wish I did. She did, she made it. She made a false representation of event planners out there. Um, but you hit the nail on the head, Catherine mean, it definitely isn’t as glamorous as it appears. And I think, I mean, even as it being a passion project of mine, you know, I still thought it was pretty glamorous, you know, being able to throw parties I cooked don’t want to go to a party every single day who doesn’t want to live with live with confetti all over their house. But um, yeah, it’s a lot of heavy lifting. It’s a lot of time on your feet. It’s you being a handyman, you being a seamstress seamstress, you’re a caterer. I’m a balloon artist now. I’m, I’m someone’s comment on and then I, I’m an account and trying to figure out a budget and I’m not even good with numbers. Um, so what I like to say, it’s like you’re truly a jill of all trades instead of a Jaffa. See what you did there.
But I will never forget one of my first larger events that I did here in Dallas. Um, my awesome mother was here to help me. And that’ll be a theme throughout this podcast because yes, I’m a, I’m a one man show, but she’s also my only employee and I pay her and hugs and thank goodness we set to work for more people. Um, but so when my larger events, she was out here helping me, um, and I mean, man, it was, I mean we were up at 7:00 AM running errands. We got this, we set up that are there to set up a noon left at 9:00 at night and we get in the car and we’d just start laughing at each other, like breaking out into hysterical laughter, trying to cover up for essentially crying through the pain and exhaustion from that day. And she looked at me and she said, are you sure this is what you want to do?
And you didn’t ask me that in a sense of like, you know, this is stupid. You shouldn’t do it. More of I’m here to support you. If you, if you change your mind like you’re not, you’re not stuck mace essentially. And with a broken foot with rain soaked hair. Um, I got an empty stomach because I didn’t put a granola bag in my granola bar, my fanny pack, I, I looked at her and I said yes, 100 percent. So yeah. So even through, you know, all, I think that’s what you, you know, like when you’re doing what you’re born to do. I mean through all of that you can say confidently like no hesitation. This is, this is what I was meant to do. I’m going to definitely, I’m sure all entrepreneurs can relate to that feeling for sure. I definitely agree. Macy, one of the things that we like to do in our podcast is have our interviewees give us their five key takeaways and I want to go ahead and jump into this early because it sounds like having started a business, you know, just five months ago, you probably have a lot of takeaways for anybody else who was thinking about starting a business.
So let’s go ahead and start with number one, which I’m guessing this is probably partly to do with what you were saying about your mom. It. Yeah. Village people want to see you succeed. Yeah. Yeah. It is, and that’s your thing. I mean, like you said, it’s going on five months and these are my five takeaways. So I guess one takeaway for every month I’ve been in business. Yeah, but you know, I’ll think ideas will continue to evolve, but I think this number one will like will always ring true. Um, shoot guys, it definitely a village I would not be where I am today without this little Lama tribe that I have behind me.
Um, I, you know, I have a best friend who’s also my in house graphic designer and I wouldn’t have this fricking awesome logo and a cool website if it wasn’t for her. I, um, you know, I have my, I, my closest friends spending their evenings and weekends out of the kindness of their heart and you know, at my storage unit or at my events, my mom, like I mentioned earlier, she lives five hours away from Dallas and she will drive up guys almost every weekend when I have an event to make sure that I have what I need and that I can be successful. That is love, right? I know, I know, so I must give really good hugs. Right. So I have to ask, do you pay your graphic designer? But as for Indian Doug’s also. Fortunately he doesn’t live here in Dallas so I wish, I wish I could.
I wish I could. But um, but yeah. And that you said that just like what the, the Pika in one little area of, of my village, you know, it’s also, you know, my dad living abroad, I’m seeing photos in my events and like, you know, him and my brother texted me how, how proud they are and how Austin my pictures looked. It’s, it’s friends trusted me with, with their special moments. So I have a rehearsal dinner coming up and you know, my, my, my best friend trusted you with that before I even launched my company because she believed in me. And in the last one I do want to make sure I get out. Is it, it’s even like the stranger, the strangers on instagram who have no idea who may see pulliam is the lead Lama and they’re leaving comments saying this is awesome. And just that little comment, you know, gets me through my day of. Oh yeah, we’ll watch this. Let me, let, let me get. Let me make sure that you think this next photo, this next event is just as awesome. So the full trap.
So sometimes you’ve got to feel alone, right? There’s got to be times in, in your life, in these last five months that you’ve felt like you’re alone and though you’re not, you feel like it have there been those times?
Yeah. Yeah, definitely.
When do you say those are those hit? Like what, what usually is happening when you, when you see like, man, I really feel alone, right?
