When’s the last time you searched for auto insurance online? Did you get a convenient quote from multiple agents without the spam emails, harassing phone calls, or direct mail flooding your mailbox? We didn’t think so.

At BriteBee, we’re revolutionizing how consumers like you search for insurance online. There’s an obvious gap between the trustworthy agent and the consumer in need. All of the control is with a system that collects consumer information and sells it to lead generation websites. This is not OK with us, and it is one of the reasons we created BriteBee.

Finding auto insurance online shouldn’t sting. It should be a convenient, easy experience from search, to quote, to purchase. Whether the policy is for you, your spouse, or your newly licensed teenager, you shouldn’t have to deal with dozens of phone calls, hundreds of emails, and a stack of mail taller than your mailbox. If you’re ready to experience a new way to search for auto insurance online, we can help.

Q: What Is Auto insurance?

Auto insurance is a contract between you and an insurance company that protects you against financial loss in the event of an accident, theft, weather damage, and more. In exchange for your paying a premium, the insurance company agrees to pay your losses as stated in your policy. All contracts and coverage is different, so make sure to discuss this with an insurance agent of your choice.

Q: Is Auto Insurance Legally Required?

Most states will require you to have some form of personal auto insurance. Even if your state doesn’t require you to have auto insurance you should still bee careful! Your state may require you pay a fee and still hold you liable for any at-fault accident.

There are usually some other alternatives offered by the state, but these offers need to bee thoroughly considered before moving forward. BriteBee would recommend working with a trusted agent to examine the cost of your insurance and the possible risk you might incur by going without.

Q: Why Are Auto Insurance Rates So Different Everywhere I Look?

To put it simply, every company calculates their rates differently. Some focus more on claim experience, others insurance scores, and others the amount of drivers and age of drivers. As we know, honey can taste very different from hive to hive and it’s the same with the auto insurance world. That’s why BriteBee is built to give you the power to compare!

Q: How Do I Know If I Am Covered Properly On My Collision Insurance?

Long story short, “proper coverage” depends on you. Because everyone has different needs, it’s a really good idea to take a moment and have a conversation with a trusted BriteBee agent to discuss the unique needs of you and your family. For now, here are a few questions to keep in mind-

  1. How much coverage do I need to protect me in the event of an at-fault accident?
  2. Do I need to be concerned about my families, guests, or my medical needs in the event of an auto accident?
  3. If something happened to my vehicle what would I be concerned about? Would I be concerned about deductible, cost to repair, cost to replace?

Q: Should I Ask For FULL COVERAGE?

To be honest, this a very dangerous blanket statement that leaves room for many assumptions for both the insurance agent and you. Many people consider FULL COVERAGE as Comprehensive and Collision, but what happens if you were meaning replacement cost and a zero dollar glass deductible? It’s better to be more specific and dive into the auto insurance coverage details your agent is offering you.

Q: When My Vehicles Get Older, The Price Should Go Down Right?

Unfortunately, just because your vehicle gets older doesn’t mean that your auto insurance premium will be going down. Sometimes premiums continue to go up due to cost of repair, costs of goods, cost of labor, and many other factors.

On the BRITE side, you always have the option to review your auto insurance policy and make sure there aren’t other options to consider in your search for lower premiums!  Your insurance agent may have some additional options they’ll be able to consider upon renewal.

Q: Is My Auto Insurance Premium Going To Double When My Teen Is Added To The Policy?

Your premiums are definitely not going to stay the same, but there are some great options and discounts out there for young drivers. Some of these discounts include good student discount, defensive driving discounts, and telematics discounts. Talk with a BriteBee agent to review all your discount options and find the best way to offset some of those unfavorable premiums!

Another way to save money would be to have your teen get a job as a beekeeper and pay for the insurance difference. They will learn quickly to appreciate you and bees much more!

Here’s how BriteBee works

As an insurance consumer, you simply need to use our website to create an account, fill out your information, and start searching for insurance. We never sell or share your personal information with anyone. It stays with us, and you have complete control. If you find a local insurance agent and want an auto insurance quote, you can request it from them. The agent then uses the information you shared directly with them to produce a quote. In some cases, the agent may need more information, which they then can request from you through our secure, trustworthy platform.

No longer do you have to deal with the calls, emails, and mail to get a few quotes on auto insurance. You’re in complete control, and you get to decide who contacts you, when you’re ready to communicate, and which type of insurance you would like to purchase. All quotes and communication is done through BriteBee’s platform, which saves you time and helps you maintain your sanity.

BriteBee’s three-step process

Our three-step online insurance search process makes it easy to find the best insurance policy online. Once you’re signed up, you can share, compare, and communicate at your convenience.

Share your information

You choose when you’re ready to share your information and with whom. When you find an agent that offers auto insurance, you can request a quote, and your information will only be shared with that agent.

Compare the quotes

After you’ve shared your info directly with a number of insurance agents, you can take your time to compare the rates and the policies offered. This means no pushy phone calls or intimidating emails. It’s you, the quotes, and the agent profiles.

Communicate with the agent

Once you’ve made your decision on which quote you would like to accept, you communicate with the agent through our platform. At this point, if the agent is local, you can either remain on the platform to finish your policy purchase, or you can set up a time to meet and greet the insurance agent.

Take the sting out of auto insurance

If you’ve been stung with the online insurance search experience, we understand. We’ve been stung, too. But you don’t have to worry anymore. BriteBee’s platform is here to revolutionize the insurance search experience, offering an updated, new way to find auto insurance quotes online. Ready to get an auto insurance quote? Sign up now!