We understand you’ve been “stung” by searching for Insurance Online. Take heart – We have too.

Whether you’re online or not, searching for insurance can be a daunting task. With so many carriers offering an endless variety of coverage options, it can feel nearly impossible to make sure you are getting a fair and transparent quote from insurance agents. When you add the online realm to that mix, taking out the face-to-face communication, that barrier to finding insurance only thickens.

The question: How can I utilize the convenience of the internet to find good coverage and an insurance professional I can trust without getting harassed with spam emails and phone calls?

At BriteBee, we’ve been there – both on the consumer side and the agent side. Our team members – comprised of insurance consumers and one very determined former insurance agent – have all experienced, first hand, the “sting” of online insurance.

There is a Major Disconnect, And It’s Not Your Fault.

Consumers desire to search online but they lack an online tool allowing them control throughout the process. A problem surfaces, and lead generation sites cause mass confusion, feelings of harassment, and a lack of trust with the industry and agents.

Agents desire to be found online but have no trusted resource for consumers to find them. They turn to companies who promise a multitude of leads for a hefty price, which results in “insurance agent fatigue” for consumers. No trust is built and the opportunity is lost.

3 Words: Transparency, Transparency, Transparency.

BriteBee is a refreshing new online insurance search experience, making it easy to receive an online insurance quote how and when you want it. We are on a mission to bring a refreshing insurance search experience that brings transparency and control to people everywhere. What’s our motive? We desire to restore, strengthen, and bridge the gap between people and insurance professionals.

The answer: BriteBee – a refreshing solution to getting Insurance Quotes that Don’t Sting.

Believe it or not, searching for insurance CAN be a simple and enjoyable process.

We get it. Everyone has to have insurance, but no one likes the process. It’s confusing, time-consuming, and you can always expect 87 phone calls and 4,325 emails after asking for a quote.

BriteBee will allow consumers to share, compare, and communicate with agents completely hassle-free through our unique platform. We are putting the control back in the hands of the consumer when it comes to shopping for insurance online. We NEVER share or sell your email or phone number.

BriteBee’s Promise to YOU

You are in control of your information. Only you can share your phone number and email.

You choose the agents – Not the other way around.

You communicate when and how you want. Always.