Yeah. Um, it’s probably those days when, when you know what, when I spend all day inside and you know, all, all day at my computer, inside my house, just chugging away at a proposal or an upcoming event. I mean I’m an extrovert to, to the, to the core. So I ran energized being around people. I figured out ways around that though. Kagan, you know, it’s, it’s going to the coffee shop and for two hours afternoon and working on my own, working on a proposal, so I just, I see some human life and I can interact with folks, um, or it’s making sure I go to a networking event the following week so I can recharge and reenergize. But there’s definitely times like that and especially a lot of my friends haven’t started their own companies yet, you know, maybe that’s, they aspire to do that eventually. Um, but not many of them have, so not everyone really truly knows, you know, how hard you, how hard you do work everyday.
Right. And there’s probably people that, you know, friends or family or whatever that are like, hey, you’re self employed, you can take a trip or you can take off early on Friday or whatever. Thinking that you have like all the flexibility in the world, which thank goodness for remote jobs because you somewhat do. But you know, like people don’t. I think sometimes people don’t understand that even though you’re your own boss, there is still a level of expectation of how you have to get more that yet, but it’s so true and probably more so than ever with a new business. I mean, it is
100 percent, 100 percent grind in that, you know, it’s, it’s waking up at 7:00 AM and you know, not closing your laptop til 10:30 at night and it’s, it’s missing, um, bachelorette parties and it’s missing a birthday dinners. But, you know, those are your friends. Those are members of your, of your tribe and your village and they understand and they’ll support. But um, yeah, it’s definitely, definitely something that folks think that this flexibility is super flexible, but it’s not as, not as, as much as a, as it seems
definitely not completely struggle free. So I want to go ahead and talk about takeaway number two because you know, best. So at our, at our talk, macy and I were talking about side hustles and a couple days later I get an instagram dm from Mayfield and it said the average millionaire has 700 side hustles and very go. And I was like, stepping up my game. I’ve only got about three or four, but I have to add about three more. I may die in the process, but that hustle game is strong. So
you can tell her that I’ve had plenty of side hustles.
Yes, we, we all, everybody on this call right now.
I love it. That side hustle game is strong for us.
Takeaways. Takeaway number two is never give up your side as well. So tell us more about that.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So, and it’s not, it’s not even the case that right now I have these amazing side hustles. It’s just the fact that I think you should always be, always be doing more, always be doing something else. I mean, Kagan kind of already alluded to it. Like, you know, sometimes you can get lonely doing, doing your dream job, you know, this is my dream job and I’m here for and I’m excited, but at the same time it’s kind of Nice to, to take, to take, to take a little break but still a productive break, you know. So if there’s something else that you enjoy in life, you know, spend a couple hours a week working on that, you know, have, have, have a little routine that that’s different, that’s different from your dream job and what and what you’re doing now. I mean two days a week I pick up the cutest little kindergartners from from school and bring them to soccer and tennis practice.
I mean I’ve never been a nanny before that, but I thought what a nice routine for me to have twice a week for one hour and for me again to never shot networking and to network with a whole different community that I wouldn’t have met before. I don’t just hang out with moms or kindergarten and absolute like one 80 change of pace and change of scenery right there. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. And I always tell my all my friends who are still in corporate America or are still in jobs that aren’t their dream jobs yet, which is totally fine if you don’t know what it is yet or you’re not there because you’ll get there. But I say always have a side hustle. Always had a passion project. That way if you have a really sucky day doing your main hustle, you have your side hustle to go and let off some steam or recharge and gain excitement. So I still have a lot more sell side hustles, um, to work on. For Awhile. My side Hustle was my cotton candy cart. I had my corporate America job and then I would go rent out my cotton candy cart on the weekends. And I was, I was smiling through all the sugar floss all over my face.
I think this goes into our next one pretty well. And your third is you are your biggest critic. And you need to remember that. Make yourself proud. And when I read, when I read that you’re your biggest critic. I remember someone telling me a couple of weeks ago, Kagan, you are hyper critical, and I was like, yes, I am very happy I am. So tell us you, do you struggle with that of being pretty critical? I’m hard on myself.
I am. I’m not a perfectionist at all. I think some people will put those in the same category when they say you’re hyper critical or critical of yourself, you’re a perfectionist. I’m not a perfectionist. I’m mind boils down to work ethic. I’m hard on my work ethic. I know. Like I said, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll work, I’ll work all day and then I’ll think, man, I did I work hard enough, why am I going to bed at 10:30? I see all these people posting their instagram, seeing that they say up til 3:00 AM working on their business, like why am I, you know? And so I start criticizing myself and, and my work ethic. Um, and so I, you know, I think it’s interesting like with society today, um, I read a linkedin article, gosh, maybe a year ago and I don’t even know all the details, but it was talking about how folks are pretty much getting his badge of honor for working longer hours than like their friends or their colleagues.
