1. My Kid’s Car Seat is Made of Cheese

    Turns out, the $180+ bucks I spent on my kid's car seat was for a big block of cheese. Or spinach, or ground beef, or anything else with an expiration date because that's apparently what a car seat has; an expiration date. I found this out for myself after I dismantled the 95-million-point harness o…Read More

  2. How Kids in Caps & Gowns Can Help Us Save on Auto Insurance

    I'll be honest, and please don't think I'm a total party pooper for saying this; I get kinda annoyed with kids in graduation caps and gowns. If a child/kid/teen is not receiving either a high school or college/university level diploma, it bugs me to see he or she in a cap and gown. Okay, I can dig a…Read More