And would you guys agree with that? Yeah, it’s crazy. It’s crazy. And you know, the crazy, what’s crazy is that that’s fine. There are days that it takes all day, right? But man, it could kill you. It can kill you and not just, not just physically, but spiritually. It could kill you emotionally. Um, and your relationship with your family to be living kind of this, I don’t know, this maybe this dream that’s a, it’s not a dream, it’s not a dream to do that. I think people think that I’m.
Yeah, yeah, definitely in there. And it’s, it’s crazy how it has became like this badge of honor and people are remembering corporate America when I still worked on an outside sales job or in software sales, it was, you know, man, I, I, I got in late from a flight and you know, it was a battle of who got in the latest or who stayed the longest hours when previously it was all about work life balance. Now it’s who can work, you know, the longest and the hardest.
Yeah. And I mean there are people preaching that right now, like if you want to do this, this and this, then you need to work, you know, 16 to 18 hours a day. That’s the gospel. That’s what they preach. And I’m not saying it doesn’t work because it definitely, it definitely can get some other things done, but there’s got it
more. Also, you could also work all day and look up and think what did I actually do have? There are some days where I sit in front of my computer and I’m like, no, I have to work this long. And then I get done. And I’m like, you know what, if I would’ve just cut my day in half, I probably would have been twice as productive and changed my atmosphere. Like I probably could have gotten a lot more done. But there. Yeah, I mean I feel like our generation is extremely guilty of like, and not that every job revolves, revolves around a computer, but I feel like our generation is extremely guilty of like being on the computer, you know, longer hours and working ourselves to death. I don’t know what it is about that work grind. I don’t know if we’re trying to prove that we’re not a lazy generation, we get kind of a bad rap. But uh, yeah, I mean the Internet and social media and everything is just, it’s just changing the way we work and it should make it easier, but sometimes it makes it harder.
Yeah. And you can end with, with like know instant gratification of all of that. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others and your, you know, your work ethic to other people’s work ethics. But will you have to remember, is that at the end of the day, you’re the only person knows how hard you worked. Um, at the end of the day, you know, even on your worst day, you’re killing it because you took the leap of faith, you following your dreams, you’re breaking the mold, you’re becoming, you’re becoming stronger. And I kind of how I figured how I figured out how to not be as big of a critic on myself is keeping in mind that, um, again, you know, if no one knows how hard I worked, I’m only, I do. So I need to be proud, be proud of my accomplishments every day. Um, but also when I replaced love the word luck with the word hustle, um, that’s when I kind of started doubting, doubting myself or my work ethic was, I hustled this hard. I wasn’t this lucky, if that makes sense. Yeah,
no, it makes sense that luck. It’s by chance. And, uh, you know, usually that’s just, I mean, sometimes there are some things that happened that you think, I don’t know exactly how that happened and I don’t think I did anything because of it, but usually it’s because of, of the hustle and hustle takes time. Yeah, definitely might have to hustle for quite a while. So that’s a really good. So in your hustling a, your fourth takeaway is never stop networking and this seems to be important to you, but it’s got to be something hard to do consistently, right?
Yeah, it is. And um, it’s, it’s so important to me. Um, I think networking is key to, you know, rounding being the best person that you can possibly be. Um, you know, like we said before, people want to see you succeed. It takes a village. Um, let these people that are not normally in your immediate friends, family work circle, let them in, you know. Um, so, you know, we first, we first, we start off this entire podcast with social lama, but I guess I really never even went into. I get, you know, when I see why I took that leap are, are, are what got me there. Um, so it’s okay. I think I kind of love to share that. Yeah, absolutely. Okay, perfect. So I, it was, I was working in a corporate sales job, um, and I went on a sales call on a Friday at 8:00 AM, about 35 minutes for 20 minutes from Dallas.
So at 8:00 AM with traffic you can only imagine how long it took me to get to get there. Um, and so essentially I messaged this individual, his name, his name was rob. I’m on linkedin earlier that week saying that I wanted, I wanted to schedule a meeting with him, x, Y, and z and he agreed like that easy. Like what in the world? Like I’m trying to sell you something, why you’re not making, not making me work. I was like, okay, okay. Okay. So great. I didn’t ask any questions. I, I booked the meeting and so I headed out there Friday morning. Um, and I sit down with this gentleman, well before I even sit down, I call him because I couldn’t find his office. Like how embarrassing happens all the time. I’m driving around. I’m like, I said this one and so, and I call, he says, he goes, oh, don’t worry Mac, I’ll come outside and wave my arms for you.
So you find me. And again, guys like, well when does that happen? I’m trying to sell him something, right? Yeah. He was taking that extra step of flagging me down like what I should be like flailing my car through his buildings or you meet somebody, right? Um, anyway, so I get in there, I sit down in his office and he’s, and he’s terrific am. I didn’t within probably within six to seven minutes I was hysterically crying and in tears, um, we don’t even wouldn’t even talk about what I was there to sell him. He met me. He said he was so impressed at how I’m, you know, that I found him on linkedin. He made sure it was a, he made a point that no one knew he was a decision maker, et cetera. So he knew he was like, I want to meet you, you, you seem different and unique and I’m intrigued.
So we sit down and he immediately, I guess he can read, he could read my soul and he could read my heart and he sees like what he’s like, so what do you want to do with your life? What’s your dream job? Because I know this isn’t it. And. Right, right. Like, shock, right. I’m like, you’ve known me for three minutes so far and you already asked me this question. So it was extremely serendipitous. And so I just, I went in and I explained to him my dream of, of building this empire and becoming a, an event planner in touching people’s lives through creating these amazing moments and experiences. And I tell you, I mean, I, I could, I couldn’t even get it out because I was sobbing so hard every day I get why aren’t I doing it yet? And, um, I guess moral of the story is like, it was the most serendipitous moment, um, one of the most intimate moments of my life for me to walk into this meeting, this guy immediately know that I was meant for something more than what I was doing. Um, and for someone who I just met to believe in me already and to see this passion and this eagerness, um, I started telling him, you know, essentially, you know why I haven’t done it yet, you know, why wasn’t there yet? And he said, he looked at me and he said, macy, so when are you going to cover up your dreams with? When are you gonna? Stop covering up your dreams with all these excuses. And again, there goes the water works. I’m more tissues and a hot tea.
So it was basically like a, the spirit of mother in this. He was like, ready to nurture you and you know, obviously like my mom and my family or my friends have told me I was born for this and you know, and, and supported me, but guys to have a complete stranger believe in you so quickly. I mean, it shook me. I was shook. I’ll say that I left that meeting. I drove 30 minutes back to Dallas, call my mom as soon as I got in the car and I said I’m doing it. If he, if he can see that he has that, he’s right. He is so right. Why? What am I going to stop covering up my dreams of these excuses? Let’s go, let’s do this. And I, I started working on my website that evening, I. and so and so, that’s just one example that I, I try to tell everyone, um, you never know who you’re gonna meet and you have no idea when you’re going to meet them or why you met them.
Um, so always be open to it. Always be open to new experiences and meeting folks. Um, so long story short, and I know I’m being a little long winded here, but the story is just so important to me. I, um, uh, here’s the end of it. I, so I started working my website and you know, knowing I was going to start this company we met, so he agreed to meet with me again, isn’t, she’d be my mentor. I said, you’re, my mentor, said, no, I’m not, I’m your friend. I’m your friend. He said a mentor, the Arrow goes one way. I’m your friend. Eric goes both ways. We’re friends. Um, I told him some company names, guys like elevated party or levitate events, and he looked at me. He’s like, those are the worst things I’ve ever heard Tara life.
He literally like, are you kidding me? We’re sitting at starbucks. He’s like, this is awful bit as coffee out and I’m over here like Megan beginner, awesome. And I spent all this big and he’s like, they again, he shook me and he said, you know, the company name is a representation of you and who you are. Um, and so I took that and I thought a lot about and that’s essentially all social, um, events came along. Um, but again, I told you that was just semper and what I just launched my company in June, so there was a lot of months there that, you know, I got discouraged and I didn’t work on my website at night. Um, and then I, I finally got the wherewithal to have to finish it and I knew, I knew I was at a place, timing’s everything I know is that place I was ready to launch this launches and do it.
Um, and I got online to contact him and I saw that he was in hospice and that he, um, you know, was on, was on his last leg and I went to his, I went to his funeral that same week. Um, you know, and I’m so emotional, like who’s this guy that I met twice, I need to be talked to four times. But I met in person twice, like I was a basket case, but it’s because, I mean he truly, he said whatever. He said, you know, opened my eyes and I launched my company that very next week. Wow, that’s cool. Thanks for throwing. And I didn’t expect that plot twist, but that’s not a miracle and a blessing like timing wise and everything, like I don’t know what it is. So thank you for sharing that. That’s absolutely amazing. Of course it’s a reminder of how we need to spend time with people in the quality of time that we need to spend with people because we don’t know when their last day maybe.
Yeah. And we don’t know who it’s going to impact our lives and how long is my mom and telling me to follow my dreams and you know, but for, but she’s my mom. She’s supposed to tell me that. Tell me that I’m awesome. Um, but for a complete stranger to say that you know, it, it kind of makes all the world of difference. A little encouragement goes a long way. Yeah, definitely. So your last takeaway, there’s not a method, it’s just madness and you have to jump into the pool of Confetti headfirst. I love that. I love that because life in a startup and life in a new business is 100 percent chaos. Yeah. One hundred percent. There is no structure. There’s no structure. I don’t even know what else to say. Like you just have to be able to be flexible. If I can be candid, sometimes I feel like I’m jumping in a pile of Lama.
Does anyone hear me? Hey, but it’s still feel unique and different. So you’re trying to figure out that pool laying in God, nothing. Nothing makes you want to get up and try again. Like Linden. Yeah, mine’s a little more colorful one I’m landing in, but it’s. So. It’s so true. There’s not a method guys. I mean, obviously there’s steps in checkbox is you needed a checkoff and knock off before. Yeah. Can do something. You got to be legitimate. Um, bud, I spent some time thinking, okay, well I’ll launch once. My website’s perfect. Okay. Then it was perfect. Then I was like, ah, okay. Let me wait till I get this really cool new rental that’s going to set me apart from the rest and put me on the map. You know, and then I thought, well shoot my instagram, it doesn’t not have the wow factor.
I cannot go live and launch yet. I mean I told you guys and I probably had 60 instagram’s up before I told her. I knew I went public and told anyone I even had social lama events at instagram. Right. Yeah. So the piece of advice that we always get is if you’re not embarrassed by your product, you’re launching to light. Yeah. I want to that. I love that. I so love that. I think, I mean, I, I’ll probably go back and look at some of my posts, some of those 60 posts that I posted before and if you know, world, yeah, you didn’t have the wow factor yet. I’m not looking until probably about a year and then I’ll look back and hopefully I’ll feel better
about anything and move.
Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So, and that’s it. That’s so great. I think people need to realize that um, because I sat there and just, you know, but again, more excuses. No more excuses. Um, and you know, and it kind of boils back to like, yeah, I am my biggest critic because I want it to be awesome. But then I was kinda worried about other people like shooter, they can click on my instagram and be like, this girl does not have the bat unique while Lama factor. Yeah. Like what is she thinking and then never come back. Um, but what it boiled down to was as soon as I clicked, you know, launch or, and, and I, I posted on my personal instagram that my, that my pub, like my business was a alive and it was here. Um, the support was amazing. It’s kind of like the best way for me to describe it.
Like when you get support from like a new startup and you guys can probably relate, but it’s like when it’s your birthday on and you get on facebook and you have all those birthday, her birthday, happy birthday messages from folks coming out of the woodwork that you have not heard from in three years and you’re thinking you want to wish me happy birthday. Like, you know how you remember me from biology class in high school and it’s, and it’s like that here, people want to be a part of something successful. People want to have people in there like facebook community and their networking group in their world and their round to participants see they want to be a part of that. It’s like guilty by association, you know, like you’re successful by association. So
I didn’t know that you want to help people. I mean that, that is just true about about anybody more, most people and about millennials. Like you just want to be part of something greater that you can help people succeed. And I think that that. I think a lot of people feel that way. So I think, I think this is all such good feedback. Macy and I want to go over your five takeaways. Again, it truly takes a village to do anything great. Never ever give up your side hustle. Have a creative outlet. You are your worst critic. Make yourself proud. Never stop networking because you never know who you’re gonna meet. And my favorite, there is not a method. It’s just madness and you have to jump into the pool of Confetti head. So all great feedback. Thank you so much for your time today and for sharing with us. It was 100.
It was my pleasure. Thank you guys. You guys are all on that. Is In my book
real quick, how we can get ahold of you if, if other people want to know how they can schedule an event with you or have you a planet for them. What’s the best way to get in touch?
Yeah, definitely. Um, so I’m on instagram at Social Llama events. Uh, my website is Social Llama And then same thing with my email. Hello?
Awesome. Well, again, thank you so much for being on today guys. We want to remind everyone, subscribe and give a review of this amazing conversation that we had with Macy today. And don’t forget if you are looking for insurance quotes that don’t sting try, click get a quote and you’ll find qualified insurance agent of your choice to compare multiple insurance quotes and know that we never spam or harass you. So what a wonderful way to get insurance quotes guys. We really appreciate it. Have a wonderful day and be inspired.

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